8 Replies to “The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport Gameplay Runthrough”

  1. NoPreyRemains says:

    Hey Rado – looking forward to this runthrough…hope you are using the new downloadable rules through with the "easy mode option" 🙂

  2. NeverBoardofGaming says:

    Honestly I've never given a second look to a Red Dragon game or a game from Slugfest Games for that matter. However this looks pretty fun 😁 Thank you for the run through Rahdo!

  3. cartoon80s90s says:

    25:00 – 30:18 (oh no, wait 30:56) – Please tell me you don't usually take this long to finish a turn. At some point I was "Just pick something, anything, so that we move to the next turn." You really, REALLY, have to work on your time management skills.

  4. Matt Tinnell says:

    Are you gonna run through dice forge?

  5. Stephen Zipprich says:

    19:32 …. you can never cleave more than two enemies

  6. Stephen Poulin says:

    I know they are two different games in terms of complexity but …This or Aeons End?

  7. Stephen Poulin says:

    Is there a way to determine which box you buy has the updated rule set?

  8. Mark McKay says:

    13:00 I think Daisy is ready to join you in battle there.

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