7 Replies to “The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport Final Thoughts”

  1. Dave Dogge says:

    It's so much fun. I get the feeling that it hasn't sold very well in Euriope though which is a terrible injustice. Dice aint bad in Co-Op games .. I think you liked Warhammer Quest the Adventure Game Card Game once Rahdo !

  2. J Young says:

    Loved the candy bar analogy. Spot on.

  3. Lyne Leclair says:

    Thank you so much for this playthrough. I play this game solo three handed and I agree with you that it is more challenging and balanced than playing with two characters. For me, right now, it is my favourite solo game. I heard that they are planning for an expansion soon. It's my first time I am commenting one of your playthrough but I am a huge fan of your channel.

  4. John A says:

    Nice video. Have been looking at this for awhile but seems to have a lack of information around it.

    Also, only in board games would a dice be more interesting because it is more average than normal 🙂

  5. Brian Francisco says:

    So happy to see this game get some much-needed love. For the record, it definitely is way more fun and difficult with 5 players. Besides the gameplay being great, it's an especially great game for those of us already in love with the RDI world. Not perfect, but definitely a lot of fun.
    Found you through the Clans of Caledonia kickstarter page, great reviews.

  6. Yan Hey says:

    Rahdo, would you say this game is obsolete nowadays? I'm thinking Diceborn Heroes for instance would stronglyoutclass this, not to mention Gloomhaven.
    (I notice the game isn't in your collection & there's no info on gone.rahdo. Did you sell it after the Final Thoughts, thus because the game can shine better with more than 2 player?)

  7. onegenericman says:

    I’ve played this game three times and got stomped on the second half of the intro every time

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