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The Old Diplomat Hotel AT NIGHT!!! | Haunted Philippines | Part 2 Paranormal Investigation

we all had male voices down their own tiny here
I just seen something down why have you chosen to remain here and that phantom
priest has been seen walking around this area too which is interesting hi guys thank you for tuning in to amy’s
crypt I’m currently in the Philippines standing in front of the old Diplomat
Hotel which I’ve just gained special access to from the city to enter at
night so we’re going to head in and do some paranormal investigations alright guys so we just an inside the
old diplomat hotel we’re about to continue our investigation because
haven’t done so already go check out my part one video because we’re just
picking up where that one left off we are about to be had upstairs here
because we heard some very interesting and strange noises while we were
investigating downstairs so we’re going to go suss out what they
were going to link that video below for you guys though okay guys so picking up where we left
off we were just down yeah that’s where the water fountain is it’s also the
place where a lot of people were drowned torches executed including children and
babies well we’re down there reaching out we could hear some noises coming
from up here most see scratching tapping kinda noises I just want to do a walk
around and see like if we get in swooped by a bat or like maybe there was
something up here you know I’m saying so we’re just keep walking in the pot one
video to show you guys inside this room down here and enroll go in that one
shortly that is a very interesting and maybe one of the scariest rooms here as
well so is there someone up here with us let’s get me this guy I just in this guy’s face as we
went down the hallway and this is kind of odd installation we didn’t actually
explore this much today okay less people here and I guess this
looks like a hot almost there is a little tiny cucm mm-hmm I
don’t I mean I’m sorry buddy I didn’t know that a little lizard like that
could make a noise as large as the one that we heard downstairs but maybe it’s
worth pointing human out noibat’s for anything
alright guys we were about to head into the office and workspace of Tony $8 who
if you watched part 1 video you’ll know as the fake hairline he’s like a psychic
healer and brought too many new people into this hotel for the reason of
treatment of disease or ailments and a lot of that went on in this room the
scariest part about this room businesses also many he died so not only did he die
in here he died under strange circumstances so he is said to have had
some kind of heart attack that some people believe had a supernatural
aspects to say apparently he began screaming crying in pain in this in this
room some people ran to help him but were blocked at the door it was a unseen
presence blocking them from entering that present only disappeared when his
scream stopped people entered and it was too late he had already died apparently
during the autopsy it appeared as though his heart had been physically squeezed
and like crushed so that’s kind of strange and it’s interesting to think
about what kind of entities may be here other than maybe just spirits and maybe
it was a disgruntled spirit I have no idea do you have any ghost stories or
like a paranormal occurrences this is very very much people maybe
people excited or well according to some people like for the good that I
mentioned earlier there regards these experts at mine over half of us they
come inside and then when they were do is normally they’d see some lady just
standing there to fire for this yeah and what will happen this one of the cars
actually pushed this entity and tried to communicate with it but he thought it
was a person and turns out it was because it kind of scared him yeah it
made him enough enough for him to do I said that was an EMF detector on his
iPad that was just watched writing then which is a bit odd so just set up up on
the fireplace now this is the only room in the oldest memory cell that has a
fireplace and as Anton was saying there has been got to have sighted a man’s
dead and maybe it couldn’t be tiny like this
is what he died maybe his spirits do I think is here do people believe that
tiny it’s still here and a lot of people do believe that his spirit is still a
stopper on this place and I’m far from premises that they believe that his big
things are also stuck here they can move on okay so tiny
along with his victims or he’s ventilation keeping them there for
forever those who they’re trapped at the result of him so tiny as a spiritual
healer was I guess a little bit fraudulent you know claiming to heal
these people with these illnesses and a lot of them who died within the hotel as
well which is interesting inside Tony are you with us tiny we know that you’ve shown yourself
to people in this room before can you show yourself to us or come close to me
so that you can approach this lit up screen on your fireplace Tony do you believe that you were
healing people or did you know that you were lying to them and conning them can you give us a sign to him here in
this room with us why wouldn’t you let your patients leave
how many of them are trapped here with you okay I might actually try a spirit box
in this room in my last episode my spirit box acted quite strange so let’s
see what it does now alright so this is a Starbucks session in a diplomatic
artillery any Chinese right let’s pair up to our killer see sounds normal young
are there any spirits in this room with me can you ladies come forth like the
president’s body tell me a name or psychological me here how you wanna that sounded like a female
voice are you one of Tony’s patients would you tell me your name how many spirits in here and know much of its Rose a tiny if
you’re here can you come close to me and use the device in my hands to say your
name really clearly if tiny isn’t here I wanted to talk to
anybody that died in hotel that was being treated by him when we add this hotel what nerve do you believe that Chinese treatment
worked they had to say something dumb you know
like flashlights response I heard like it was so bad like
you were getting like like normally you get you can win when we’re doing the
spirit box you get a lot of music and talk back betting this one like we
straight off the bat you got like three like closest inked yes I didn’t see the
light to be honest I have my eyes closed when I’m filming a me do the spirit box
because I don’t know I’m trying to listen please but yeah I didn’t say I normally have
Mars clothes when I’m filming you – spirit box because I helps me listen should I keep going for a little bit
longer yeah I might just go for a little bit longer this bear box guys we I got
distracted because I thought I’d seen a little bowl of lie but it could have
been Antoine’s light reflecting on my blonde hair I don’t know it was odd but
I don’t think it was anything abnormal if there are any any spirits here pepper
traded by tiny my newer increase maybe you in your
anyone kind of price let me feel free to communicate with us here you are you what happened to you well you see can you tell me what was wrong with you why you still here at the team at retail are you trapped why can he not leave did you say your name where would be
nice to know you are talking thank you we have words for amyloids
terrible at listening to them in the moment but we will be reviewing this
footage and seeing if we picked up any other words phrases particularly things
that were relevant to what we were asking if you guys hear something make
sure you leave me a comment and let me know what it is that you heard all right
so I’m going way way way up to the top but it’ll go all the way to the brief
because it has a fantastic for you and I just want to say that at night it should
be really lovely that’s okay we just sent a white cat guys cut kitty that’s
the girl that’s what’s Parker the black cat oh really
yeah all right guys this is an awesome view up here this is magic you can see the whole city and it looks
way cooler because we’re in the mountains so it’s just sprawled across
all these hills I might just stay up here on right also guys it is a very
full moon tonight some people you know follow the moon cycles I don’t know much
about it but maybe that will mean that we will get lucky with the ghosts
tonight see ya in addition to this great view we
also have a phantom black priest who sin roaming around here near the cross is
where some priests were executed by hanging and supposedly people have
captured what looks like a person hanging from the front of the old
Diplomat Hotel in some images which is particularly creepy all right guys so
we’re standing on the very top of the roof and I can see down to the bamboo
structure that is an art installation surrounding one of the two water
fountains here you can also kind of see through some of the boarded off windows
where actually they’re not brought it off are they it’s free some of the
windows where they’re working and this place is actually blocked from entry
over there just down here as well it’s pretty high up
pretty crazy drop down to the floor but we’re on the roof in looking out you can
see the whole city this is a bird’s-eye view of everything basically 360 smack
in the middle of Baguio this is also why this place was so valuable especially to
the Japanese during the war because it was you can just see everything from
every direction up here we also have the famous
across here so that’s pretty awesome to see that move the whole city we’re gonna
walk around to the front we’re not on the very tippy top of the hotel anymore
but this is still part of the roof I guess and that phantom priest has been
seen walking around this area too which is interesting but I want to go take a
closer look at the original cross that dresses the front of the building and
which is the area where people were hanged
she’s very terrible you’ll see that look I’ve been like super distant it could
have been like a tree branch breaking I heard something
okay and the thing is it like original to the building which was built in
between 1913 to 1915 I believe so it’s pretty old and you can see the wear on
it that’s crazy so I just started a ghost –
obsession in that part of the diplomat hotel which is kind of on the roof ruse
is currently in a hallway but this place is interesting because there is a black
shadow figure priest that walks and patrols this area people who are
security have sighted him from the courtyard looking up to this
area and seeing the priest walk down this hallway three where we are now
that’s why we’re choosing to reach out here hi my name is Amy I’m looking to
make contact or talk to a priest that has been seen in this area if you’re here don’t be shy we don’t
mean you any harm feel free to come close we want to know what happened to you
here are you able to let us know why you’re
still here a lot of people have seen you in this
area why do you hang around here why are you still in this very area I’m getting a high magnetic rating here it’s very stable in that maybe there
could be something like in this wall yeah I think I just found something
magnetized guys okay so just got a word free on our grace dictionary on this
basically that means that fluctuation in the environment triggered wood to appear
from dictionary could be completely random and where you were holding a
thing against up myself lying around you say you can’t know that what I think
can you come close to me are you able to trigger this device for me if you can
walk towards me there’s one in there I am hearing some
noises I sound distant one two sunlight out of a chains of thumb Bradley can you make a noise for us can you
knock on to something what is your name and happy being here I just killed it so for some reason
I’m gonna stop recording and it didn’t work you have to say
something just went wrong with the app it’s never done that before it just
closed and now it’s saying that investigation was corrupt okay I don’t
know what to do I’m just going to close I maybe Steve maybe cook try it again
where you start a new session again okay hasn’t done that before so you need to
investigate that Jack I’m still convinced about the whole priest knowing
how to turn off a cellphone that maybe hey probably sees enough people with
cell phones it’s like okay then turn it off now all right all right so I’m
recording and did you just affect this device in my hands I just heard a noise behind me but it
sounded I don’t know maybe it’s that cat can you come close to me please don’t
turn my app off again okay I’m gonna stop recording anyway I
think that video saved and that worked fine I can hear those dogs still so I
think it might be better if we go back more inside so that we can get rid of
external noises a bit more so head back up to one of the lower levels so we’re
gonna head back downstairs to room that apparently a ghost has been sighted and
that’s kind of that’s gonna be fun right about tonight
oh my gosh well that painting down there we’re in a very interesting part of the
odds of LeMat hotel ruin one of the windows just at the front of it that
faces down into the main entrance and this is a very cool place because our
friend Anton from Pine city fright to us was rapping at one of his ghosts to us
down stairs in this area and he had his back facing in this Barry window and all
of the people on his tour saw a face from this window looking down at them
and this was after the hotel had been completely closed and locked up there
was no ninya some of them are usually caught his face on camera and it
appeared to also wave that’s just like really crazy for that many people to see
the same thing at the same time and even capture it in a photograph so maybe when
we reach out of this room we’re not sure who that spirit may be or is there
around at this time but this is certainly like an interesting area for
that I don’t about to do a spirit box session in the old Diplomat Hotel this
is in one of the rooms where I ghost incited by numerous people at the same
time and also captured in numerous photographs hi my name is Amy I’m
looking into Newport to stir the – spices by numerous people in this room there’s a man here we have strange
himself out of his sleep can you say how money you seems quiet friendly waving to you
everyone down says why did you show yourself kawaii why were you inside of this room can you show yourself Toph I said the security guards down here hello so someone down it we all had male voices down there right Oh sir just two guards yeah yeah so
while we’re doing the spirit box session we had a couple of loud my own voices
downstairs and we’ve just come out to investigate and it was the security
guards of Nijo diplomat it looks like two of them just like walked in and
walked out so I guess they came in and we’re talking so that was nothing
paranormal odd they’re probably just checking on us not being idiots in here
or signing event really getting too many responses I felt in that front room so I
don’t think we will go back in and keep doing the spirit box
what is something worth mentioning and 19 is that there is a cell phone tower
and a radio tower that is in very close proximity to this hotel so I’m not sure
if I could interfere with this or produce radiation that may incite people
to see things inside the hotel there hasn’t been so many sightings here that
it’s crazy right so on a point these guys out and have studio in case you
notice them in some of my shots and freaked out thinking that it’s a bit
weird but there’s actually part of in our installation they do look very
creepy incent astir given the history and whatnot of this building but they’re
not anything as sinister play I think that political but they’re
not symbolic of graves or anything ya rabb we’re just gonna walk through some
of the rooms and just have the general look around this area over here is all closed off at
the moment to the public they might be working on our redoing it kind of thing
so we can’t really explore over there can just kind of see through the windows there’s a whole series of rooms I think
this is like one of the grander meetings a lot of the bigger rooms and you guys
can also see like originally flooring down here to abandoned for a long time so I just got super freaked out because
I spotted that standing of the nun that like we showed you earlier
yeah Oh what the hell is that I think it’s made out of wax candle wax
it’s a wax face that is creepy do people do like seances inion they’re like I’m
gonna draw the face of the person I were designing the whole execution was going
on up there like people here who had to sit still they couldn’t move and so I
guess they probably got I see all right so I think we’ve made a pretty good
clean sweep of the second-floor area so we’re gonna head back down another one
again the priest all right
you guys cannot tell me that this isn’t creepy alright guys so we are back in
the one of the courtyards near the fountains at the old diplomat hotel I’m
gonna reach out and do another spirit box reason why I want to do another one
of these in this exact spot is if you guys watch my part 1 video you’ll notice
that this sounded odd it was really quiet much more than it usually is and
it sounded as though some words or segments of words were trying to come
through and they were at a normal volume but there was no static or anything else
any other sound coming through which was odd I knew it was odd at the time but I
was just like let’s just roll because there’s some noises coming through that
allowed went upstairs exact same settings on the spirit box and it worked
fine as it normally does so I’m gonna try it again down here and this is a
place where a lot of crazy events actually went on people were tortured
and murdered in this courtyard basically particularly with the use of the water
and is fountain so let’s give this a go we also have this EMF detector on this
iPad setup so I don’t know maybe that will trigger something boo see it’s kind
of doing the same thing again maybe okay I’m just gonna stop for say
this is doing the exact same thing as it was last time so maybe there is
something in this area that’s affecting my speaker or the device to make it
sound that way I don’t know I’m still gonna proceed and see if we do capture
voices because as I said earlier there was some broken segments of words kind
of coming through that were audible and hey it kind of takes out that static
noise so some people might actually enjoy listening to this okay it’s
working you know as normal weird hello my name is Amy are there any
spirits in this courtyard or anyone in this courtyard that wants to communicate and you come close to us and say
something I would love to know what your name is can you please let me know the reasons
why you are at the odd diplomat hotel how long were you here for did you enjoy your time here or was it
negative why have you chosen to remain here are you a nun or priests somewhat first
in full ahead place if you are a priest can you tell me or ninety we here during the war did somebody hurt you here I stuck here waiting hanging around is this a happy or sad place for you and thank you all right so I don’t know
did you guys get priests as well I had priests but other than that it sounded
like radio stations – yeah and maybe it was just something that we’re just
listening for priests you know what I’m saying do you want to hear that session
I sound a difference the ones who did upstairs oh yes the ones upstairs
sounded different this one sounded like radio stations yeah this was the same
exact settings I’ve had on all night just say I don’t know if it’s like I
don’t know just different areas I’m picking out different types of noises
like it was really odd the very first one that we did say where it didn’t have
to or maybe like whatever was upstairs the one that said yes was it hears of
those stairs I think maybe they just wanted to answer one question and you
should probably felt you know what that’s it yeah yes goodbye
if I get out yeah and they didn’t want to talk yeah anything else they were
they eating and chatting yeah so we’ll I’ll definitely be reviewing all the
spirit box footage there’s always things that I miss in the moment you guys do
hear anything that sounds relevant maybe you speak Filipino as well and he heard
something come through in a different language maybe even Japanese Japanese
military even occupied this place for a while I’m not sure if anything else
would have come through but leave me a comment and let me know alright so just
as we cut the camera we’re standing here talking here we heard a couple of loud
like thanks yeah I wish I’d put them on camera it
was upstairs but did you guys come from this direction side yeah is there
someone we can you make that noise again I think everyone’s around on eating okay
so there’s something just it’s quite a bit of noise yeah can you make that
sound again for us it always happens as you stop recording
and like stop paying total attention and if something in here might’ve just yeah maybe you guys can see like the
windows are or opens here too cause it’s like the wrong building so there is
potential for external noises to come in and wind as well yeah I guess I could be
blown by something I don’t know what it could be please do that again okay do not do that again really all
right so we’re now outside of the old diplomat hotel and I thought the last
thing that we do to come and check out the morgue like obviously that’s a scary
part of this place right so what does he John here there’s like
maybe old like foundations of the building this place was burnt down in
the 80s and this is all that remains over just this little block here she’s
actually but this was kind of like a unofficial morgue and was required
because the man who was our friend Tony who was here during the 70’s and was
like a psychic killer had a lot of his patients pass away here since they were
terminally ill so this was a place to kind of store them and stuff and as far
as paranormal activity goes apparently there’s been an undecided by a couple of
people out here usually in this area over here near and off just a touchy
this area here near this big tree so it’s kind of interesting and a lot of
dead man’s dead man’s tree I love that okay so it’s a little bit too noisy out
here by the morgue there’s always dogs going crazy so I probably won’t do any
experiments out here because all this background noise is like reducing their
validity so yeah alright guys so why I have a little bit of light and I’m
outside I wanted to tell you and cover one of the very creepy things about The
Diplomat Hotel that I haven’t actually spoken about yet and that’s mostly
because we can’t actually get down there to access it but this place is actually
feel on top of a type of aqueduct system and that is actually a lot of the reason
why this place is so strong and reinforced and has managed to survive
not only bombings but a massive massive earthquake it’s inaccessible now it’s
full of water and black mold so it’s like all entrances are sealed and it’s a
no-no to go down there but when this place was occupied by the Japanese it
was allegedly drained so they could go down and use that space and it almost
acted as a type of prison or even a dungeon so you can just imagine like all
the history associated with this place already it
also had a crazy dungeon underneath it so it’s unfortunate like we can’t get
down there but I mean it’s so dangerous it doesn’t sound like someone we want to
go so I just thought I would try and film this window right here that I’m
pointing up this is where Anton had conducted a ghost tour and a lot of the
people on the tour seen a figure in there a face and it was a group of
people that had sighted it and captured photographs of it even it also waved at
them and the building was completely empty so you know it had all been closed
up and and whatnot so it’s pretty weird that there was a would be a figure there
hello can you please pop your head out okay thank you anyway okay hello cat
thank you guys so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed these episodes
inside the old Diplomat Hotel one of the most haunted places in the Philippines I
want to give a shout out to Anton my friend from Pine city fright tours who
does excellent tours of haunted places all around Becky oh you guys did enjoy
this video though please remember to Like comment share and subscribe if you
want to read more about the old Diplomat Hotel head to you guys
can also find me @AmysCrypt on Facebook Twitter and Instagram until
next time

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