100 Replies to “The most beautiful restaurant in Japan”

  1. Nana Iqbal says:

    Wow.😲 makes me realize I have to get out for a walk in the forest more often. Thanks for sharing. Really beautyful place.
    I bet it is expensive though, right?

  2. Abdullah Alamei says:

    2:01 who enjoyed the the the meat i mean the waterfall ? perverted hahahah

  3. Rinee n says:

    You should go to the restaurant near Kyoto they set out the bamboo platforms right over the river itself with the trees overhead, n you sit there to eat with the river rushing underneath you. I think that was the most beautiful restaurant in Japan.

  4. gredarth D says:

    Just found your channel and love it and just wanted to say that Jun is a very lucky man Rachel is a very beautiful woman and together you guys make what seems to be a perfect couple, thank you so much for making these wonderful video's.

  5. Justinz 29 says:

    Awesome view

  6. Tamara Walsh says:

    What a breathtaking place – ethereal. I'm wondering what the temperature of the water was when the noodles came flying out – cold or hot?

  7. Joy K. M. says:

    It's simply beautiful. I love Japan.

  8. I H says:

    Are you half Japanese?

  9. HBY says:

    always wear good sneakers if you're going to somewhere you never been before that is outside of a big city

  10. Ferenc Fajkusz says:

    There was no loot/chest behind the waterfall??? I feel cheated…

  11. kostakis georgiou says:

    a couple of cheap charlies

  12. Luke, I'm your father! says:

    Wow every Japanese guy must want you ao badly

  13. the Greatjon says:

    Looks tranquil

  14. Tetra Yuga says:

    Wow!! that is so beautiful!! Do they have vegetarian food?

  15. Tetra Yuga says:

    Can you type the exact address here please? That is one of my bucket list.


    Beautiful and clean Japan!! Love it…maravilha ver um País tão organizado, um povo com sensibilidade para manter seu País limpo!! Parabéns Japão!!

  17. Polina K. says:

    You gonna have diarrhea. 🙁

  18. mark mustermann says:

    you are so beautyfull!

  19. 永田ジン says:


  20. S. Samuel says:


  21. John Piccolini says:

    So grateful for this incomparable trip. Thank you for your wonderful companionship!

  22. JackManic1984 says:

    going out trekking?

    girl logic: These heels are perfect for my outfit.

  23. Max Nova says:

    Beautiful beautiful and the waterfalls… I missed that very much . Thanks for sharing your beautiful beautiful channel

  24. Richard backerman says:

    The most beautifull woman in Japan 😁😘

  25. Si Señor says:

    Soooo, How is the 🍲?

  26. Michael M says:

    Nice restaurant but why is it empty?

  27. Adrian Tan says:

    What is the coordinate of this location (using Google Map)?

  28. Ironfangzu says:

    I've been to a MacDonalds where they have a plastic Ronald MacDonald and even a nice Play Place. But I'll admit, this looks slightly nicer. Ok, maybe a lot nicer.

  29. Sal Lizandro says:

    One beautiful spot

  30. Tharu Indiketiya says:

    Beautiful environment & useless food.

  31. Robert GMD says:

    I lived in Japan myself 11 years mostly Kagoshima & Tokyo 2 years…

  32. Ramesh Dhirajlal says:

    It's a very beautiful window original mother nature view during meal , awesome

  33. Pork Eating Crusader says:

    I subbed because there's something mystical about a pretty red head in the forest. Red heads always look better around green.

  34. modtomodern says:

    I have been to better. Tokyo Maxims comes to mind. But the location here is woodsy.

  35. Angel Maldonado says:

    Awesome setting to have dinner.

  36. indrajit sinh says:

    Right place but wrong lady ! Improvize please

  37. President Donald J Trump says:

    Check out the channel, Hiding in My Room.

  38. Rex Luther says:

    Japan Has Two Faces
    The Beauty Mask And A Monster

  39. v8 dave says:

    Yes libtards really Do think a High priced restaurant is Natural….iam hoping for war for you Sickos

  40. Ghali says:


  41. JaddyBow says:

    My life sucks so i watch other people being happy

  42. それは近くSqa says:

    Don't need Japanese propaganda !! Need help for people in Syria and iraj that has been killed and injured the Americans with Japanese support and approvention there are many without meals and tent. Become a more sensitive people with who's really need help .

  43. Arjyama Maity says:

    I wanna have a bath in that water fall.

  44. Art and Music says:

    Wow, girl. Another white Japanese wannabe.

  45. davenetdog says:

    I recommend you try Kurochaya restaurant,


  46. JP03 0 says:

    So beautiful. Nothing tops Japanese aestheticism. Thank you for sharing!!

  47. Gary Johnson says:

    Beautiful restaurant, I’ll add it on my bucket list if ever I make it to Japan…lovely red haired Japanese American woman, give her pointed ears an she’ll be a elf goddess, beautiful, thank you for sharing..😋

  48. hu li says:

    No big breasts, bad rate

  49. patricia wilson says:

    Very beautiful😊

  50. Brenda Drew says:

    Beautiful indeed! Thanks for sharing, much appreciated~

  51. Jalil Dawood says:


  52. Mikey Riley says:

    Very nice. The place must be hard to find, it should be packed!

  53. MisumaruS Jp says:

    ・Wonderful adventures trip video.

  54. 岡崎愛弓 says:

    i 've never seen like this restaurant before for being in japan.

  55. russell schaeffler says:

    When I was in Japan I went to the temple mounds kofun in Gyoda, which are pretty steep. I was surprised by how many women where hiking up the mounds wearing high heel shoes. It takes skill to do that.

  56. karmicbabe says:

    The place is nice but too noisy.

  57. film lover says:


  58. malcolm hindle says:

    You are driving wrong side of the road🤓ha..ha…ha just kidding..i adore you guy's

  59. HasLina07- desu says:

    The most beautiful restaurant in the world!!! Love Japan so much!!!!!!!

  60. รุ่งกานต์ ช่ําชอง says:

    The restaurant looks warm and comfortable .The scenery is outstanding.The narrator is beautiful like a cute doll


  61. ari5702 says:

    you're in heaven

  62. helen h says:

    I was there ,So??
    It is OK, nice but not AWESOME
    JUST ,,OK,,🤗🤗🤗

  63. Abdulmannan Sir says:

    Halo my friend Bute full niche good like me please contact Merz Bangladesh

  64. timothy chung says:

    Whoopi! That is like my back yard – literally- when I lived in Vietnam. Infact, it was slightly more tranquil than this. If you gsve never seen this before perhaps…

  65. Faisal Fz says:


  66. Lucky Boy says:

    So beautiful and amazing…

  67. Kartick singh says:

    Mem next time . Garden video

  68. Kartick singh says:

    Iam indian

  69. ba kheg says:

    Hi! Girl, how are you?

  70. MARWAN AL-HADDAD says:

    Oh my god how beautiful this landscape

  71. purple glitter says:

    Did she have her eyes made to look Asian
    Something is fishey
    He's hot

  72. impishsara 8 says:

    月侍の滝 もみじ苑

  73. Anita Anita says:

    What a beautiful experience 😍😋👍👌 thank you for sharing 🤗

  74. Paradise Soon says:

    You are a beautiful couple
    I love japan this is so relaxing 😌 .

  75. Tony Singh says:

    Madam you are soooooo sexy

  76. ARELA彰 says:

    Japan 🇯🇵 is paradise lovely 😊 everything’s satisfied ,I loved japan 🇯🇵 my second 🌎 thanks for sharing your great information god bless and peace BANZAI Japan 🇯🇵

  77. Ali Rahman says:

    How are you my friend I am Ali 💑

  78. Q M says:

    bets restaurant

  79. You Food says:

    I'm new to your channel .I really love it

  80. asif ali says:

    hello hi you look very faithful and true I want marry you

  81. Darren MM says:

    I ate at a Somen Noodle restaurant in Kagoshima a few years back.
    Was very similar to this place. Amazing experience for sure

  82. raees ahmad says:

    I love japan country….
    Japan is awesome and development country…

  83. Bechay Ramos says:

    Beautiful place….

  84. Bhavkhandan Singh Shambu says:

    Literally Heavenly.
    Next time I visit Japan, this place will be on my 1st top priority to go there & spend few days around👍👌💖

  85. Sara White Horse says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful restaurant! 😀

  86. Mimi Jimenez says:


  87. Gulam Sayeed khan says:


  88. hasanxxyyzz says:

    Rachel, you should change your name to Snow White. What a cute girl with lovely red hair!

  89. puhfrugherter says:

    I'd love to go there in my upcoming trip but it's just so far out of the way.
    One day when I stay for longer and rent a car, this will be #1 on my exploration bucket list.

  90. Sitinorhajah Unisza says:

    This video is nice. You are beautiful. Very nice restaurant.

  91. Nightcore Wolfe says:

    1.The place has a nice view of nature
    2.The food are tasty(as you said)
    3.The inside deco is very nice and the eating table is clean.

    I like this restaurant and I'll give it a five star rating

  92. 度可一 says:

    Somen is more common in Japan than ramen.
    It is cheap and can be cooked quickly at home.

  93. Good Vibe Bros Philippines says:

    This place is unreal!!

  94. pot luck says:

    What a beautiful location

  95. Jason Branch says:

    Beautiful Japan? ✔ Beautiful restaurant? ✔ Beautiful Rachel? ✔ ✔

  96. ILoveHorses❤🐎 says:

    Trying to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road is hard….and I'm just watching the video lol!

  97. interpretation 21 says:

    It does not matter how beautiful anything is in japan or anywhere else..we are no longer recognizing any attempt at perpetually living in Japan or Portugal , etc by foreignors …you will only have visiting rights provided you are honest and sign a non sexual activity agreement (catch you getting romantic and your out the same moment) .

    There won't be any more of this unsustainable foreign bf routine (we note from India or middle east) …mix bred pregnancy game is over!

    Say goodbye you communost mf! And you you islamic mf!

    Watch and see wtf happens;)

    And the black slavery myth and use of them as biological weapons against other races is over!!!

    These races are beginning to see they are being played with!

    Race Matters ! What God Made won't be *ucked with!

    Borders Forever!
    Race Forever !

    And stop talking about money! And investment! Soon you'll be investing only in your people's welfare and security …

    And to all those whom betrayed your own people…your game is over !

  98. Frank Lyle Bobongie says:

    Beautiful ☺️

  99. Yesenia Rivera Torres says:


  100. Justin H says:

    Her hair is beautiful

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