The Hidden Bypass in Your Hotel Safe (w/ Deviant Ollam)

>>Today’s episode is
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>>Math. [laughs] [old school hiphop intro music]>>All right, we are
here with Deviant Ollam and Babak Javadi from Red Team Alliance!>>Hey brother.
>>Yeah man.>>I’m not going to lie,
I’m a bit intimidated. It’s like the children were playing and the grown ups came downstairs.>>Yeah, the adults are here now.>>Well, in this case
we’re going to revisit something we’ve talked
about on the TV show. We did a couple of different hotel safes. We learned about that one
super cheap Amazon safe that you could just bonk on
the top and it would open.>>Oh, this thing’s a piece of junk.>>Some of these brands, you
just give them a good wack and they’ll pop open, hang on. [suspenseful music] [hand thudding]
[suspenseful music]>>But you guys have a
totally different method that I was unfamiliar with.>>It doesn’t involve like
punching a metal case–>>Not today, no. We have an actual hospitality safe here.>>Is that the technical term?>>It is, it is the technical
term and we’re going to talk about both some methods of
messing with the electronic stuff and a secret override.>>Absolutely.
>>I like the word secret!>>Yes.
>>Yeah.>>I like the word override.
[laughs]>>You might never notice this
on a lot of hospitality safes but now that you’re going to be traveling and checking this out. The next time you’re in a hotel room; you see this safe right here? It’s got a branding on the front panel. But it has another bit of branding. A little extra brass plate. It’s sort of very redundant,
like, why do you need to be so enthusiastic about who you are? Most hospitality safes
have a small metal plate and it’s not there to show their name. It’s there to not show
the hidden override key.>>Whoa.
>>What?>>Wait, that’s hiding?
>>Something secret!>>No!
>>Hold on! Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait! Oh, no, it’s loose! I got it, I got it!
>>Oh, you already got it. I got it. I got it. I got it. Da da dah!>>What? And that’s on most of them?>>Most hotel safes will have that.>>Cause you always have
to have a back up, right?>>Oh, sure.
>>So, in case your,–>>like the battery.
>>anything. In case all your crappy electronics die, you still need to have
a back up plan for –>>I’m putting this together,
if there’s one of these, that means it could be picked! Are we going to pick this?>>In the cheesiest way possible! With a horrible looking little cross key rake type tool here.>>So, not thermite?>>It’s horrendous.>>For those who understand lock picking and good quality tools,
this is the opposite.>>We’ve done a fair bit of
lock picking related stuff. This is the first time
I’ve ever seen a cross key. Is this?
>>Mm hmm.>>I’m not familiar
with this type of lock. What’s going on with the cross action?>>So, you’ve had lock picking lawyer and others on the show before. Pin tumbler locks have a series of pins that stick into the keyway. The blade of the key will ride across them and they’ll move into position. This is a series of pins
but across different axes.>>Okay
>>So the key itself, would look like a cross.>>Are they all four axes?>>In a good cross lock, they are.>>Wait a minute, you’re implying [laughing]
that this is not a good cross lock. I see where this is going.
>>Yes. To be clear, good is relative. I haven’t seen–
>>Yeah.>>By my metric a good
cross lock anywhere.>>Have you seen a hospitality
safe that’s actually secure?>>Ish?>>I’ve seen ones that are less bad.>>Yes.
>>Less bad, okay.>>Less bad, we’ll go with that.>>That’s the most you can
hope for in any hotel room, is less bad.>>I keep most of mine in my prison wallet whenever I’m traveling.
>>Oh jeez. [laughing]>>Well you can also keep
this in your prison wallet.>>This guy gets it, this guy gets it.>>So in case you need to
get into his hotel safe.>>This looks a lot like the bump keys that we played with before.>>It does.
>>Mm hmm.>>Do you use it as a
bump key and hit it in?>>You could try that, although,
honestly just raking it in and out while giving
it a little bit of bias, a little bit of rotation pressure.>>Think of it as a combination
rake and turning tool.>>Yeah.
>>I don’t think we’ve ever talked about raking. For the uninitiated, I guess a bump key, the idea is you got all
of the bumps the same and so you pop it in and
so all the pins go out at the same moment while a little bit of torque causes everything to spin. Is that right?>>More or less.
>>More or less. You’re throwing a lot of
randomness at the pins and hoping to get lucky.>>And then raking, I assume is, that, but just trying again and again and again.>>Yes.
>>Can I just try it?>>Yes!>>I probably can’t do it. I probably, the adults
>>I don’t know. are going to have to–>>Well, let’s lock the
safe up first, right?>>Okay, good call, good call.>>So, Jason, it’s your hotel room. You come around. You set the safe with a code.>>Three to six digits. Let’s see.
>>Which would be numbers. [safe keys beeping] [laughing]>>That’s a lot of digits.
[laughing] What is he doing?>>Okay, I got it!>>It sounds like it’s very secure.>>I think I remembered it too. Fortunately it’s on camera,>>All right.
>>six digits, that’s kind>>All right.
>>of maxing my ram there.>>All right.>>I’ve done lock bumping
but I haven’t done a rake, but I assume it’s the same thing. You want mild torque but
feverish in-and-out action? [laughs]>>That’s a good way to put it.>>That’s a poor way to phrase it. [laughing] Mild torque. [key scraping] Oh, no! Ah, man! I feel like I almost have it, but then I’m at least
getting it aimed right and I don’t feel like
I’m over-torquing it. But I think this might
just be past my skill set. All right Dev, I’m going to need an adult to show me how easy this is.>>DEVIANT: I got nothing.>>All right!
>>You got to do it left handed just to spite me.>>Let’s see. [key scraping]>>I will do it left handed, actually. Because I am left handed. [key scraping]>>Jeez, Louise!
[laughing]>>Got it.
[safe beeping]>>Yeah, righteous!
>>That’s terrifying! Are you kidding me?
>>Yeah.>>So, where do you get
one of those cross keys?>>The internet.
>>The internet.>>Of course!
>>Yes. [laughing]
>>Yes.>>So, what does that mean?
>>Yes. Does that mean that we can’t trust hospitality safes?
>>No.>>You can’t trust most
things in a hotel room.>>Yeah.>>Great, okay, so if
we want to learn more about horrifying things that
make me scared of everything, where can we go?>>Well, if you two want to be
a professional ruiner of things, we actually teach this if you
go to>>I love that their tagline
is, ruiner of things. [laughing]>>And if you know, people
want a tool like this, maybe it’s going to wind up
on scam stuff at some point.>>Hey, oh, look at that. That’s called a generous plug. These gentlemen, class acts.>>Uh huh.>>Brian, there’s a lot of weird stuff on the counter at my local truck stop.>>I mean what’s so weird about
buying some VHS head cleaner?>>Herbal ectasy?>>Prank call audio tapes?>>A thousand different
varieties of incense. [laughing]>>But the worst thing of all is we’re in this weird phase where so
many fake products just think that by putting the
letter CBD in front of it, they’re going to fool anyone. I’ll bet half of these
things only heard the letters or sniffed it or walked by it once.>>That’s the trend now, the
bandwagon that you’ve got, you know Dairy Queen’s
got a CBD burger now. [laughing] And it’s, everyone’s just putting in it.>>But the problem is, you
don’t know what’s legit and what’s not and what I
love about our friends over at Feals is man, they
know what they’re doing. First of all, they got a
hotline so you can call. You can talk to a human
being and they can explain and they will be very clear about this. They’re going to send you a
flight of their tinctures, their oils that are infused
with different percentages and they say very clearly,
start at the bottom, start with the least, work your way up. Unlike a CBD infused yogurt,
this stuff is real CBD man.>>Ducked out at the truck stop. [laughing]
>>Yeah. My first experience of it
was to help me with stress, anxiety and sleeplessness and boy did it. I took one of those naps where I woke up and I wasn’t sure who I was.>>You don’t know what day it was.>>It was incredibly
effective. I was very rested.>>They’re really smart about
saying start slow and focus on what’s not happening,
not what’s happening. For example they say, I
noticed that your not having your head spin around with other thoughts, noticed that you’re not
having trouble falling asleep, noticed that you’re
not constantly spun up. It’s an emerging science,
we’re all figuring out how best to use CBD but these dudes
are holding your hand the entire way.>>And they deliver right to
your door so you don’t have to, you know, go to the truck stop And say, oh,
>>Yeah.>>Well that’s yogurt,
okay, that’s legitimate. [laughing]
>>That’s a knife with Toby Keith’s face on it.>>Join the Feals community
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real professionals.>>Yeah, bad news, that
CBD infused beef jerky? Probably has no legitimacy.>>Might be delicious. [old school hiphop intro music]>>Well hello beautiful people. I hope you guys are
having a happy holiday. I’m out chopping brush with
my favorite Christmas gift. Look man, just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys have
made possible this year. It’s been an incredible, incredible year. Thank you to our nearly 1,000 founders. We’ll see you in 2020 man. It’s going to be great.

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