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THE GRAN RESORT PRINCESS ARIMA (English / Chinese subtitles)

September 26, 2019 No Comments

Hello, my name is Remi Sugimura. Today, I’m here at the Gran Resort Princess Arima Hotel,located in one of Japanese major hot springs ARIMA. The President Ms. Natsuko Kawai guides us about the resort. This is indoor heated pool, thus you can enjoy swimming through the year. Good for kids, too. This is the private room with foot warmer built into the floor. You can enjoy confortable dining time at here. This is suite room. Which has hearthstone so speciously confortable. How commodious, its wonderful. Here you can enjoy Japanese traditional atmosphere. Let’s have a look! I would like to start interview. I am expectint to hear from you. Could you please tell me the attractive point of the Gran Resort Princess Arima Hotel ? This hotel represent our 21 hotels. Located at the top of the hill with splendid view. Not only beautiful landscape, but also we proud our cuisine. An executive chef’s Mr. Koyama has won the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare prize. The cuisine he makes are amazingly taste delicious. We do have a visitor who spends 100 nights at every year, and also visitor who comes every weekend. The guests love our foods, they always com over here in the expectation for cuisine. With our OMOTENASHI, hospitality, accommodations, and cuisine, we held guest’s heart. We would like to welcome you with our hospitality. Although we are hotel of a membership system, however, we welcome experience stay, please do not hesitate to contact me. Our staff has hospitality attitude of having guest as come back home, rather than stay at the hotel. Please come over here in the feeling that returns your home. If there are foods which you wants to eat very much, please feel free to request to the executive chief, any time. Could you give me a messege as conclusion ? Branding of the name is changed and carried out to the Gran resort, six years ago. We hope more people has great experience staying at here, with delicious cuisine. When could you come ? It’s now on! Since we have been changed name as the Gran Resort, we will have its 40th Anniversary next year. We keep efforts heading for its next 50th, 100th and more anniversary, for exisiting member, their family and more youg generations. I thank you very much, it was great to talking with you.

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