3 Replies to “The Bloody Inn review – with Zee Garcia”

  1. Tennethums1 says:

    An EXCELLENT little game that killed (pun intended) Splendor for me. The theme works great and the strategy is pretty much non stop. I like that you can play a short or long game. Be advised though, the short game will only last long enough for you to get your engine started before it’s over. I found It was a mad dash at the end to kill everyone I could and dispose of their bodies. Damn good game.

  2. Mr I says:

    It's loosely based on an actual murder case at an inn that was named L'AUBERGE ROUGE (The Red Inn). Originally the inn was called L'Auberge de Peyrebeille ("the Inn of Peyrebeille").

    That's what the movie THE RED INN was based on.

  3. Jano L says:

    terrible how to play.

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