“The Bard’s Song” – BLIND GUARDIAN cover (SPYGLASS INN project)

Hey everybody! Thanks for watching this video. This time I’m in good company here with my
friend Gabriel. Say hi, Gabriel! Hi! We have a very cool announcement to make. We are starting a project. An acoustic folk music project. And it’s going to be called Spyglass Inn. We are very excited about it and we’re about
to actually record an album of acoustic folk songs. So stay tuned for more news and, as always,
have yourselves an epic day.

100 Replies to ““The Bard’s Song” – BLIND GUARDIAN cover (SPYGLASS INN project)”

  1. PCFanatic LetsPlay says:

    You should do Mordred's Song!

  2. Rostyslav Suprunov says:

    Such Soul in this song that only Braz Man could show it.

    That's why I so much telling about great support to Rock-Metal from South America, especially from my beloved Brazil!

  3. Dionisis says:

    What a brilliant performance!! Great job guys! Keep up!

  4. Olívia VilasBoas says:

    Adoro essa música!

  5. Juliana Batista Cardozo says:

    Amo essa música! Faça um vídeo cantando Heroes of Sand do Angra. Que voz linda!

  6. sayonara lily says:

    Impressive! Could you please sing a japanese song 'Gaban'. I think your voice suits this song well.

  7. Juan The Beast says:

    Great work guys I loved it!

  8. Danilo says:

    Perfeito cara me arrepiei ouvindo isso, parabéns 🤘

  9. Paulo Alexandre Costa says:

    Man, this is gold!

  10. Karla Galvão says:

    Não pensei que pudesse encontrar uma versão de The Bard's Song ainda mais agradável de se ouvir que a original… Força e suavidade em perfeito equilíbrio.

    Podem fazer um Rock in Rio inteiro só de Dan Vasc! 😉


  11. SeclipseR G says:

    good job guys, beautiful

  12. mrjoey94 says:

    This might be an odd compliment, but your English is very good when you sing! I think that's very important with 'simple' acoustic songs like this. I will admit, I am not much of a loud, power metal kind of guy but I can certainly get behind an album of acoustic folk songs like this.

    I'm going to subscribe because I think your voice is excellent, but I realize you do a lot of stuff I might not like. Maybe you'll convert me towards some of it, who knows?

  13. michell myers says:

    Muito bom!

  14. Hilário Gregório says:

    ficou bom!!! melhor que Abandoned do Kamelot!!!

  15. David Middleton says:

    OMG this good!

  16. moose6667 says:

    This brings me back to the old Newgrounds days. I love this, and your cover is absolutely on point. Fantastic.

  17. letsplay_jonny says:

    И снова все великолепно! Спасибо! Из России с любовью!

  18. Lady Sara Noir says:

    Sorry for all the commenting – but a couple of other Blind Guardian suggestions would be Past and Future Secret, Skalds and Shadows or better yet: The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight!

  19. The Metalhead Homestead says:

    Simply awesome.

  20. Jose Maria Cazorla says:

    Impresionante!!!! Eres un fenomeno

  21. Tiago Januário says:

    Wow, great cover guys, congratulations!! Thanks from Brazil!! 🤘

  22. Azrael says:

    Great cover

  23. EvilJester says:

    And now…..my pants are so Fuckin' wet… BEST COVER EVER!!!!!

  24. Deon van Heerden says:


  25. Ivan Knezevic says:

    Damn this is perfect. I just started to cover this song myself and researching for other covers and you was first on top. Nice cover what to say.btw you are from orion reign dont you?

  26. ildiko Serval says:

    Tesla, please

  27. Mauricio Silva says:

    É só fechar os olhos e curtir… Uma que acho que ficaria legal seria (Meat Loaf – Alive)

  28. Soledad Cartwright says:

    Wonderful! It's so much harder to sing a capella or just with one instrument than with all the technical stuff in the background: it requires a good ear and a good voice, both of which you have in spades.

  29. BimmyJim says:

    As soon as I saw your taste in music I knew this would be on the list somewhere. Amazing 🙂

  30. cesar ocampo says:

    Cover of majesty please 🙏🎼

  31. Ashlinn Snow says:

    This song is an old favorite of mine, and of course you did not disappoint in any way. I would say it's better than the original, but you're probably tired of hearing that phrase at this point? This project is such a great idea! I love the mellow Dan as much as the metal-as-fuck Dan! And hi to Gabriel! You guys make such a lovely pair.

  32. Dan Vasc says:

    Check my other Blind Guardian covers! — https://bit.ly/2SBAsfT

  33. Joseph Aguiar says:


  34. Saso says:

    faz the bard song (the hobbit)

  35. Brutal Heidi says:

    Is Spyglass Inn still doing folk performances? You both are otherworldly 😀

  36. Shadow Night says:

    Caralho q foda, meu deus q música linda pegada medieval, estou sem palavras q orgulho de ter ouvido ela e com essa voz q meu deus e muito foda, linda voz, por favor eu suplico mais traga mais trabalhos desse estilo pls

  37. LordJirik says:

    A great Cover of a Legendary Song

  38. Blade Karlsen says:

    You MUST do Time Stands Still(At the Iron Hill)

  39. Мастер Винсенто says:


  40. Daphne Navas says:


  41. Tani Viki says:

    Simplemente Hermosa versión.

  42. Ashem leibakngambamoirangcha. says:

    Wow…finally this also one of my favourite…..and you did great man..love it

  43. Anna Dombajová says:

    This song is simply amazing, thank you for doing this 🙂

  44. Sofia Severi says:

    Great cover! You have a very powerful voice and the passion in it almost made me cry. I usually don't like covers of my favourite songs, but this is just beautiful.

  45. Juliana Maisonnette says:

    Eu não consigo entender como você tem tão poucas curtidas em alguns vídeos. Vou mandar para todos os meus amigos! A galera tem que conhecer o seu trabalho, é lindo demais!

  46. Вiталiй Буц says:

    подписка и палец вверх!)

  47. lfrgamer says:

    hein Dan top D+

    gostaria de ver o cover do The Lord of the Rings do Blind Guardian!

  48. Seja Humano says:

    Que Dom cara, pqp

  49. orlandolegalster says:

    Épic song 👊🏻

  50. Igor Leal says:

    Cara, por favor! Amei seu vídeo cantando Kamelot! Faz um cover de Della Brown do Queensryche ou algo do Dream Theater? Parabéns! Sucesso.

  51. ThisGuitarIsAWeapon says:

    Excellent. Not an easy vocalist to cover but good job.

  52. Claudio Lemos says:

    Please make a cover of Steeleye Span – "The lowlands of Holland"

  53. B Murf says:

    Best cover ive heard so far, well done

  54. Kuba Jercha says:

    Thats magnificent, perfect and breathtaking.
    Respects form Poland!

  55. willi4242 says:

    Oh f*ck, you've just sent me back in the good ol 90s – BG life on stage, beer and some w**d in our hands and singing till our voices were gone and we fell asleep at the fireplace … keep up what you're doin man, and keep teaming up with others like Minniva! Greetings from Germany ^^

  56. metalwarriorwoman says:

    Wonderful song.😍😍😍😍🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼😍😍😍😍😍

  57. Marcos Andrades says:

    Muito massa..😎

  58. Romain GRASSER says:

    No one should ask you for the name of the one who tells the story.

  59. Yahya Ruliansyah says:

    I loved this cover..
    Great cover..

  60. Iara Pereira says:

    Lindo cantando um fofo amodoroooooo coisa linda

  61. Iara Pereira says:

    Coisa mais fofa cantando amodorooooooo uma graça amodorooooooo

  62. Олександр Тараненко says:

    Beautiful collab, guys! Make some more please!

  63. R Y says:

    Que são os insanos que deram deslike? Não entendem nada de música mesmo. perai,pego vcs na saída kkkk

  64. Victor 2017 says:

    Tua voz é muito foda Dan, me amarrei! Melhor cover, só não supera a música original hehehe

  65. Mila Ljubezen & Filosofia EX says:

    My favorite song 😍🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks Dan and Gabriel! 🔺️

  66. d3sign nerd says:

    Esse é o melhor cover dessa música que eu já ouvi!
    Muito obrigado por nos proporcionar tal entretenimento!
    Um grande abraço!

  67. Lorenna Pereira says:


  68. Carlos Dias says:

    Amazing cover! You make us brazilians proud.

  69. Paula Custódio says:

    Ah porra, 😍

  70. Rafael Bonilla says:

    Que pegada bem More than Words. 😀

  71. Kenneth Keller says:

    Came because of the Witcher and can't stop listening….this is incredible.

  72. Francois Johannes says:

    WOW god dam son!! Im so glad for you, congrats ur subs doubled in the past few weeks. Thats Amazing, million subs just around the corner my son. Keep strong and PLEASE PLEASE give us Ghost Love Score. like ur other sub said, ur keeping it from us. 2020 is a great start for you with double ur subs!!!!YEAH MAN IM SO GLAD FOR. Best off wishes and Rock love

  73. Jul Sampaio says:

    😮😮😮😮😮👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 WOW!

  74. Tom Wexler says:

    Awesome..this whole album is great. You should make originals with a good backing band!

  75. Nikki Nikki says:

    I love🎼🖤

  76. Vanyel Wolfshadow says:

    1- you know who BG is. Points for you. 2- my fav BG song. MORE points for you! <3 Thank you!

  77. Devs & Dice says:

    As an old tabletop RPG:er listening plenty to Blind Guardian and as a fellow "metalhead" this just struck me right in the feels 🙂 Awesome – just awesome! 🤘💙💛💙🤘

  78. Phoenix4444 says:

    Witcher is a success but this is still my favorite cover😊❤

  79. Mads Nielsen says:

    After listening to some of your newer songs, i think you should definetely revisit this song! I think that you have gotten a lot better, and i would love to hear you do this song with your current skill 🙂

  80. Cintia Dal Pozzo says:

    Por causa do The Witcher estou vendo todos os vídeos hahahaha manda muito bem garoto! 😄

  81. Raven Newton says:

    Really Liked this…..There is a song my grandfather liked called Gypsy Rover. Would love to hear you sing it. the one I'm talking about has this line in it…..Gypsy Rover came over the hill and down through the valley so shady, He whistled and he sang till the whole woods rang and he won the heart of a lady. Hard to find but I would love to hear you do it as a remake cover, your way.

  82. Daria Letneva says:

    Can't stop singing along even tho i'm in bus rn 👀 Tomorrow all will be know, and you're not alone ~~

  83. Richard Brown says:

    You should give Queensrÿche a shot, you have tones like Jeff tate! and yes that is a huge complement. Well done Dan. How many years have you been training your voice?

  84. IliveinAnarchy says:


  85. maybe lyd says:

    WOW, it's amazing!

  86. Heike Hildebrandt says:

    I have to say, as a true Fan of Blind Guardian, this is really well done. Great job. Hansi would agree.

  87. David Shaman Moonwolf says:

    NOICE!!!!!!!! Dan yo the man!!! Voice in you're covers is super highly mystical on so many levels!!! I bet all multiverses hear you singing!!!

  88. Leonardo Junio says:

    Mano, ficaria muito top e eu amaria se tu fizesse o cover de "Fiddler on the Green" do Demons and Wizards!!

  89. Adam J says:

    just listened to the original… Dan's cover is better lol

  90. licade M says:

    Que música! Que voz!!!

  91. LePetit Hérisson says:

    You're one of the very few cover singers that has never even once made me cringe, if anything I have a list of just your covers because they're beautiful <3 #fangirl also listening to Fearless … <3 hope you make it far, you deserve it!

  92. Martina P. says:

    Dan, you are a perfect bard!

  93. Ricky Haze says:

    You guys killed this! Nice job

  94. Aisling Ianira says:

    I'm a year late but I found Blind Guardian a while back by a happy chance and I love that you covered this! You have a beautiful voice and it's versatile (GOT cover to compare ) I'm subscribing <(^·^)>

  95. Bradly M says:

    That's very good I like it a very good cover in my opinion

  96. Sylvaine Vidal says:

    Quel talent Dany ! You're so gifted! I definitely love that song. Why not try to perfrom "Dust in the wind" of Kansas with your SPYGLASS INN project ?! You got the right sound and voice. A french fan.

  97. Sylvaine Vidal says:

    Or you could try the french song "Dernière danse' of KYO. Did you ever try to sing in french ?

  98. Jose M says:

    😀 Thanks!

  99. Gilmar Bernardes says:

    Cara! Na real! Tu é incrível!

  100. Urdess Stardancer says:

    Your guitarist friend is also awesome! You guys make a perfect duo.

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