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THE $50 A NIGHT 5-STAR (ALL-INCLUSIVE) RESORT in MEXICO ! HOW ? (Gringo in Puerto Vallarta Vlog)

Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to Puerto Vallarta What is going on members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Puerto Vallarta Adriana and I have decided to take this 5 day vacation At the Now Amber All-Inclusive Resort And you probably read the title and you’re wondering How the heck did we get a $50 a night rate.. that’s $50 per person Per night At a 5 star All-Inclusive resort We’re going to get to that At the end of the video So stay tuned It’s a pretty good technique But in the meantime why don’t I show you guys around the resort And take you more or less through a day in the life here We’re going to begin with A tour of the room And we’re on the 14th floor here Hi guys Plenty of closet space We’re going to begin with The bed area Nice king size here Very comfortable Lots of pillows We just had the room cleaned in fact Pretty big TV here Nice desk to get some work done You can see Adriana sitting Right here.. And how are you enjoying your stay? We’ve been here for 2 nights now. It’s amazing So relaxing And I enjoyed the view of course And I enjoyed the pool And I really recommend it There is a seperate bathroom area.. we could close this in theory But we’re not going to We’ve got a bathtub With the little hot tub jets if necessary Two different sinks Quite luxurious I must say Bathrobes, where would you be without a bathrobe At a 5 star resort? And a seperate shower With plenty of space If you want to sit And a seperate toilet Now onto the balcony view from the 14th floor My favorite part of the room We’ve watched 2 sunsets in a row from here Quite beautiful I must say If you come to this hotel Make sure that you ask for a high floor room We are all set to head to the pool right now I do want to note that this is not a luxury travel channel However, when I have the opportunity to travel in luxury For a budget price For a moderate price I am never going to say no to that And that’s kind of the theme of this video We have made it to the pool area And the beach There are 3 pools here One for kids only, one for adults only, and then one huge pool Which has my favorite thing A swim-up bar Their is actually a waterslide here This is the kids pool I have yet to try it It says 12 and under only.. I think i’m a little old.. Over here is the poolside grill Where you can eat lunch just about all day if you want. Outside of the main dining room Behind me here are the beach chairs Of the resort And their are enough beach chairs Where I don’t think you have to come at like 7 or 8 in the morning Just to reserve a spot.. Which is a real problem at a lot of all-inclusive resorts You have to go super early Or every single good spot is taken Here it’s not super crowded At least today It’s not really an issue What I love best about this beach Are the mountains in the distance here It kind of reminds me of Hawaii just a little bit because of that. I’ll be honest I am much more of a pool person Than a beach person I do not think that is the nicest beach in Mexico We actually went to an all-inclusive resort last year On a similar deal in Playa Del Carmen I think Quintana Roo does have better beaches But I am loving the chill vibe in Puerto Vallarta It’s not really a huge party scene here This is mostly families A good place to come.. and just unwind for a little bit Adriana and I are big fans of sitting in the shade I’m really not that into tanning As you can see by my pastie white skin Why don’t we go check out the swim-up bar Their is a drink that i’m really in the mood for Alright time for some alcohol it’s after 12 o’clock They let you take your drinks into the water I love that What is more luxurious than having champagne in a pool At 1 o’clock in the afternoon On a monday? I don’t know tell me in the comments? We are walking to lunch right now What have you thought about the buffet so far? It’s really good I’m surprised It’s not normally not that good at this kind of resort Resorts.. But i’m pretty impressed Here we go for the buffett Hope you guys are hungry You can eat healthy at an all-inclusive resort.. It is not a myth You just need really good will-power The amount of bread that these guys have is absolutely incredible While I haven’t been to a ton of all-inclusive resorts in my life I will say that the buffet is normally Where they fail And you have to go to the restaurants to actually get quality food The buffet here has actually been better Then some of the restaurants I’ve eaten at Very very cool. Very impressive actually Alrigh guys we’re going to take a break After lunch And we’re going to come back.. to show you the best view Of the entire resort During sunset Alright guys I am fully refreshed right now After a shower Just got to relax Stayed out of the sun a little bit I hope I don’t look sunburned They did refresh our mini-bar I wanted to show it to you guys I forgot to during that first tour And you can call them whenever you want To get more beer More sodas And more nectar de naranjas This stuff is really good Alright as you can see I am wearing a bathrobe right now Which they provided Which I think is amazing But we have to go downstairs We’re going to be going to dinner after And there is a dress code Why don’t I get.. A little bit nicer looking Much better Alright we’re going to head downstairs Right now to check out One of the most beautiful sunsets You may ever see We are in the lobby right now Which leads to the outdoors And the seats To watch the sunset are this way Hola.. Hola What do you prefer Sunsets.. or sunrises? Sunsets..i’m not a morning person Hahahha So you can just stay up all night then Salud.. salud It is dinner time We’re going to be going to this Italian restaurant We’re going to be showing you guys what it’s like To go to an a la carte restaurant At an all-inclusive resort It’s a little bit different than going to the buffet A little fancier I’m dressed up We’re going to see what this Italian spot is all about Pretty fancy… The great part about this is that their is no price for anything Because it’s all-inclusive There’s bruchetta And some sort of tomato salad Feeding the camera? My fans.. Hashtag Team Adriana.. It’s like a little house This is the little thing where you have.. the? Chimney? Yeah, chimney Going to a restaurant at an all-inclusive.. is usually fun Although nothing here yet has really blown me away Now it’s time for me to get into the details Of how exactly we booked this place For $50 a person, $100 a night For a 5 star all-inclusive If you made it this far in the video I’m going to tell you exactly how we got this All-inclusive resort At such a cheap price. And if you fast forwarded to here. I’m going to track you down Because you were supposed to watch every single minute Before this moment No.. i’m just kidding That’s fine Here’s what we did.. every year Has Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales Now for the last 2 years my brother and I have Been taking full advantage of this On Cyber Monday They have specials Where you can get Up to 90% off.. On certain resorts What we did for this resort, Now Amber We made 2 bookings We made one booking on the 50% deal And then another booking on the 90% deal We combined those two offers To five complete nights Which came out to a little bit over 100 dollars a night For a resort that would normally cost Well over 300 dollars A night to stay at It’s considered a 5-star resort Would I actually pay full price to stay here? The answer is 100% no I am not normally the type of traveler That likes to go to an all-inclusive resort Honestly guys I do get kind of bored here after a few days I think the service here has been great I think the concept is great But it’s not really for me.. Very often I will try to do this.. maybe once a year We did it last year in Playa Del Carmen I’m really enjoying Puerto Vallarta so far We’re actually going to be going out tonight But I filmed so much today That I’m not going to turn that Into part of the vlog Sorry guys I’m sure there’s plenty of good Puerto Vallarta nightlife videos Out there that are probably much better Than anything I could have filmed Alright i’m curious Tell me in the comments Have you been to an all-inclusive resort before? What were your thoughts on it? If you are new to this channel Make sure to subscribe We’re going to be heading back to Guadalajara In a couple of days And basing the rest of the month From there There’se a lot of great content coming out Guys, thank you so much for watching Until next time.. Now I need to hold this pose So i’m going to leave my sandals right here.. And come back..

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