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Branding and Marketing for Restaurants Special Blend Exposed!

I’m going to let you in on how the special blend of branding and marketing works best for restaurants and how to do it in a way that wins you repeat customers while leaving your competition slack jawed! Let’s get Read More

‘Your Business Is Like Your Boobs!’ Sneak Peek | Bar Rescue (Season 6)

– I say tails never fails and you’re buying the (beep)ing house a round! – There it goes. – Ready? That’s a (beep)ing (scream)! – Why would she do that when people are already drinking? – I will honor this! Read More

How Losing Weight Changes Your Life | TotalTransformation

Body and Mind Transformation You have probably heard of the quote “life is like a roller coaster.” Think about how a roller coaster works, it goes up and down. Life is similar to a roller coaster ride and so are Read More

Adjust Your Bar Height | Mission Control

Welcome to this edition of Mission Control the mini series of videos we talked about the finer details of bike setup and skills that actually make a big difference to your riding. In this edition we’re going to talk about Read More

How To: Inside-Grip Bicep Curl With E-Z Bar Curl

What’s going on Hermanation? I’m going to show you guys how to do a inside grip EZ curls using an EZ curl barbell Okay, so first thing you want to do is get your weight When you pick it up, Read More

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How to use the Touch Bar with Photos on your MacBook Pro — Apple Support

The Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro makes finding and editing photos fast and easy. Here’s how. In your Library, open a photo. Then slide your finger across the thumbnails on your Touch Bar to speed through your Library. Tap Read More

Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Strategies That WORK in 2019 & Beyond | Start A Restaurant Food Business

Hey guys. My name is Wilson. Today, we’re going to be talking about the top 10 marketing strategies for your food and beverage restaurant, so then that way you can have lineups out the doors, people begging to give you Read More

Hotel Tonight PROMO CODE

Looking for a Hotel Tonight Promo code? Keep more of your money in your wallet! $25 Credit Code: PROMO25 Download Hotel Tonight. Available on the App Store and Google Play for Android.

Hotel T Greatest Hits Volume 3 🎶 | Hotel Transylvania | Disney Channel

ANNOUNCER: Hotel Transylvania’s Greatest Hitswill leave everyone itching for more!With “Bedbugs in the Hotel”!♪ Bedbugs in the hotel ♪♪ Ohh! ♪♪ Monsters love a bite ♪♪ What? ♪♪ Bedbugs in the hotel ♪♪ Sweet dreams, my bugs, good night! ♪(Pedro Read More

How Will You Choose To Rise? – About Rise Bar | Protein Bars

The first 60 minutes of your day can determine the rest of your life. Every single morning you have the chance to ask yourself…how do I choose to rise? There’s a direct correlation between what we choose to put into Read More