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#AskDJV Episode 57 – Live Chat & Widgets for Hotels

Hello Everybody and welcome to the #AskDJV show. This is episode 57 of the #AskDJV show. Thank you so much for joining us this week. On this week’s episode, I’d like to talk about live chat and live chat widgets Read More

New Religion – Migrant Motel (Official Music Video)

I’m givin’ you something, That you can believe in. That bible you’re thumpin’, Is really deceiving Baby, say your prayers, I’ma be your New Religion Yes, I will Baby, say your prayers, I’ma be your New Religion I’m your priest, Read More

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The Fountains Resort Amenities — Orlando, FL

Welcome to The Fountains, a vacation destination of its own in Orlando. Make a splash at the 75,000 square foot tropical oasis, Wakoola Springs. Grab a bite to eat at your choice of four on-site restaurants. And set your sights Read More

13 Body Parts as Unique as Your Fingerprint

Are you worried about giving your fingerprints when you get a new passport, for example? This procedure gives your unique info to the authorities, that’s true. But did you know there are many other parts of your body that can Read More

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Modesto Junior College ad

Want to grow your career? Grow your skills and start a better future. Grow your value. Grow with us at Modesto Junior College. Earn an Associate Degree or certificate. Continue your education, close to home. If you want a college Read More

7 Proofs That You Are The Person Who Always Gives In In A Relationship

7 Proofs That You Are The Person Who Always Gives In In A Relationship. Relationships and love can put a blindfold on your eyes that is difficult to remove. Sometimes you don’t realize, but your partner always gets his way Read More

Restaurant Business Plan ( pdf checklist to download )

Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will go through the Restaurant Business Plan Outline. If you run or plan to open a restaurant most certainly someone already asked you for a business plan. Read More

11 Quick Ways to Grow Long Eyelashes in 30 Days

September 27, 2019 No Comments

Who doesn’t dream about long, fluttering eyelashes? To achieve this result, you can buy pricey cosmetic products, expensive mascara, or false lashes. You can even resort to eyelash extensions. But before wasting tons of money, why don’t you try these Read More

Unclaimed In An Elevator: Advertisement (15 Seconds)

September 25, 2019 No Comments

Some things you may not want to claim. Others, you do. Claim your unclaimed property at It’s your money. Come and get it.

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Restaurant POS System

September 24, 2019 No Comments

introducing restaurant expressed from pcAmerica’s Delaer Compro Boston the revolutionary point of sale system that allows you to fully computerized your restaurant today’s leading establishment are watching restaurant parks press increase efficiency and accuracy reduced baths and lower costs with Read More