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ATLANTIS RESORT! Nassau, Bahamas I Royal Caribbean (Cruise Vlog 3, 2019)

Hey everyone, welcome to my channel. I’m Julia a dallas-based flight attendant However today I am on day three of my five-day cruise on Royal Caribbean We are boarding in Nassau, Bahamas today. I am super excited because we are Read More

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Yo, that’s the dude. Hide, that’s the dude add me on facebook as well K, I’m gonna go find him What’s up Jake Paulers you’re probably wondering, Jake what are you doing? And I’m just like, yo, read the title Read More

Yassine Chelly – Marianne (Original Song)

Can’t distinguish sunrise from sunset Isn’t it morning yet ? Looking by the window, I see cars speeding away Who would stop for a motel like this ? Last night I had a fever, and found myself calling your name Read More

Hotel marketing: 3 tips to boost direct bookings

Hotel managers who want to boost direct bookings can learn a lot from the Westin Austin Downtown Hotel. We’ll share their secrets for success in this quick case study video. “When people walk into this hotel, I want them to Read More

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Calling All Cars: The Broken Motel / Death in the Moonlight / The Peroxide Blond

powerful perot one home wal-mart picking up your position wantlist long one in the studio inc is calling all cars of you’re like a potent they’re gonna i think well even i can always learn something you cracked here’s a Read More

Costa Adeje Tenerife Spain: Tour of beach and resort

Hi and welcome to this video. In this video I want to give you a look around the Costa Adeje in Tenerife. If you have already been here, a great way to see it all again. If you are planning Read More

TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye | Resort Tour

Good morning everyone my name’s Tara. I’d like to welcome you to our beautiful TUI SENSATORI resort here in Fethiye, Turkey. I’m on one of the TUI Reps here in resort. We’re also known as Guest Relations within this concept. Read More

The BEST LUXURY Hotel in PERU | Cusco Peru & Sacred Valley Travel Vlog 2020

So I’m dying to see what’s inside. Don’t worry I’m not here to eat you. So we are now about to try our first alpaca. So that was an absolutely fantastic lunch. Thank you so much you know Caesar we Read More


Turn on subtitles to enjoy videos more. Please turn it on Hello everyone. This is Hamaj from Hamaji Channel In the previous video, I went on an open run in cold weather with my wife at S660 I heard about Read More

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Preventing Ski and Snowboard Injuries – Tips from a Doctor to Stay Safe on the Slopes

(upbeat guitar music) – When you’re up here on the mountain it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset that you’re on a vacation, but it is still a sport, so you should treat it the same way you Read More