Binge watching the U.S. Election – Zoltan Kaszas – Dry Bar Comedy

I have been doing adult things like I – last November. I voted that was really cool I did that. I had never done that before which is cool. Thank you. You don’t need to clap alright. That’s fine I Read More

THE MODANI – Spa & resort – Commercial

look… The waves look different, Every minute, Every hour, Every day. The sunsets are never the same And the sea is always painted with a surprising hue of the majestic. listen.. You can you hear the quiet And when you Read More

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Loews Sapphire Falls Resort & Room Tour 2019

Good morning everyone! I’ve been here in Loews Sapphire Falls Resort for two days now, and this place is amazing. I absolutely love it here. I’m gonna go ahead and take you on a tour and show you a little Read More

Disney Pixar Cars Cozy Cone Motel Spiral Rampway Story Set || Keith’s Toy Box

Come on Lightning! I’ll show you where you’re gonna stay. Mater, you’re driving backwards again! I know! Come on! We’re almost there, and I also want you to meet a nice little lady. Alright! Here we are! The Cozy Cone Read More

FLIRTING WITH ASHLEY / (Angel, Ashley, Alastor) Hazbin Hotel Storyboard – AnimatedMau

Oh Ashley… NO! Oh, Ashley… NOOOO!!! not this again Ashley no! Stop it i have a question for you… i – i don’t have answers, what do you want? im just curious if you would like a dad… Joke… Fucking Read More

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10 Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Scam Us

it’s a scam this will not stand fast food restaurants are more known for things like convenience and value menus than they are for the quality of their food this is not an accident because in the competitive fast-food game Read More

’60 Orders at Once’ Stress Test | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

We’re just going to do straightforward training. Always start with your napkin. Set your glassware. This is a stemless wine glass. We’re going to build in our mixing glass, always build in the glass, so customers see what’s going in. Read More

Snapshot – Migrant Motel (Official Music Video)

Little lady lose your lollipop for a minute You feel a hole deep in your soul and your trying to fill it Even though you’re young you’re thinking about disappearing Cuz there’s this pressure, no air makes you wanna roll Read More

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Joe Rogan – Hotel Fire – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

Mr. Joe Rogan, everybody. Let him hear it. So I’ve done a lot of traveling doing stand-up comedy, and one of the weird things about traveling is, sometimes you have to stay in hotels, most of the time, all the Read More

Travel English – Staying at a Hotel

I’d like to check in please the reservation is under Wilson. I’d like to check in please the reservation is under someone. I’d like to check in please the reservation is under Wilson. Good afternoon, sir. Welcome to Neu Hotel. Read More