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Kings of Cannabis (Full Length Documentary)

[MUSIC PLAYING] KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: We’re on the side of a mountain. And there’s about thousands of marijuana plants around us. -This is like, two, three hectares– like 20, 30,000 plants. And then you know that you’re going to find a Read More

300 Ingredients, 1 Tasting Menu, World’s 6th Best Restaurant

-We’re working with about 350 ingredients in the menu. The okras, different colors — the barks, the coca leaves. You are trying 350 ingredients in one experience. And probably 70% of them you’ve never tried ever before, so that’s quite Read More

The Oldest Fast Food Restaurant in London’s East End

-One thing about eels A lot of people see these as snakes and all the rest of them– Well, they’re not. Very very nutritious Very easily digested And they’re supposed to be an aphrodisiac. What are you smiling at? Pie Read More

Ice Cream Sandwiches & Tikka Naan: Chef’s Night Out with the Badmaash Brothers

Yo, that’s fucked up. You didn’t even hit me back, man.>>I hit you up, you’re really like, I’m in the Valley.>>I- >>I’m not gonna fucking text you after that.>>Why not? Yeah, I had to go to the Valley.>>Chinatown is the Read More