1920’s Cafe & Motel, Roadside Lincoln Stuff, & Funny 911 Drama

um that’s not the cat see that’s the cat see this is the speaker can’t see speaker cats eat speaker I’ll do it ah whoa okay man and a pleasant good morning everybody how are you today we had east Read More

We Moved Into A Motel (For Now)

well we’ll Jack’s about this well you think you get to snip around huh all right why don’t you go check out everything I’ve got a bunch of stuff to bring in all right yeah guys I assume you have Read More

BANGKOK’S BEST FOOD – Restaurant & Street Food Guide

– Bangkok, a city with some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets, most incredible nightlife, and some of the world’s best restaurants. And with almost 13,000 of these restaurants registered on Trip Advisor and so many more undocumented, I wanted Read More

7 Secrets About Hotels The Staff Doesn’t Want You To Know

Secrets Hotel Staff Doesn’t Want You To Know Ever wondered what the hotel staff get up to when you are lazing on the beach or are out for a shopping spree? Ahem, we see some suspicions rising- mission accomplished! Okay Read More

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Village Hotel Bugis – Best Singapore Hotel | Top Accommodation| Best Hotel to stay in Singapore !

We have reached Singapore. Singapore Changi International Airport. And from here we will go to Immigration Counter. Let’s Go Hello Guys, we will reach Malaysia kuala lumpur Airport in 40 minutes And Our next flight is at 8 o’clock, which Read More

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BEAUTIFUL WORLD at Torres Farm Resort

We are in Torres Farm and Resort -Wow -Oh that’s disney land Im with my friends. This is the owner of Torres Farm -Eric -Hello. Welcome in Torres Farm Resort Its really nice here. It’s a theme park. So it’s Read More

Travel English – How to Order in a Restaurant

We have a reservation at 7pm for Wilson. We have a reservation at [the time] for [someone]. We have a reservation at 7pm for Wilson. have a reservation Reservation means you reserve a table. You want the restaurant to keep Read More