Big Changes You Didn’t Know Fast Food Restaurants Are Making

You probably swing through the drive-thru at your favorite fast food joint without really thinking about what’s going on behind the scenes. But fast food chains are always looking for the next big thing to stay relevant, increase profits, become Read More

You can dig salt from a mine? Wieliczka salt mine! [Battle Trip / 2017.07.28]

This is popular in Poland. As a polish man, I like golonka. It’s very popular among men. They eat this when they watch a soccer game, have a party or a barbecue. – It’s like Korean pork hock. / – Read More

ITS JUST A SODA ANIMATION // (Angel & Alastor) Hazbin Hotel Animation – AnimatedMau

*laughing* Okay I’m just gonna fucking drink soda I guess *slurping* Umm.. ex- excuse me? Uh- What? Uh- uh- Angel- What? D- Do you- Do you have to caress the straw with your lips like that? Yeah I d- I Read More

Chilling in Banana Island Resort Doha | VLOG

My outfit is really for summer I brought a shot glass (not sure why) You’re in the camera and it’s rolling So are you ready? is the temperature so hot so we’ll go for sun bathing then within 5 seconds… Read More

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TOP 10 RESTAURANTS IN SF: Local’s Guide to Best Spots from Ten Different Cuisines

What’s up, everybody? Philcaela here 🙂 San Francisco has amazing restaurants and making a Top 10 list is not easy because of how many options there are. And today we’re gonna show you our favorite restaurants through 10 different cuisines. Read More

Paradise Motel featuring Delilah Parillo and Otis Carey

[Music] Hey, it’s me. We’re having the best time ever. This place just seems to clear my head. You know what I mean? It’s so special. I never want to leave. I fall asleep to the sound of waves every Read More

SAINT MOTEL – Van Horn (Official Visualizer)

Thug life baby It chose me I didn’t choose this city Uh huh Walk right over You’re a ten I’m a four-leaf clover Well tell me do you hate me Or do you wanna date me It’s kinda hard to Read More

How Chef Emma Bengtsson Runs a Two-Michelin-Starred Swedish Restaurant in NYC — Mise En Place

(light music) – When I think about Scandinavian food I think about the purity of it. To keeping everything true to its nature. It’s more about highlighting what the land is giving us. And then using simple techniques to preserve Read More

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Best Places To Eat In Los Angeles: LAX Airport Restaurant Crawl

Hey everyone, I’m gunnarolla and today we’re at LAX to take you through one the newest foodie hotspots in Los Angeles The airport We’re going to eat… at the airport But it’s not what you might think Along with Chef Read More

Interstate Hotels & Resorts: Go Beyond

[music playing] We all work together to create memories for our guests and each other. It’s really important for us to bring a wow factor for all of our guests staying in the hotel. Every day when I come to Read More