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Yo, that’s the dude. Hide, that’s the dude add me on facebook as well K, I’m gonna go find him What’s up Jake Paulers you’re probably wondering, Jake what are you doing? And I’m just like, yo, read the title Read More

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The Best Hotels In Miami

Hi, I am The Reviewer, And welcome to Miami, Florida. And this is a chance, while I have got you to myself That we take a look at all the amazing hotels the Magic City has to offer to you. Read More

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How Used Hilton Hotel Soaps Get Recycled

Narrator: There’s an episode of Friends where Ross and Chandler are checking out of a hotel in Vermont. Ross: Could you have some complimentary toiletries sent up to my room? Narrator: As Ross picks up his suitcase to leave, it Read More

Египет, Шарм-эль-Шейх | Отель Parrotel Beach resort (ex.Radisson Blu Resort) 5*

Parrotel Beach resort (ex.Radisson Blu Resort) 5 * Parrotel Beach resort is located on the seafront, 8 km from Sharm El Sheikh Airport and 25 km from Naama Bay in Nabq Bay. Until December 22, 2017 the hotel was called Read More

Windamar Beach Resort Fort Lauderdale

The Windamar Beach Resort is Fort Lauderdale’s friendliest guest house located just blocks away from Sebastian Street beach in the heart of the hotel district and South Florida’s most famous gay beach, Sebastian Street Beach. The hotel offers quiet lushly Read More

DAD JOKES BY ALASTOR / (Angel, Ashley, Kellen, Niffty) Hazbin Hotel Animation – AnimatedMau

Alastor: Did you hear about the guy who invented the knock-knock joke? Angel: No, what about him? He won the NO-BELL prize! Ahahahaha! Ashley: ugh….. [laughing] Angel: wow. Niffty: ha. haha. ha. ha. Alastor: I used to hate facial hair, Read More

Tokio Hotel – Hinter Die Welt – Documentary – 2/4

Gu: “Guys, you splattered all over it!” TH: “Power Ranger power activated!” B: “Back in the days when I went to school I was styled pretty extravagantly every day.” “Because that was everything that I had.” “And now I’ve got Read More

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Silence Beach Resort 5* – Сиде – Лучшие отели Турции

Silence Beach Resort 5 * Silence Beach Hotel is located on the seafront, 15 km from Side and 75 km from Antalya Airport. The hotel consists of the main seven-story building (which you can see at this moment), a three-story Read More

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Drinking at the Worst Reviewed Bar in Eastern Europe

no Sergey I told you to disperse his body in acid not to throw him in the lake nah oh hi dear Eastern European friends in our last episodes we showed you the worst reviewed hotel and restaurant in Slovakia Read More