Introducing Nutra-Bar from Vi!

So, what have you eaten today? Did you realize that over half the time we eat, we are just snacking? Sure, we know what we’re SUPPOSED to eat… But then there’s what we WANT to eat. Well now, you don’t Read More

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Squat: High Bar Vs Low Bar – Which Builds More Muscle? More Strength? (Great Warm-Up Tips!)

What’s going on Nation? Today We’re going to talk about the difference between the high bar squad and the low bar squad now both of these Exercises are ones that you [should] have in [your] workout arsenal when you’re going Read More

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It’s time to take chronobiology seriously | Thomas Kantermann | TEDxGroningen

Translator: Rhonda Jacobs Reviewer: Peter van de Ven So what would you say when I told you that your career, that your work status is partly, not completely, but partly influenced by the time your school started when you were Read More

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Orientation 2019: Staying Well at UChicago

JULIE EDWARDS: Good morning, everyone. My name is Julie Edwards and I am the Director of Health Promotion and Wellness. And my colleague, Charnessa Warren, will be speaking to you also after I am completed with my presentation, and she’ll Read More

How to Manage a Private Health Club : How to Set Fees for your Health Club

This is Ivan Madar on behalf of Expert Village. How you set your fees, obviously determines your income. The fees are determined by the quality of services you provide and by the demographics in your area. A lot of clubs Read More