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Lip-smacking Biryani places of Bengaluru | Bangalore Biryani Restaurants

Its aromatic, scrumptious and heavenly! It’s among the most loved delicacies across the country! it is a complete meal by itself! Still wondering? I am talking about Biryani! Today, I am going to be taking you on a tour to Read More

Restaurant Kettle Explodes

Inside a restaurant kitchen, this 25-gallon steam jacketed kettle became a bomb. The resulting blast injured three workers and destroyed the large kitchen. I’m Nigel Corduff, Investigations Officer with WorkSafeBC. Restaurants use steam kettles like this one to cook large Read More

The City’s Best Restaurants (That Are Nearby)

– Hey, everybody, it’s me, Katie Marovitch, a serious foodie. Join me as I eat my way across Los Angeles, tasting the best food the city has to offer. This is The Food Adventurer. First up, let’s take a look Read More

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Humf – 36 Uncle Hairy’s Restaurant (full episode)

Hey, you it’s a brand new day. Everybody’s here to laugh and play. Everybody sing Humf. Everybody Sing Humf. Wallace and Loon, Uncle Hairy too. My Mum and my Dad are all there with me, and you. Everybody sing Humf. Read More

Apricot Crumb Bars

>>Howard: Nothing seems to warm up our kitchen, or our hearts, better than a homemade right-out-of- the-oven dessert… and who better to help me than my good friend, J.M. Hirsch, welcome!>>JM: Thank you!>>Howard: a self-proclaimed dorky dad and the food Read More

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Luxury Hotel – Room with a Swimming Pool

Hi, hello guys. We are now in Hotel Heritage Madurai. I am going to do Check-in here, Tbhe main reason why i came here is, this place has Pool Villa, We have a private pool here, We saw this in Read More

World’s largest Underwater Restaurant | The “Under” in Norway | Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

„My name is Nicolai Ellitsgaard and I am the headchef here in „Under“. And my ambition with this restaurant is to show tot he rest oft he world the variety of different kind of seafood, that we have here in Read More

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BFFs Try One Of The Best Salvadoran Restaurants In California

I never had like uh-huh whatever you know one curly be sure to Sally I brought ready all the way from LA to San Diego to eat at this restaurant called accelerate for me I believe it’s the best Latin Read More

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Oyster Sauce Beef at Bruce Lee’s Favorite Restaurant — Cooking in America

– Hi Sheldon. – Hey! – Welcome here. – I’m excited to get warmed up with some Chinese food. – You’re at the right place to come then. – I heard that Tai Tung is the oldest Chinese restaurant here Read More

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This Empty Field Is Technically a Restaurant

(upbeat music) (classical music) – The earth is my ingredient, and I embrace it with all of my heart. Never letting human invention or tools taint its natural perfection. At Farme, I cook in the spirit of the best chef Read More