Maldives Seaplane – the journey from Male to your resort

Welcome to the Maldives. Many resorts in the Maldives need to be reached by seaplane upon arrival into Male International Airport. You’ll be greeted by an representative who will help you check-in for your seaplane flight They’ll take care Read More

Meet Bethan: Flight Perfector – This is Engineering

When I was little I was terrified of flying. That stems from the fact I always like to know how something works before I trust it. Doing an apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to do hands-on things that I wouldn’t Read More

Crazy turbulence on KLM-flight from Geneva to Amsterdam

(Daughter) Holy sh*t (Father) Would you like anything to drink, Amanda? (Father) Calm down. (French woman) We’re all going to die! (Stewardess) Are you holding on to it?

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Ep. 1: Discovery Flight | Flight Training

Hi! Jon here! Today I’m going to take you on your very first flight lesson. We’re going to go over the very basics of flying an airplane. Starting off with our pre-flight, moving on to our engine startup checklist, and Read More

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First Time Flight Guide, Tour and Tips – Flying to UAE information

Hi! Welcome to the Urdu Show. Today’s video is very important for those who are travelling for the first time internationally. And for those who travel regularly. There are going to be travel tips in this video related to airport, Read More

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F18 training flight landing in a civilian airport

September 26, 2019 No Comments

Its 2000 miles from Cold Lake to LA the students and the instructors in the back seat its a long ride With none of the fun stuff Its like asking race car drivers to start hauling freight on the freeway Read More

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Why Heathrow Airport Had Empty Flights to Nowhere

September 24, 2019 No Comments

This video was made possible by Tab for a Cause. Start raising money for charity with every tab you open by going to the link in the description. Hello and welcome to the dregs of the last Wendover video. This Read More

The 53 Second, 22 Dollar Shortest Flight in the World

September 24, 2019 No Comments

This video was made possible by Hover. Buy your unique domain for 10% off at Hello. Plane rides are long except when they’re short. Some are shorter than others especially the shortest one which is the most not long. Read More

Stanford researchers debunk popular flight models by flying birds through lasers

September 23, 2019 26 Comments

[MUSIC PLAYING] Stanford University. We flew a slow-flying parrotlet through a laser sheet. The laser sheet is seeded with a bunch of particles. So when the bird flaps its wings, it moves those particles. In this plane, we can visualize Read More