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My Kid Can’t Stop Eating (Childhood Obesity Documentary) | Real Stories

*intro Music* 2000 families in Britain have a child born with a genetic disorder that makes them fixated by food. She thinks about food almost twenty-four seven. I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually dreams about it sometimes. There’s one Read More

Inside New York’s Luxury Hotel – For Dogs

September 17, 2019 No Comments

KERRY BROWN: Our clients can spend thousands of dollars with us and really it is just to make sure their dog gets the very best of the best. COMM: Welcome to the D Pet hotel, New York’s most luxurious hotel. Read More

The Girl With Two Faces (Medical Documentary) – Real Stories

The girl with two faces Meet the Singh family at the head are Grandma Singh And Grandpa Singh Next in command is Arvind the eldest son Then there’s Vinod and his wife Shusma Their daughter Lalli is the family’s newest Read More