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What It’s Like To Sleep In A Boeing 747 Hotel Room

– [Ju] This is Jumbo Stay. It’s a converted Boeing 747-212B, grounded at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. We’re staying the night here to see whether a decommissioned plane could possibly make a good hotel. On first glance, it looks like Read More

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Antigua and Barbuda From A Tropical Plant Perspective At The Verandah Resort

Hello everyone I am here with Ray and Ray is the landscape manager; the landscape manager and he’s rushing me to the front I’m just gonna ask him what all these plants are okay we go okay this one here Read More

Mooney M20J aircraft review: Flight speeds & Landing with gusty winds

Let’s take a look around this 1977 Mooney M20J or 201 model This is one of the best GA aircraft ever built it’s the fastest in its category the 200 horsepower category It has over 18,000 foot ceiling and it Read More

EXTREME FLIGHT – B737-200 Combi Gravel Strip Operation

– It’s not every day you get to fly a 737-200 Classic Combi. (heavy rock music) – This one’s gonna be my take off so it’ll be a scary one. – [Presenter] There’s free meals on board, wow! Yummy. – Read More

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Flight Attendants Share Their Horror Stories

September 28, 2019 No Comments

it was literally the scariest moment that I’ve ever had flying hi I’m Megan I’m a flight attendant with a major commercial airline I’ve been a flight attendant for about four and a half years my name is Ruby says Read More

Solar Impulse 2 Airplane First Flight – Maiden Flight Best-Of

September 18, 2019 65 Comments

So in the planning, when it’s 04:05 a.m…(roll-out is at 04:15!) At 04:05 go take your positions so I can open the door, that’s mostly for people under the wings. Just so you know, we will do the roll-out before Read More

We Landed at the WRONG AIRPORT! – Flight VLOG #2 – IFR BOS to PHL

September 17, 2019 65 Comments

*music* Matt: Today we are doing an Angel Flight from Boston to Philadelphia. So Angel Flight is this organization that pairs people who need to travel for medical treatment who otherwise couldn’t afford to get there with pilots who will Read More

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[ASMR] International First Class Flight Attendant (Soft Spoken)

September 16, 2019 No Comments

Ladies and gentlemen my name is Gibi and I am your chief flight attendant. On behalf of the Captain and the entire crew, welcome aboard International Airlines flight 400 with non-Stop service. Our flight time will be of 6 hours Read More