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Yo, that’s the dude. Hide, that’s the dude add me on facebook as well K, I’m gonna go find him What’s up Jake Paulers you’re probably wondering, Jake what are you doing? And I’m just like, yo, read the title Read More

What to See at Eden Nature Park & Resort

We are here at beautiful Eden Nature Park and Resort As you can see in my background It says ‘I love Eden’ or ‘I heart Eden’ I truly agree to that statement I really love this place I’ve been here Read More

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15 year-old eats EVERYTHING at his own restaurant! ft. Hudson Yang | Going In

[Music] Alright, so where we at today? Marc, we are at Khong Ten, in our endless quest to eat everything on every menu possible. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant, but it’s owned by Hudson Yang from “Fresh Off The Boat.” A Read More

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Italian Thermal Pools: My First Spa Experience!

On this episode of ClaireTrips it’s day 6 of my 20 day European road trip with my best friend Justin. We’re not big spenders and most of our travel time is spent frugally pushing the limits of our sanity, but Read More

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Welcome to Omni Hotels & Resorts

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to Omni Hotels and Resorts where every day provides us with a new opportunity to make memories for our guests by providing service that is genuine, authentic, and unexpected. By treating you to a world of amazing Read More

Florida Travel: Relax at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa

(bright music) – Looking for a place to slow down and escape all the noise? Get some serious pampering and revitalize? The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa is the perfect place. – It’s really a magical place. From the moment Read More

These Old Mines Were ABANDONED Until Someone Found A New Purpose For Them!

Hi, it’s Katrina! From entire amusement parks to man-made lakes, here are 8 mines that have been given a new purpose! 8. Louisville Mega Cavern Underneath all ten lanes of the Watterson Expressway and parts of the local zoo in Read More