Surfside Inn And Suites Room Tour Of Pool View Room #1919 At Universal’s Endless Summer Value Resort

Hi! This is my room key and we’re going into
the room. And we’re going to give you a room tour of the Endless Summer Resort and Surfside Inn at Universal Orlando. Okay, I got a green light. So the first thing I’ve noticed is the wood floor. What’s behind the curtain? Oh, the closet is pretty big! There’s a safe. It’s digital…you put a digital code in it to lock it. An iron, ironing board. Extra pillows. Maybe a blanket. Then you
see the bathroom. Towels. Storage there. Toilet. Oh look at the shower. That’s cool. And the stuff for the shower is called is called “Surf and Sand”. “Renewing Shampoo” and “Hydrating Conditioner”. And there’s a mirror right here, where you can check yourself out in the morning and hang your coats up. This looks like the air conditioning
unit. So here’s the two beds. It’s two queen-size beds. And we have the pool-view. We’ll show you out the window in a second. So two queens. And I like the
pictures up on the wall. It’s really tall! You notice how tall the ceilings are! There’s storage under the beds. There’s room to put a suitcase or two under
there. “Eat, sleep, surf”. Ice bucket – just have to figure out there the ice is. There’s a little fridge. Bible. Those close on their own. So you could unpack your clothes if you want. Okay, looks like a seat. Where you can sit and put your makeup on there in the morning. Has like a little rundown of everything
you need to know as far as like cleaning your room. Let’s see show them how big the TV
is. Oh it’s a good picture too. I would say it’s at least 42 inches. There’s some ’60’s style furniture. Kind of gives me a California-vibe. Ooooo, look at the view! Cool. She said the pool was open until 11pm. So we both brought our suits. So we’re gonna have to try out the pool some night, even if it’s for
like you know 20 minutes. And look at all those chairs! You would not have to fight
for a chair. And there’s the little “Sand Bar”. That’s over there. That’s just like a
bar…beach bar and grille. She said you can get some some food at it. Oh my gosh…look at all the rooms! If you go this way and look…I don’t know if they can see this. I’m gonna have to look to see again how many rooms were at this resort. There’s a lot! Here’s where you can plug in to charge your phone, or there are some USB ports right there to charge your phone. As long as you brought the cord. So there’s one set. Here’s one set here. And then here over here is another set.
And there’s a USB too right there. I wonder if this opens. Let’s try it. It doesn’t. It’s just for looks. But that’s cute. I like that. It’s like a trunk that you would travel on. So this is it! Isn’t it pretty! I like it. What do you think? Yeah, I really like it. And did you show them the tie-dyed curtains? Yeah, that’s one of
my favorite features, cuz in the ’60’s my mom used to help us to make tie-dyed clothes. I love these! Those are beautiful! And there’s
our room keys. Seuss Landing with Dr. Seuss. And the Blue Man Group. Pretty cool! There’s the menu for room service. Surfside Pizza Delivery from 5:00 p.m.
to midnight. You can get garden salad, Caesar salad,
breadsticks, cheese and grapes. And then there’s a list of 16-inch pizzas you can
get. They’re about 17, 18, 19 dollars. And there’s a deal with any pizza, 4
breadsticks, a salad and two sodas for $24.99. Or an 8-inch, gluten free cheese
pizza for $10. Aand additional toppings are a dollar fifty. You can get several
channels on the TV. There’s a Universal Orlando Resort channel;
one in Spanish. There’s one of Volcano Bay. And you can even watch an
overview of this hotel. And the beds were fine. The thread-count
on the sheets aren’t real high, so you might think the sheets are a little
rougher feeling than what you’re used to. About what you could expect at this
price point. We enjoyed our stay here at Surfside Inn and Suites. It’s very nice.
Great value for the money!

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  1. Donna Cravens says:

    I loved the whole surfer California vibe with this room !!!

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