Surfside Inn And Suites Hotel Tour At Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Pool, Restaurant, Shuttle

Hi! Gma And Gpa Adventures do the Surfside Inn & Suites, Universal Orlando! This is the actual hotel. This is the front desk
where you go to check-in. There’s their Christmas tree, normally not in the lobby,
but it is this month. Then you’re gonna walk over here and there’s like a lounge
area where you can sit and have a bite to eat. There’s a Starbucks in the lobby
right over here, just like your regular Starbucks. And then we’ll take you over here. There’s some more lounge area you can
sit and eat. These are cute. They’re hung by ropes and they’re like little gliders.
Well, okay, they glide a little bit. This is the restaurant called the Beach Break Cafe.
This is where you pick up the drinks and the condiments. This is where you just go to pick up a
doughnut, chips, anything like fast to go. Cereal. Ice cream bars – all $3. Sodas,
drinks. And then here’s the different stations, like this morning for breakfast,
it’s fresh fruit- apples, oranges, grapes, bananas. Croissants of every kind over here. They have scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes, biscuits, sausage. Hi!
And breakfast pizzas. And then over on this side they have
bacon, pancakes, blueberry pancakes, chocolate-chip pancakes. And then they
have breakfast burritos, wraps and sandwiches – breakfast sandwiches. And then over here is more cereal for the kids to choose from, because
sometimes when kids leave home they just want something that’s familiar. Yogurt,
more grapefruit, and more fresh fruit. And here’s the Unlimited Refills Mug.
If you’re doing one day, it’s $9, two days, it’s $12, three days, it’s #15, and four
days, it’s $18. And you can refill it as many times as you like when you’re here. And it just says Endless Summer Resort. Okay, now I’m going to take you out to
the pool. And I think we could go out this way.
There’s several different ways to get out. You can go through the main entrance. Several eating places out here, if you
even want to bring your food outside. Sounds like they have some music going
on out at the pool. Cool. Hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The pool is reserved for registered guests only. Use the room key to unlock the gate.
I won’t do that because I’ve already put away my room key. But there’s the pool.
There’s the beach chairs. We’re kinda do a walk-around by the Sand Bar. As you can see, there’s lots and lots of seating. So you don’t have to fight for a beach
chair. And it’s a zero-entry pool so you just walk in to it. And then this is the
Sand Bar over here. There’s people actually in the pool this
morning, and it’s only 70 degrees. You can see the Floridian right there. That’s the
lifeguard. She’s in her swimsuit but she’s got a coverup with it, and a
bucket hat, so she’s probably freezing. This is a little Sand Bar. Looks like they
have maybe a group that’s coming out here to eat breakfast this morning.
They’ve got pastries, Gatorade, drinks. Everything set up for them. Otherwise, the
bar is probably not open until later. And the pool is huge. Okay, so now we’re gonna walk in and see if we can find the arcade. This is Tower Two. We were in
Tower One. They have Tower One and Two. There is a gym in here. So if you want to
work out, other than getting your cardio at the parks, you can. There’s a bike, weights,
treadmills, ellipticals, a lot of different equipment. So it’s really nice. I would actually use this gym. It’s really a nice set up. And we’ll go see if we can find the arcade. There’s restrooms and the lockers back
there to use. So I’m assuming there’s probably showers back there too. We’re
going to go over here to the game room. This is the game room. They’ve got two
motorcycle games, a car racing game, another car racing game, “Cruisin’ Blast”. They’ve got a prize thing. Kind of like a claw, looks like a claw game. There’s air hockey. “Winner Every Time”, another claw game. Something called “Halo: Fire Team Raven”. It’s like a shooting game. They’ve got a basketball game. Got another basketball
game. They’ve got a “Transformers: Human Alliance” game. So that’s kind of cool.
because Universal is known for Transformers. So over here explains the game card. So you can purchase a game card. And it says you get 30 credits for
five dollars, 60 credits for ten dollars, 140 for $20, 400 for $50, and for a thousand credits, it only costs you $100. That sounds like a lot, but if you’ve got three or
four kids, you could use it on that one card. And it’s a $5 minimum on a new card.
There’s the machine to get it with. Of course you have to have a your credit
card in order to get the game card. And there’s a couple more claw machines. The game room is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. And you do need a room key to get in.
There’s an ATM machine right here. And that was the entire hotel. And you will
enjoy this hotel, the Surfside Inn, Endless Summer Resort at Universal. We’re getting on the shuttle right out the side. There’s one for Volcano Bay. And this is
for Universal Studios, Islands Of Adventure, and CityWalk. And a bus just
pulled away so we’re gonna see how long it takes for the next one to get here. There’s the next bus. And it took about 6 minutes 45 seconds for it to come. About seven minutes. It only took us about seven minutes, seven and a half minutes,
to get over here on the bus from the Surfside Inn & Suites. A pretty quick
trip! And here’s the front of the resort. This is where you pull up and check in.
There’s 20 minute parking over here while you’re checking in. And then
there’s the parking garage over there. And you do pay a daily fee for parking

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    Will be in Orlando FL August 16 celebrate my mom 67th birthday her present from me and my kids

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