super mario 64 bloopers: hotel mario

*record stops* Luigi: AAAAAHHHH! HELP! HELP! HELP! *relaxing music plays* *dramatic music* Smg4: AAAAAAAHHHH!! Mario: AAAAHHHHHHH!!! Mario: PINGAS Mario: MAMA MIA! Peach: OH WTH– *boom* Peach: NOOOOOO!!! Mario: *bangs on door* Luigi. LUIGIIII! Luigi: WAAAA ow… ugh Mario: Luigi 😀 Luigi: WHAT IS IT??!?!? Luigi: WHA *boom* *sliding closer* *punching and kicking* *boom* *sliding* Smg4: YOU I– Bowser: HUH!?! (it’s Notch) *ding dong* *crash* Inspector: AAAAAHHHHH!! Mario: Thank you come again 😀 *punch* Mario: SHUT THE HECK UP *punch* (It’s a trap!!!) (Told ya) *Horror music plays*
(Oh gosh! My eyes!!! WHERE’S MY BLEACH?!) Mario: Spaghetti 😀 Mario: Atotelicati! Peach, Bowser, Toad and Lakitu: MARIO YOU IDIOT! ???: Da-du-dalu-de-dum Mario: Okie-dokie! Atotelicati! Toad: Are you thinking what i’m thinking? Mario: I think i’m thinking what you’re thinking… Mario and Toad: YEAH LET’S GO!!! Mario: Oh yeah! Okie-dokie! Bowser: Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Mario: … Mario: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! OH MY GOSH! Peach: *Sigh* When will he learn? Peach: Yeah! Let’s go! SMG4: That idiot will never learn! Lakitu: I HATE HIM!!! Toad: Ugh!!! He’s so stupid! Bowser: ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Bowser: Hm? Mario: Hey! MAMA MIA! Mario: Oh ho ho. Waahhh! Mario: Atotelicati! Mama mia! Luigi: *crawling on the grass for no reason whatsoever* Mario: Hey! Luigi! Luigi: Ah! There you are, Mario! Mario: Abokilafyti ala juba! Luigi: Creep up on them, duh! Mario: What a great idea! Mario: *Jumps* Atotelicati! Luigi: Well it’s the only thing we can do… Mario: *Jumps very high, doing a somersault in the process* Awesome! Lets-a-go! Mario: *Lands on ground hardly* Oh boy! Peach: Oh dear. Mama mia. SMG4: Well, he did give us 3 week old spaghetti… Peach: No, i’m serious. Bowser: Ugh… hard to fit… Toad: Ohh… Lakitu: mm-hm. Mario: *sniff* oh ho ho… *jumps* Listen everybody, let’s bake a delicious… *gets squashed by the spaghetti-lover mario* Mario: *lands on Peach* *jumps* Oh boy! Atotelicati! SMG4, Toad: *just stood there* Lakitu, bowser: *peek through respective places* Mario: Hey! Atotelicati! SMG4: Umm…… Mario: *Looks down to find he’s standing on Peach* Eh-he-he? Bowser: Ha-ha-ha! Mario: Yippee! Okie-dokie! Lets-a-go! Lakitu: *makes whirling noise* Mario: Atotelicati! Peach, Toad, Bowser, SMG4 and Lakitu: NOOOOOOOOO!!! *House burns up in flames* Mario: Oh snap! Mario: Atotelicati! Mario: YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. jevil deltarune says:

    Toad: then who is this guy? ( In basement)

    Me: that's notch from Minecraft 😃😄

  2. Irfan2453 says:


  3. Blurange Boy KM's see says:


  4. ArcannaRyu says:

    that final live like hobbos bit is portrayed so hilariously

  5. Tornado Mattie says:

    Who’s still watching this in 2018

  6. Adriana Valentina Velásquez Pardo says:

    My Favorite Is This I Know Is Old But, I Watched When I Was A Child

  7. Fernando Estudios says:


  8. rinq1 says:

    good times..
    when waluigi

  9. That one Kirby fan says:

    Old vid but classic!

  10. Sans the skeleton says:


  11. Original Name says:

    Steam message noises? Whhhhaaaaatttt?

  12. Gabriel Bezerra says:

    2:15 oh what the fuck

  13. John John says:


  14. Roxanne Paine says:

    2:20 OH GOD….!!! THAT MUSIC…!!! THAAAAAAAANK YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. IceBear Pl says:

    wait , didnt i met smg4 channel by this vid?

  16. NotNA 677 says:

    SMG4: 2013 VS 2018

  17. pikachu gamer says:

    Is that notch?!

  18. Fusion Victor says:

    This is so old

  19. Fusion Victor says:

    There isn't that much noice of talking

  20. Tikster Pry says:

    The newer videos are more boring now in my opinion and plus, he dumped X FM And Ben and Squidge and Ben's mom!

  21. ShadowDragon905 says:

    like for 2018

  22. TheNumberQuelve says:

    I'm proud of you for making a story about Hotels and Mario and not spamming CD-i quotes every ten seconds. <3

  23. Sean Collins says:

    O my god!!!

  24. L P says:

    Who is recording the video if latiku isn't recording?

  25. Егор Цыба says:

    7:05 – 7:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Kitty Kitty says:

    Shortly after this, SMG4 Guides: how to get dem coins took place

  27. Muffinator says:

    Damn I remember when this was you’re latest video. Time flies

  28. AdRiGamer says:

    Ah… 2013 SMG4. Good ol' times…

  29. Dragon mon gamer says:

    1:24 music

  30. nea says:

    katawa shoujo music

    i aprove

  31. EndermanRock4 says:


  32. Miguel Lins Vianna says:

    Man, this needs a "remake"

  33. TheArachnerd says:

    1:23 just like the simulations!

  34. Hurr Purr :3 says:

    These are the classical days when Fortnite wasn't a thing

  35. IvanDa6tfh says:

    One of the better SMG4 videos

  36. conner hiles says:

    ah the memorys of my youtube child hood

  37. bees says:

    You've been watching a presentation of

  38. Sonic El Erizo says:

    Soy el unico español que todavia mira esto

  39. PokèSonit says:

    I was 2 years old when this was made

  40. Josh Ludovico says:

    8:36 Luigi is Eminem

  41. remix ddxd. says:

    2019? *lol 7:05*

  42. remix gamer18 says:

    Why was SCP-420j in here

  43. maleo Wnuk says:

    2:11 ☹️

  44. maleo Wnuk says:

    We can do this

  45. DurkenDoodleNoodles says:

    I've been with this guy for 7 years already xD, I feel old

  46. Ben Donovan says:

    7:06–7:08 Takes Toad to the hospital

  47. Doggo man says:

    Wow, even after 6 years, smg4 still make great videos!

  48. E Mario Hawkins says:

    ahh my first SMG4 video

  49. Wyatt Saum says:

    its been i long time so many old videos so mamy good bad or just plain weird times i miss this type of vid

  50. SHEM Homeschool Academy says:

    XD LOL LOL LOL LOL 😝 😂 😝 😆

  51. Mohammed Tunkara says:

    1:04 it never gets old

  52. idris Alston says:

    Funck Mario big

  53. RandoVids 0 says:

    1:01 I get it

  54. Lucario The Inkling says:

    :O 2013?! NICE I AM WATCHING THIS IN 2019

  55. Lucario The Inkling says:

    2019 Anyone?

  56. landyn mcinerney says:

    Whos watching at 4 in the morning?

  57. Aiden Konyar says:

    Mario: but this is a matter of life and death!

    Smg4: but this is matter of life and death too.

    Mario: you done?

    Smg4: screams

  58. Ashton S. says:

    Nice of the princess to invite over for a picnic, Gay Luigi?

  59. francisco Garcia says:

    This was the first video I ever saw.

  60. TheGamerDude says:

    Luigi: help help help lol 😂

  61. Plasma_ Gaminplaz says:

    6 years old sill watching in 2019 who’s with me?

  62. DKGaming says:

    I remember SMG4's old youtube videos, they were very funny and still are, comparing them to the new ones, which are still funny, I find these ones more funny because I've been watching this channel since 2011 and the older videos had alot more swearing and other stuff than now because of youtube's TOS on swearing, xD. But still very funny and good to revisit the videos.

  63. Zachary Spears says:

    2:38 Michael Scott

  64. niki ddd says:

    this was much different than now…

  65. Ryan Mckie476 says:

    How did peach get a new castle

  66. Elliana Lukasiak says:

    When it's summer

  67. Ch. Reverse says:

    watching 2019

  68. SLuigiFan 147 says:

    Ah yes, the SM64 and Gmod only Smg4 videos. I miss these days

  69. Biscuit ·-· says:

    Rip SMG4 old vids

  70. Gabesters Life says:

    1:30 what is that song?

  71. Derp Nerd says:

    5:31 What is Notch doing there??

  72. Antonio Cedeño says:

    Man it went from this to meta runner

  73. Train #4 says:

    Watched SMG4’s newest video. Laughed at it.

    Watched This video. Laughed at it.

  74. Sebastian Frost says:

    Asphyxiation from Vomit 7:30

  75. Sebastian Frost says:

    7:13 Music Please!

  76. furry genderless says:

    Toads neck = SNAPPED

  77. Super Mario Gamer says:

    This is my favorite video that SMG4 made.

  78. Toon Angel 17 says:

    8:00 imagine your OTP

  79. Soulcross Skelly says:


  80. Wario World 2 says:


  81. GottaGetOfficial •_• says:

    Why not just live at bowser's castle?

  82. Sebastian Frost says:

    Music used
    Big Bob-Omb Battlefield Super Mario 64
    To Become One Katawa Shoujo
    Super Mario Bros. Overworld
    Peach's Castle Super Mario 64
    From How To Cook Spaghetti
    Mr L. Green Thunder Super Paper Mario
    Katawa Shoujo Missing music
    Toad Town Paper Mario
    Piranha Lullaby Super Mario 64
    Super Pipe House Super Mario RPG The Legend Of The Seven Stars
    Angry Bowser Paper Mario
    Koopa Village Paper Mario
    Don Pianta Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
    School Days Katawa Shoujo
    Mario Party 2 Mini Game Park
    Ah Eh I Oh You Katawa Shoujo
    Scream Physcho
    Ease Katawa Shoujo
    Unknown Music A
    Mr Resetti Animal Crossing
    Unknown Music B
    Legend Of Zelda Music
    Monkey See Monkey D'oh Hit And Run

  83. Johan Sebastian Chavez says:

    Smg4 why on earth would you put a self destruct on your computer???

  84. M.A.P. Mapao says:

    Best Part: 7:30 – 7:35

  85. Ida mario roblox 64 says:

    Everything is on fire and this song burns my eyes 1:26

  86. Antoniu Oprea says:

    Who is 2019

  87. PolarBearShmeegan07 says:

    5:21 I had to laugh

  88. cake kayla UwU says:

    Oh mah gawrsh

  89. imso fabulous434 says:

    Who's watching in 2019?

  90. Austin Moungey says:

    Hey what’s the Song Used At The 3:50 mark

  91. Aquarium6 says:

    Toad: HOW THE HELL IS THIS GUY!?!??!?!??!
    Me: Noach
    Me: Easy pasy

  92. Trey Trey says:

    10:01 what is the name of the music

  93. Fabian Aragon Martinez says:


    Mario: LIVE LIKE HOBOS!!! 😀

  94. TheSilverGamer says:

    Ah, yes. The Golden Age of SMG4.

  95. yt wolf says:

    I miss the old smg4 days

  96. Spam And spam says:

    Who is the camera guy when lakitu is on screen?

  97. JohnBosco 216 says:

    What is the song at 10:00?

  98. Camo2005 says:

    comedy at its finest

  99. LJ says:

    Mario: Im gonna make spaghetti!
    Everyone: NO!!
    House burns
    Mario: You guys know what that means…

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