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Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont: A Year Round Destination with First-class Amenities

In the eastern part of Vermont, you’ll find
the internationally renowned Stowe Mountain Resort offering an assortment of activities
and stunning scenery no matter what season you choose to visit. The Burlington International
Airport makes getting to the East’s premier mountain resort easy, and once you arrive,
you can opt for a non-stop action holiday, or simply relax among the world-class amenities.
Hi, I’m Jody, and I’m here at the beautiful Stowe Mountain Resort. There are so many activities
to choose from here, but I’m going begin with one that’s bound to be a thrill ride!
There are two adventure tours here: the TreeTop and the ZipTour. The TreeTop Adventure is
located at the base of Mount Mansfield, and has all sorts of rope and obstacle courses
for all ages. The ZipTour adventure takes you near the top of the mountain via gondola,
and then you glide your way back down one of the world’s fastest zip lines.
Wow, that was incredible! The views are unbelievable and the adrenaline buzz is something else!
Can we do it again? After one of the tours, you can relax at the
spa, followed by dinner at one of the exceptional farm-to-table restaurants. If you’re a golfer,
you are in for a real treat. The Stowe Mountain Club course is one of two 18-hole offerings
and is part of the Audubon International Signature Program, which teaches land owners how to
conserve the long term natural beauty and integrity of their environment.
Stowe’s slope-side village Spruce Peak is also lovely to visit 365 days a year. Among
gorgeous views of the Green Mountains, you can find excellent shopping, dining and literally
hundreds of activities to keep you entertained. Of course, as I mentioned, Stowe is a year-round
destination and in the winter, it is a snowy wonderland. Whether you are a downhill or
cross country skier, or you want to see the slopes of Stowe Mountain while snowboarding
or being pulled by a dog sled, winter is a simply delightful time to visit.
I’ve really found Stowe to be a quintessential New England getaway for everyone and anyone
who loves the outdoors. But don’t take my word for it; visit Stowe Mountain Resort for

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