[Staycation] at LV8 Resort Bali Hotel

It’s staycation time stayers! Really glad that you are back to watch our video on our youtube channel In this video, we will be sharing Our staycation experience in One beach front resort in Bali want to know more about the fun stayers? Follow our journey today 🙂 Hello Stayers! Welcome back to Stayaddict Channel Today we are still in Bali, i am staying at Canggu Area i would like to take you one of best beach front resort in Canggu This is LV8 Resort Hotel in Bali Let’s take a look at our roomtour today when you entered the room Tadaaa It’s spacious They have like Woaw the arts installation is really great this is made from nails Wooo amazing amazing amazing and then what we have here There are complimentary drinks LV8, in room-dining menu and then here There is refrigerator and utensils Okayy This is the living room This is so spacious if you could see here It’s a big TV, another great picture Tadaa I really love the combination of purple and brown color This make the feeling become warm and so calm It’s really calm here, and here are the beds This is the Big TV besides the TV in the living room here they have TV as well maybe we could say TV in Bed This is the bedroom Okay and then let’s go here This is the bathroom The bathtub then This is the ammenities LV8 resort hotel Canggu in Bali they have mosquito repellent yass and here They have their closet here here must be their shower Yes the rain shower shower okay if we move aside to this side This is like a small working desk correct like we thought The working desk another picture, and let’s take a look what do they have inside the cabinet They give us slippers here it might be bathrobe, yes correct this is their bathrobe and also hangers and i would like to take you outside we do have balcony today, the balcony is like this Tadaaa Yess It’s the view of Canggu looks like this This is really good for evening leisure let’s go inside again okay stayers, for this type of room The type of room that we stayed for the night is called One Bedroom Suite unfortunately for tonight we only got twin bed actually we request for the king size but maybe the availability is off and they only have twin so never mind In Canggu area, this Hotel is so family friendly They have Beach club here called VUE Beach Club Here is really near to the Canggu Central Area and if you would like to find a big hotel in a suite room for family, it’s really good because the price is really affordable, for example this One Bedroom Suite type costs around 1,6-1,8 million idr per night so if you want to take your family along for the staycation, it’s really great because it’s so strategic and they have the beach club as well Then alongside this area is really near to everywhere like Seminyak but Seminyak is a bit overprice and overrated and the price is a bit over the heads In Canggu, the price is still affordable If stayers would like to find a hotel for your family it’s really suitable for family staycation, for business trips business leisure or just having staycation over the weekend for yourself Besides this type of room You can find other type that has the beach view and of course the price will be higher a bit especially when it entered the high season or festives This Hotel has a direct access to Vue Beach Club just beside the hotel lobby and we got 2 free cocktail drinks which can be redeemed at that beach Club One thing that you can try in this LV8 is their VUE Beach Club We are now at their VUE Beach Club more or less the beach club is like this The Beach club looks like this It’s really great , and you can see here They have this beach front direct if you bring your kids here, you can directly go here to play but because at this time is at noon, so it’s really freaking hot here but here is really a great place for you who loves tanning it’s really good VUE Beach club is one of the affordable beach club if we compare with other beach club If you are not one of the Hotel guests, you will be charged minimum payment around 150 thousand IDR per pax But There’s a possibility when you watch this video the price has changed, so you can check with the beach club before you head here LV8 from time to time will held an art exhibition which collaborates with local designers Luckily when we stayed last time we can see art exhibition along the Hotel Corridor and you can also buy it another thing that you can try at this Hotel LV8 in Canggu area is their beachfront, because it’s a beachfront resort so it’s directly connected to the beach more or less the beach is like this This evening time, the atmosphere is really great The skies color are pinkish blue-ish really cool and this place is connected directly to the beach which is so cool This can be one of your activity here especially when you bring your children or too lazy to do anything outside you can go down directly from the beach club and you can enjoy it with your children to play with the waves if i am not mistaken in the year of 2017 The Hotel wins beach front resort Best Beach Front Resort in Canggu so it’s really really great you can try their floating balinese breakfast which will cost us around 250k idr before tax and service that can be consumed directly in your pool or if you are not able to enjoy the floating breakfast you can try their breakfast which is located beside the VUE beach club and this breakfast is the combination of A La Carte Menu and breakfast buffet what a great combination of taste they have here Bali will always amaze us when it comes to hospitality and wellness of life and it’s always been a good idea to stay in Bali so that’s all the recap journey of our staycation in LV8 resort in Canggu Bali Stayers Thank You for watching our channel Remember it is not about the place that we go but about the memory that we create have a great staycation ahead stayers! and good bye!

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