60 Replies to “Spending the night in a NYC Capsule Hotel (My First Time!)”

  1. Leah Berger says:

    Yay! New mama quack video 🚨💥🚨

  2. Ellie Glanville says:

    I love these videos! I would definitely stay there, it looks like a San Diego hostel that my husband works at but with better security & more privacy.

  3. Jesse Smith says:

    You was in NYC 😱 damn… I really would’ve want to meet up in a meet and greet or other events 😭

  4. Krista Vaillancourt says:

    I probably would try to find a cheaper place if I were going to new york for a week or so, but for a night it's right.

  5. Jules Henry says:

    the place seemed super neat! but for the price they could've given you an extra blanket at least :/

  6. AprilMae says:

    “Hmmm here’s my… napkin.” 😂

  7. Kaylynn Merriman says:


  8. Courtney Manning says:

    i would totally stay there! it seems perfect for what i would need for a short trip to nyc, and i love the bathroom indicators so you don't have to like wait in a line or just awkwardly stand in the hall

  9. egg-n-toast says:

    I stayed at a hostel and Paris and it was super chill. I live in dorms so I'm not mad about sharing spaces, and I think people should give them more of a chance! They can be a great way to travel cheap and even meet people!

  10. Alysha Colón says:

    Maybe one of those packable travel blankets for the future? I bought a rumpl blanket on sale and im gonna bring it with me next time I travel. Hotels are always so cold.

  11. Annie !! says:

    This is so cool! I love all of your second channel videos ❤️

  12. Nicole says:

    So this is kinda just like a really really really nice college dorm

  13. Klaudia Piasecka says:

    What's up with that safe? The door takes up like half of that already tiny space.

  14. dyran says:

    'It's Thursday night and there are some bars around here…' *takes a shower and goes to bed*

    We love a practical queen who has her priorities in order!!!

  15. floralendurance says:

    I live in the city and been curious to go to the one in Brooklyn. Nice to see your perspective

  16. Kaitlin Marcilionis says:

    This is so neat! There's nothing like this near me so it was super cool to see this! I looked up capsule hotels in america and noticed that they have some in airports in Atlanta, Charlotte, Philly, and Dallas Fort Worth. Made me consider this as opposed to a hotel if it's ever available to me. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Marena Davenport says:

    We stay at Pod39 all the time and while ours doesnt offer a shared bathroom feature, its consistently cheap (for NYC) clean tidy and exactly what we need considering most times we're in the city we're barely in the room!

  18. SunlessNether says:

    Quack you need some flip flops for public showers!!!

  19. Jeanna Walton says:

    Qcknd, I do believe you are deserving of a new pair of crisp, white tennies 🙂 Treat yourself!

  20. Emily R says:

    I love how in-depth this was! I’ve never stayed at the pod hotels before but I’ll be checking them out when I’m back in the city, however I feel as though it was fairly expensive for the night. Have you ever used the app hotel tonight? I’m usually able to find luxury hotel rooms for around $130 a night or less depending on the night, you should check it out next time you’re staying!

  21. Vöxtur says:

    What was it called? That’s a great price for NYC.

  22. Vöxtur says:

    Also how do you get info on YouTube events? Are they invitation only?

  23. Lesly Escobar says:

    I’m pretty sure that “blanket” is to put your suitcase so the bed doesn’t get dirty while you unpacked

  24. gerbertperson says:

    This was such a great vid! also that hotel seemed like such a cool place to stay.

  25. Drea says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out what that little Totoro thing was haha! Like Is it a water bottle? A container? A night light? I have no clue! But it’s cute! Hah

  26. Francesca Pessarelli says:

    I've stayed at Pod! it's really great for the price point i think.

  27. Heather Lee says:

    I love the videos on this channel! I love staying in hostels, but you really have to do your research on what kind of hostel you are getting into, lol. I'm looking into staying at a hotel like this when I go to San Francisco next year.

  28. Rachel 43 says:

    you should check out the NY Moore hostel! I had a super comfortable stay there – definitely felt safe and secure – plus it's so close to heaps of vegan places (Champs Diner, Dun-Well Donuts, a vegan coffee/chocolate shop and heaps more) and it's close to both the L and J subway lines

  29. inu099 says:

    I was procrastinating on finding a place to stay when I see Joanna in New York in September, well I just booked a reservation with Pod 51

  30. talindsa says:

    Mama Quack serving us all the diversified content!

  31. LaDeParDee says:

    I love the Pods! I've stayed at Pod 39 for the first time in like 2015 & Pod Brooklyn recently (highly recommend Pod Brooklyn btw it's in an old warehouse and it's dope) 🖤 cool to see 51 second hand, haven't been to that one so I never knew what the shared bathroom situation was actually like

  32. Alexandria S. says:

    I really wanna stay in a hotel for a night or 2 just because lol

  33. miranda coleman says:

    This was a really cool video, thank you for sharing your experience!

  34. kat kaplan says:

    Good video- I’ve seen that place when I’ve been in nyc, wondered what it looked like. But for that price I can stay at my fave hotel- indigo – on the lower east side where I stay when I go up. It’s fab, and sharing bathroom- nope. Not ever gonna happen.

  35. Grace Caternolo says:

    I loved this video

  36. Bianca Jingles says:

    I’m sorry your ramen wasn’t that great! There’s a ramen shop by me that has an entire vegan menu and man their ramen is the best I’ve ever had! I wish I could send you some lol

  37. ihtpn ihtpn says:

    When you cut to the bathroom part I had a look of disgust the whole time, I hope you didn’t get foot fungus. I cannot imagine sharing a bathroom with someone I don’t know, think about all the fungus, STDs, or other health problems they could have. Honestly makes me sick and that would be a dealbreaker for sure

  38. Sara Martin says:

    Love Pod Hotels! I stay there every time I go to NYC!

    Side note: not sure about Pod 51 but at 39 and Times Square, things are little newer and bigger and you have the option to have your own bathroom.

  39. Paula Blue says:

    This is so neat!

  40. Ms. Fortunate says:

    That phone is so not from the seventies but love a good hyperbole

  41. j wilson says:

    i had no idea that there were capsule hotels in the US

  42. Something or other says:

    Love this kind of video and I feel like I would stay here. Also, unrelated, but a video on tips you would give to people starting out their vegan/meatless journey would be so cool. Like things you wish you had known?

  43. Pleasance L. says:

    my dorm has much smaller rooms and I have to share it, this is great.

  44. courtniebri says:

    Love videos like this from you. 🙂

  45. Kasy Santos says:

    Really enjoyed this video 🙂 Your editing style is so clean, and your commentary is so well thought out.

  46. Corinne Hall says:

    Just got back from nyc today and stayed in A Pod, in Williamsburg. Stayed in the queen size (traveling with my husband). About the same layout , but we had a bathroom in our room, with a shower above the toilet. Pretty cool layout. Enjoyed the hotel , not a lot of room in the rooms but plenty of roof gardens , lounge nooks on each floor . Also in Williamsburg awesome bars and cafes with in one block . 🖤

  47. Jamie says:

    are the courses they offer similar to college classes?

  48. Moriah Mahan says:

    That phone was tragic

  49. Era Maya Sari says:

    Yes.. Terima kasih..
    Kunjungi juga chanel youtube kami Tutorial Gorden

  50. guycd1 says:

    wow thats awfully expensive for what you got. You can get a full standard hotel room with two beds here for $160 a night.

  51. Sabrina Stone says:

    “It has the modern chair. And this phone from the 70’s” 🤣🙌🏼 yes!!

  52. April Lockaby Radford says:

    Those shoes looked so gross

  53. Hiya Sharma says:

    That’s not a capsule hotel

  54. Tommy says:

    holy hebrew

  55. Tommy says:

    def not a pod hotel

  56. michele michele says:

    that was expensive. i would rather kick in a bit more money and get a real room.

  57. PiercedBitxh Aila says:

    I had no clue this second channel existed… I’m so glad I found it. I was starting to miss the raw you’

  58. Daria Shishkova says:

    Thank you soooo much for this video!! I'm figuring out if i want to book this hotel, and your experience is super helpful!

  59. Scott Briggs says:

    Soundproofing seems decent—I hate shared bathrooms, tho.

  60. Heelix Ranier says:

    It's like a slight upgrade to a typical dorm. And for $150 per night for being in/near downtown NYC that's not bad, as whenever I looked they were always $300+. When I think if pod hotels though, I think of the ones in Japan which are literally big enough for one person to sleep in and that's it, but then again, in USD those are a lot cheaper (I've heard like $25 per night) so the $116 per night for this "pod" hotel doesn't seem to bad and looks like it has enough space to move around so you don't get claustrophobic.

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