South West Coast Path, a pint and fish and chips!!

Do you enjoy a good walk? Well I know I
do and I am in the South West of England on holiday and I want to encourage you
to think about coming here for a holiday and walking along some of the fantastic
coastline that we have here in the South West of England and we actually
have some fantastic walks here in the South West of England. There is actually a
coast path and the coast path goes all around the whole of the South West of
England. It starts up in the top of Devon comes round Cornwall and all the way
around to Dorset and I looked on the coast theSouth West coast path website
today and I found out that the coast path is six hundred and thirty meters
not metres six hundred and thirty miles long and that’s quite long!
So if you like a walk you could have a really long walk along the South West
coast path! And you get to see loads of beautiful countryside, coast, ocean cliffs,
wildlife. It really is spectacular and six hundred and thirty miles
of coast path in kilometres that is around about I think it’s about a
thousand kilometers because for every one mile there are 1.6 kilometers so yes
so it’s about it’s just over a thousand kilometres. So it’s not short!
And so you could plan a whole holiday a whole walking holiday walking around the
South West of England or you could come to the South West of England and just do
a short part of it. And today I’m gonna walk from Seaton where I am right now.
In fact Seaton is here behind me. This is Seaton and over there is Seaton but I’m
gonna walk that way and I’m gonna walk to Beer. So Beer is that way and the
coast path goes inland a little bit in some places because the coast the
original coast path is not there anymore and the reason why
it’s not there anymore is you can see behind me here the cliffs through
erosion from the from the ocean and from wind and from rain the cliffs have
actually fallen away and so some in some places the path has simply disappeared,
it’s gone, it’s fallen into the sea! But instead they have a diversion where
you can then … there’s still a path but it goes a little bit inland.
And so I’m gonna take this coastal path today from Seaton to Beer and I’m hoping
that when I get to beer there will be a pub where I can have a pub lunch. So
let’s see if there’s a pub that’s open where I can have a pub lunch. So I’m up
on the highest point now and you can see behind me the beautiful coastline. You
can see the beach down there that is Seaton Beach and you can see behind me
now Seaton much – better view. And it was a really steep climb up here. I am
literally right by the cliff here and there is a sign back over there that
says ‘danger cliffs’ – don’t get too close it can be dangerous! So you do have
to be careful not to get too close to the cliffs. And what I also wanted to say
was that this is my childhood area and so I actually I grew up in this area and
my the village that I grew up in is about 30 minutes away from here so it’s
about a 30 minute drive in the car away from here inland and so we often came
down to this coast here down to Seaton and to Lyme Regis and to Beer as a child
and so I love this area this is my home sort of home to home area.
So I’ve stopped on this bench just for a couple of minutes so I can have a short rest,
not that it was a long walk today, and I’m looking over the the beach here at
Beer and it’s beautiful. And I have to say that England has not
got the best reputation for weather. I know that
the weather is sometimes wet and rainy and it’s true! My friends and family told
me that over the last few weeks it hasn’t stopped raining. But today you
can see it’s sunny, the sun’s shining, it’s gorgeous it’s beautiful and so it can be
lovely weather here in the South West of England which is why you should come
here on holiday and what better way to spend your holiday to unwind to relax
than to walk along some of the South West coast path. I mean fantastic! There
are loads of lovely places to stay beds bed and breakfast bed and breakfasts
guest houses hotels and so you get scenery like this and it’s just
beautiful, spectacular a great way to relax and unwind from the daily busyness
and stress of normal life. Ok, let me go down to the the village over here – Beer
and see if I can find a pub. I’m now down almost down on the beach and I can see
over Beer over here so let me show you it you can see the village or the town
of Beer I’m not really sure if it’s a town or a village and there you can see
the pub that I’m hoping is going to be open where I can get, hopefully, a lovely pub
lunch. Yeah the pub is called The Anchor Inn. The Anchor Inn. You see Beer behind me really cute, quaint fishing village. So I hit the jackpot and what I mean by
that is The Anchor Inn pub is open and they’ve got a fantastic menu. And here is
the menu and you can see on the front cover they’ve got a picture of a pie and
I would normally eat a pie but I was in a pub two days ago with a really good
friend and we ate a pie. My friend had the chicken pie and I had
the steak pie and if you come to the South West of England you have got to try
a British pie. They are just delicious! So let me have a look in the menu and
see what I can see here. Okay can you see that there – fish and chips of course and
they’ve got a hand battered cod and chips, hunters chicken, sausage and mash, salmon florentine, garden salad. They’ve got pies, they’ve got here chicken
mushroom and leek pie, roasted pumpkin tart, lamb hot pot pie. They’ve got
burgers. It’s all here really! So I need to decide what I’m gonna have and I need
to also get myself a pint of ale because you can’t come to a British pub and not
have a pint of ale! So you can see here a picture of me in front of the bar and
I’m about to order my food and my pint and I think I’m gonna go for the Abbot Ale.
You can see a photo here of the Abbott Ale and this is a local ale, at
least I think it’s a local ale! And I’ve decided I’m gonna go for the fish and
chips so let’s see what the fish and chips are like today. So I just went up
to the bar to order my food and I ordered a fish and chips, of course, I had
to order fish and chips – I’m here in this fishing town or fishing village and you
you can’t have a burger when you come to a place like this!
And I’ve had also ordered myself or I’ve got myself a pint of Abbott Ale and this
is a very, very nice ale I have to say – good stuff! I will put up a picture of my fish
and chips when they come and yeah come to the South West of England, walk along
some of the South West coast path. If you’re feeling really energetic and fit,
you could walk along all 630 miles of the South West coast path. Or you could
just do a small bit of it like I did this morning I walked from Seaton to
Beer, not very long at all maybe I don’t know three or four miles and find
yourself a nice pub like this one here – The Anchor Inn. I’ll put links below
in the description so you can see exactly where I was today.
I’ll put links to the South West coast path website. And come to the South West. Come and check it out. It’s a lovely place to come. The sun does shine
sometimes and the food is fantastic! Thanks for watching, subscribe to my
channel or subscribe to my newsletter and see you again really, really soon.

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