Small Apartments: Simple Ways to Furnish and Decorate

More than sixty beautiful apartments in this short video. Designing, furnishing and decorating a small apartment can be a challenge for everyone from designer to the homeowner. So, we have chosen for this video ones of the best ideas and solutions that can help you to decorate your own living space. Here, it a small but elegant apartment design. Beautiful Scandinavian style apartment design ideas. White and green color palette, lightweight furniture. On-budget furnishing and decorated ideas. Modern open plan layout with smart furniture placement. Cozy one-bedroom apartment. Compact but functional interior. Beautiful apartment design with big balcony. Charming design with wallpapered walls. Elegant design in gray and white. Smart furniture placement in this small apartment. Small apartments with large floor-to-ceiling windows and hardwood floor. Bright, airy and elegant interior. Many more creative ideas. I hope you’re enjoying these beautiful images. Thank you so much for watching. VOCAL BACKGROUND MUSIC BY EPIDEMIC SOUND

8 Replies to “Small Apartments: Simple Ways to Furnish and Decorate”

  1. Adrianne Rivera says:

    Why are the thumbnails always of spacious rooms? Opposite of the titles, I don't click these vids cause the thumbnail pics aren't my situation!πŸ˜†

  2. GhieLins says:

    So nice ^_^

  3. fendi peach1 says:


  4. Amanda Smit says:


  5. saadaashrafa says:

    This is itπŸ‘πŸ€— mr Grig

  6. ricarda costa says:

    beautifully and wonderfully enchanted!!

  7. sojournerhouse says:

    Is it better to go to the ceiling with cabinets in an open plan with 8' hi ceilings?

  8. sojournerhouse says:

    I was wondering about crown moulding on top of cabinets in a room without crown. It is very hard to visualize this in a small space. The showrooms all have 18'+ ceilings. You are terrific!!!

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