Skyline High School, Apache Junction to Heritage Village Assisted Living, Mesa, Arizona, GP130477

Popeyes, Jack in the box, 12 May, 2019, Hampton Ave, Crismon Rd, Emergency, Culver’s, $3 Car Wash, Burger King, Starbucks Coffee, QT, QuikTrip, Skyline High, Pueblo, Corabell, Circle K, Broadway Rd, Smoke Shop & Liquor, Sheds, Apache Trail, Rapid, Mainstreet Motorcycles, Century Plaza, Gene’s RV Repair, Imperial Wholesale Inc., Overland RVs Decals, Sunglasses, Apache Trail Swap Meet, COPA, AutoZone, Walgreens, Shell, Burger King, McDonald’s, O’Reilly, Dollar Tree, Loop 202, Toy Haulers, Motel, Weather Shack, Power RV,, Power RV’z, Colazo Automotive, Apache Glass, Wolf, Grand, Castle Boutique, Ideal Cars, Self Storage, Jerry’s Auto Service, Motel, Pepboys Auto, $3.00 Car Wash, Free Vacuum, Apache Sands Service Center, Apache Sands Towing, University, 80th St, University Dr, Chevron, Enrose, Gila Ridge, Flag, Heritage Village Assisted Living, Red Mountain Medical Plaza, Brown Rd, Sterling,

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