Ski Resort Denies Veteran’s Service Dog On Ski Lift

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Here’s our catchy title, “Ski Resort Denied A Veteran (Not Veterinary) Veteran’S Service Dog Onto a Ski Lift.” Her name is Carrie Anne GraysonShe filed a formal complaint against.. against.. against the resort for not letting her service dog onto a ski lift. You know, the thing that s-s-s-suspends us hundreds of feet into the air so we can slide down a mountain at 40 miles an hour. A formal complaint she filed by the way. That’s my favorite part of the whole thing. It was formal. You know I mean? So….As opposed to informal. I don’t know what THAT is… …just skis by? hahaha I’m complaining. Aw dammit! Is that a….? Can we get that on paper? Dammit! Formal complaint. So that means it’s in writing. You wrote it in the snow.…with her skis…doooonn’t…..prooohibit…. Okay, I’m out of hill. I’m gonna need to go back. hahaha meeeee from takkk…. It took her the whole day. Oh my god! That’s an all-day pass. They were saying that they wouldn’t allow her service dog, Guinness, onto uh the ski lift. How do I say this diplomatically? Are you an idiot?Why do you need your dog up on the mountain anyway? Are you trying to return it back into the wild? You have a poodle? It’s not a….It’s not some cougar cat wolf that belongs in the mountains. Okay? I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from Carrie Anne. I’m not saying that it’s it’s it’s wrong for her to want her service dog with her at all times. I understand that. You need to read, to read the room a bit. Okay? Y-Y-You’re in the woods, Mama! suspended by an open casket with a wire hanger. The ski resort has on record Carrie Anne going on the lifts 43 times by herself. What happened on the 43rd time? haha Did she just realize the the stakes of the situation? hahaha Were you asleep all the other times, Carrie Anne? ZZzzzzzzzzzz AHH! AHHH! AAAAHHHHH! GUINNESS! GUINNESS! She needs a service dog to remind her that she has a service dog. hahaha George W. Bush was our 43rd president, by the way. so You know? I don’t know. Draw that parallel with what you will. Yeah, I trust my dog w-w-with everything a-and I don’t care if your dog has had 200 hours of service. They’re still animals. I’ve lost this bitch in lake–after geese!! It could happen to you too. Except here are people skiing down below you. Can you imagine being a skier when a dog falls on you? AAAAAAAHHHHHH!! It’s raining cats and dogs. I thought this was an expressionnnn!! OOHHHH AAAHHHHH! The evidence for why you cannot bring your service dog to a place as to evidently putting you or the animal or other patrons in your immediate vicinity Into immediate danger. Which it is. I think… Hello! Hi! Hey! I will send you a ski lift by yourself. I will do that. Why is the dog on a mountain? You need eight other dogs, I think. I don’t trust myself on a ski lift, let along my dog. If I took my dog on a ski lift this bitch would, for sure, push me off. I would be…I’m the liability! Do you understand? All it takes is one-one-one sneeze and you fall off that thing. What a sad way to die and hopefully someone blessed you on the…in between the time you sneezed and died. Just offer him a car ride, which is what the resort did. They offered her and her dog a a a a car ride up to the top of the mountain instead of taking the lift. And she said, “No, you can’t discriminate. I need to be among the people.” Which I understand trying not to stigmatize you from people, but this sounds like a…haha…like a luxury service.If I was like, “I’m gonna take my dog in the mountain.” and they’re like, “Whoa, we can’t put you on that that that crazy sketchy lift up there. but what we can do is put you in an Escalade away from other people, and send you up the mountain.” (with probably mints in a cup holder) I’d be like f**k yeah. Turn on Meek Mill. Let’s bump this bitch. I would stick my stupid head out of the sunroof and flip people the birds as I did it. Hahaha Car karaoke the whole…the whole way up.You could send an actual… you could lift up the mountain.A service dog can technically go on a gondola or a tram. You could possibly be endangering the dog’s life. Right? People die on ski lifts. I am all for service dogs having accessibility. That’s incredibly important and I want to reiterate that. and the ADA says that you cannot be denied access or service because of a service animal. However, in this particular instance, there wasn’t a reason that she had to have this dog there, at that time, in this circumstance. Especially since it was documented that she had been on the mountain several times without her dog. It becomes more of a safety issue than an issue of discrimination. Especially since the mountain resort offered to send a car up so she could have access with her and her dog. They’re trained for this. I get that. I totally get that, but all it takes is ONE… all it takes is one time…. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You guys comment below. If you have a service dog please let me know if you would trust them in a ski lift. So that’s been our show. Make sure you guys have subscribed below.Check out my tour schedule. And if you like snapchat feel free to follow me there where you can see crazy characters like this… All right, Everybody. Go go go go go lift your spirits… ski lift your….. The dog just occasionally is like I was asking for your hand, you…

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