Sidewalk Motel: Las Vegas (FULL DOCUMENTARY 2019)

>> Sin City otherwise known
as Las Vegas located in the middle
of the desert surrounded by mountain ranges known for its casinos
and glittering nightlife. It is a city
that never sleeps but under all of the bright
lights the glamour and the glow I learned that
all that glitters is not gold.>> Some of the people that
shows that Metropolitan Police
does discriminate against the
homeless and uh I’m gonna stand right in
the front with them like that. And if they ask me
why I do it because it’s the
right thing to do They pick on us. The mayor goes
on TV and says hey they’re trying to clean up their
city and throw away the trash get rid of the trash. Don’t
count the homeless for my help
feeding them or they’re going to start fining
them? We’re human beings and they’re
calling us trash? We’re
Americans ya know, we’re trash? Dead wrong. You’ve got these billion
dollar casinos that sit right above one of
the most populated tunnels you know what I mean? You never
really know
there’s another tunnel right right back
this way you know that houses like 30 people man
at a time you know it’s a tunnel and there’s like
30 people down there at any given moment you know
and these billion dollar casinos just standing there We continue
to show up down here in these tunnels week
after week.>>Just to show em like because
we’ve got to build their trust they don’t know us from Adam
when we first come down here and they’re exploring
and finding new tunnels and new people
and they’re always evolving. There’s always people coming in
and out of these places you know people end up
going back to jail or whatever you know they’ll
get tickets and stuff and they’re not able
to remember to go down
to these court dates and you know
there’s plenty things that apply to this you know.
And uh>> So it’s you’ve got
to build their trust you’ve got to continue
to show up you’ve got to continue to build
a rapport with them. So like when you tell it
because most of them. Know when people
would tell me something. When I was under
the illusion of Of drugs and alcohol
that like it was a setup.>>They’re coming after me.
They want to take me to jail. They’re going to they’re trying. They’re trying to
pull something on me.>>You know whether
whatever it may be you know and in time you know
they build that trust. You know by continuing
to show up and just talkin’ to em you know
and just remind them you know this is what we’re doing.
If you ever want out This is the way out.>>On Saturday September
15th two thousand eighteen shine a light
allowed my camera to follow them on one of their missions
through the tunnels. We’re preparing to enter
the tunnels stocking up on bottled waters socks
batteries and food to pass out
to the tunnel residents.>>It was mid-September so the
100 degree temperature paled in comparison
to the prior summer months with highs reaching one hundred
and fourteen degrees As we began to venture
into the tunnels, I couldn’t help
but feel a sense of guilt that at one time
I had partied and danced on the rooftops
of these residents.>>Like so many others
unknowingly ignorant to their existence. Ignorant of these tunnels
they call home So that’s a part
of this valley right.>>So these flood drains
were actually created to help because what would happen
is large flash floods would come and it would flood out
the whole city. So these tunnels
which are actually water drains that direct the water
into certain basins. So people started living down
here because it doesn’t rain
that much down here. And what would happen is when
it would rain with people and everybody down here as it
starts filling up really fast because all the water
is directed into certain tunnels you know what I mean. So they end up washing
everything out you know. And it continues to happen
every every time it rains. You know August is actually
the worst month out here because it’s monsoon season and it literally takes
everything out.>>It’s like a sweep.
>> So what happens to the people
and all their belongings? Sometimes they can salvage
a couple of things but most of it all gets washed
out to the basin and you know and then they got
to start all over again.>>And out in the mountain at
the edge of the mountain. So like if it rains in the
mountains there’s no warning. Next thing you know there’s water
coming through your your channel because it rained out there
and so like it’s really kind of like you have to learn
how to adapt and survive and what locations
are better than others and then just leave it all
to chance. Like last year this tunnel got washed out three or four times. This year
it hasn’t been touched yet.>> So like there’s really
no telling where that comes from and so what these
are designed for is that like This might go all the way up
to some street and so when that street starts
to kick up water, it dumps into the inlets
that dump into the channels. So there’s a lot more
of these sized tunnels in town than there are these.
These are the basins the craps. These are the ones that take
the big bodies of water but these are throughout
the entire city and they dump them
into these. Are there other
people that sleep in there? I’ve crawled through there.
Yes people sleep in there. They set camps up in there
and like a little bed and they’ll sleep in there.>>I’ve crawled through em.
I had crazy intentions when I
lived in the tunnels.>>I crawled through one
and it ended on me and I had to crawl through backwards
to get out.>>He gave it away. No. No. No.
I thought you were through.>> My name is Tracy
Ponting. I moved out here in 2010.>>Meet Tracy.
He’s from Arizona. He’s been homeless in Las Vegas
for the last two years. His father recently passed away and ironically
his father’s death has given him hope
for the future. Tracy is looking forward
to a fresh start in his life.>>And I went to jail
and I got released out here and I don’t have no family.
So, I went into a drug program and I was doing decent.
I went and got my own place and I worked
for a couple of years and>>then my landlady’s
mother passed away and she sold the properties and I’ve been homeless
for since 2013. And then I ran
into an old friend and they lived out here and I moved in with them
and everything was going good.>>And then I started doing
drugs again and got evicted on 2016 and I’ve been out here
ever since. Just trying to get back
to where I was a few years ago. My father just
passed away a couple weeks ago. So I went back home
to my mom in Arizona.>>And I’m getting ready to go
back home in a couple of days. So at least I’m gonna get
that start again. To get back off the street and get everything
where I need to be. So I had a girl.>>She just tore me apart
and I lost all hope in living and everything.
But my dad passed away and it brought brought
a lot of hope into my life.>>Made me open up my eyes
real big for me and for my kids. I mean my kids mean a lot to me.>>So and my dad dying
really opened up my eyes a lot.>> But ‘m going to be
moving back to Arizona probably in two days three days
so I won’t be out here no more.>>So, that’ll be
like your fresh start? Yeah. Where do your kids live?
Texas and California.>> And how long have you been
living in the tunnels?>> Off and on
for about two years .>>There’s too many homeless out
but it’s it’s a tourist state, that’s why. I mean come ups that’s they come out here
in the summertime and then they go back
to California or wherever they’re from
in the winter. I mean it’s like what do they
call em?
Snowbirds. They come out for a couple of months
and some of them go back home and some of them just stay out
here get stuck in the system.>> Everybody was wondering why
everybody was getting evicted and I’m like rent’s going up and you’re still paying
us nine dollars an hour. I mean there ain’t nothing
you can do out there. It’s ridiculous. Two of
my brothers
and sisters and all them, they’re moving back to Arizona because they can’t afford it out
in California. My brother’s an attorney in Long
Beach, California he’s an
attorney and can’t even afford his rent.>>So it’s ridiculous. And out
here too rent’s ridiculous out
here it’s cheaper to live
in a tunnel when you work. You know it’s sometimes
it’s safer to be on the street than it is to be
in a house or apartment. But depending on where you live
I guess. I don’t know Vegas. Nah Vegas is no good no more. I
don’t like Vegas no more. Good to visit not to live? Right
right. Tourists If I was a tourist it’d be
alright I guess. But I’ve been out here for years
and I’ve seen it all. This state is ugly to me.>>
I don’t. I got a lot of love in my heart
for a lot of people. But that’s about all I
got.>> As we continued to travel
through the tunnels roaches were crawling all around us. The thought of people
having to lay their heads and try to sleep in the middle
of all of the roaches was so disheartening.>> They burn up their camps.>>The very first thing
I learned about the tunnels. If someone does not want you there, they will burn
all of your belongings. It’s called an eviction.>> So these are people
that just kind of? Pissed off
somebody else and it’s time for you to go.
So that’s and I mean it’s kind of
like law of the land in all the
tunnels.>>Be careful right here.>> There is the other one.
You know who it was in the other
one, right? So these are the ones I crawled
in and out of. So yeah I lived in a tunnel
that was about six feet tall about eight or nine feet wide.
And>>I was deep in the middle
of the tunnel and it started raining and it was one of my first
experiences in the flood.>>So like I really didn’t know
what to expect. I didn’t know how quickly
it filled up I really wasn’t aware
of the environment. At that point in time
and so I started gathering as much stuff
as I could of course the essentials you know
like my backpack my drugs and batteries and peanut butter and next thing you know like
I’m like ankle deep in water and I start to realize you know
I need to get out of here and I still I couldn’t
really wrap my head around like the immediate sense
of urgency that was there and so I keep kind of trying
to collect what I thought was important at
time and by the time>> the water was like above
my feet and just like maybe
a couple inches below my knee and like I really
didn’t have any other choice. So I sat down on my bed and>>I thought that the way
that my bed was designed I would be able to
just sit on the bed and wait for the water to pass and that’s not how it worked out
like the water picked up the bed and sent me out the tunnel
and I kind of rode the bed for I would have to say
about a mile underground until it released into the flood
bank. But lucky for me like it was
it’s for two different tunnels and the water spread
sort of thins out as soon
as I got out it thinned out I was able to get off
and climb up out of the tunnel.>>That’s one of a few
experiences. Like you would
think I learned from that situation
and I didn’t. I actually spent time
trying to gather things in the middle of other floods. I’d been trapped down there
several different times one time I chose to run against the water because I had left my drugs
at the end of the tunnel and I thought that those were
the most important things and I ran against the current which really wasn’t
the best decision to make.>>One time I was down there
and it came so quick because it wasn’t
as wide as we were used to we had
switched tunnels and the width was about
half the width of the tunnel that we were used to living in
and the mattresses came up and they dammed the water
which we thought like lucky>>us. So we decided to take
our time and grab our stuff and the guy I was living with had actually wired electricity
in the tunnels using car batteries
and power inverters and he was an electrician.
So we were grabbing those things so that we wouldn’t lose
our source of electricity. And in the interim this water
is building up behind the two mattresses
they had flipped up and we started to hear creak and we realized
that they were about to break.>>And so we started running
as fast as we could out and the sound of the water
rushing through these tunnels is indescribable.
Like there’s this echo that matches
the roar of the waves.>>It’s just completely fear
based especially if you’ve been through it
a few times like you know what’s coming.
We were running against time
really trying to get out. We made it out and we’re able
to hook away from the tunnel just in time for everything
that was behind the mattress and in front of the mattress to
come pushing out.>>And there was like 12 or 13
grocery carts full of nonsense. All of our beds all of our stuff
came flying out behind us and the guys like doing
jumping jacks. He’s like, “grab our stuff!” And I tried
to grab one of the carts and I didn’t realize
he had tied them all together. And so I grabbed one and I was
actually grabbing like three or four that swung
and it took me down. And so like I Superman out and I let go of the carts
and hit the ground and I’m like
you can get your stuff, I’m
getting>>out of here you know what I
And that wasn’t even like a year into this. I spent
three years underground and I had many many experiences of trying to survive
and beat Mother Nature.>>And eventually you learn
who’s boss eventually you learn. Like you, you create a little knapsack
of things that you grab when the water comes and you go
and everything else is a wash, no pun intended.>> What is that?! Shine a light
right there.>>She’s like, I”m getting out
of here. This is the most roach infested
tunnel I’ve ever been in.
But it’s so empty? Be careful. The water down here
sits and becomes mossy. You will
slip.>>Meet Joe. He moved to Las
from California. He’s looking for steady work
and a second chance . I was born in California
but lived in Utah for>>10 years and I come here
and got in trouble with the law. Got out of jail. I’m just trying to
find work and stuff. My family’s all passed away
so there’s no one you know that can give me help or nothing
like that far as family goes.
And I just>>trying to find a job and end
up being down here in the tunnel for get out of that sun and you know some place to live.
And every time I try to get work or whatever it is last
for a week or two and I was gambling and stuff.
I’m not able to get get up and get an apartment
or nothing like that. I just got a gambling problem.
And I’m kind of stuck down here. Not able to make enough
to really get out of here or not be homeless. So do you work? I scrap
um recyclables and stuff. I look for work. I was handing out flyers
for a pizza place every evening. But I was only making 50 a
night. By the time you get something to
eat and some cigarettes. It’s just hard, you know.
You can’t save no money. You just have
basically enough to survive. Which doesn’t get me out here
and I’m still stuck here. Like Tracy was saying,
rent is just unbelievable. And then you’ve got
a felony you know hardly anybody wants
to employ you. You’ve got you know
construction jobs here and there and then when I do find work sometimes it’s too far away
for me to get on a bicycle or to walk. And I don’t know it’s just hard. And I haven’t found that
right person or that right job that can really get me out of
here yet.
So I just keep keep going on the best I can every day
until you know something new presents itself.
So I’m just trying to survive. Their stipulations for
rent in places is
just too demanding. I mean you know you credit check
and you can’t have no criminal record or you know
there’s people with criminal
records they still need a house
to live in. You know.
If they can make their, pay
their rent, they should be able to rent a
house or an apartment and what not. A lot of places
will turn you down because you had something
15 years ago on your on your record or you know
it’s just it’s just crazy. I just don’t understand
some of it. People change, you know?
So what if I had something 15 years ago on my record. The past 15 years
I have nothing on my record. Should we count that you know
I’m not that person no more? I don’t know. They hold your
past against you a lot.>> And that makes things hard.
You make one mistake and that sticks with you for life.>> That’s exactly like
the point of what we do. You know when we go out here
to these tunnels to to give em our our experience
our strengths and our hopes.>>Right. You know
with the Freedom House like having our back on this
and doing providing beds and everything that you know
we raise funding for, it kind
of>> We give them a backbone
to lean on the whole time. You know what I mean?>>And and they are able
to fall back to us.>>You know if they get
only 20 24 hours a week and they are only you know not able to pay like
their rent or whatever, like we’re not going
to kick them out. You know we’ll we’ll work with
them and figure out a solution. You know what I mean? And try to find them
better better better jobs.>>You know? We have connections
within the job connect places that will get them going back
into the fast track. You know what I mean? So like that’s just like
one of the things you know.>> Minimum wage in Las Vegas
is eight dollars and twenty five cents an hour. That equates to one thousand
four hundred and thirty dollars a month. With the median
rent price in Las Vegas at one thousand
four hundred and fifty dollars, that doesn’t leave much extra for bills, light, gas, electric
or even food. So, how are people
expected to survive? Or you weren’t able to>>get for you know what I mean
get your housing and be able to maintain that unless you know what I mean you
another source of income.>>So if you have another job. So that’s you know what I mean
that’s one of the hard things you have to deal with
is living in Vegas>>if you’re going to you know
if you’re coming off the streets and you haven’t worked
in a while you know I mean your resume
doesn’t look all that great. You have to go
I mean you have to take what you can get.
What you can get is usually like a you know what I
mean like a
Burger King Dell Taco where they’re going to give you like 20 24 hours a week
on minimum wage and you can’t do
anything with that. So then you get discouraged
and then those people with addictions get discouraged
and kind of go back out. Like it was much easier
to live in the tunnels. It was much easier
to live on the streets. You know what I mean when I
didn’t have to pay
for anything. I just my expenses were food
and getting drugs. You know what I mean that’s and
that’s it.>>And there’s, I don’t know.
So it’s hard. It’s it’s hard for them
and it’s hard>> to get past that mindset.
Know what I mean going down in
there and trying to tell them like hey
you know what I mean there is
hope.>>But then it’s like
they’ve tried before and they’ve failed every time
and it’s just I don’t know. So like there’s actually
two sides of this,>>you know? Some people qualify
for in patient and some people don’t, you know?
Not everybody is as bad as everybody else. You know what I mean? Like
every case is individualized when it comes down to it.
You know?>> It’s it’s it’s really really
crazy to be honest with you to watch somebody watch somebody
come out of the tunnels that says they want to go because this is all
a volunteer base on their end. This is all a volunteer base.>>When they’re ready
to come out this isn’t like hey let’s go, you
This is come as come when you’re ready. If you’re
sick and tired of being sick and tired
you know? Like let’s go, you
know? We’ll figure something out.
We’ll get you placement and we’ll get you
going, you know?>>And so far with the amount
of people that we’ve had come
out of there, we’ve had a I would say
100 percent sex success rate with the people
that have come out. You know? One of the guys
we got out.>>He was down there for
almost about a year down there by his self you know
and he he uh… Hold on one
second So you know what’s cool
about Shine A
also? It it’s not like there’s no time constraints
on it. We give them the card. You know what I mean? Hey, when
you’re ready.
Come talk to us.>>Like if you’re not ready
it’s not going to work and that’s a part of the thing
with the people who suffer from addiction is that if you’re not ready
it’s not going to work. If you have someone telling you
hey you need to do this and this and this to get sober
and it’s just, you know what I
mean? There’s not a lot
a lot of people who’ve stayed
sober through that.>>There are, you know what I
mean? There are people that
go through the court systems and then you know what I
mean? Find
that that way. But basically that’s the success
of addiction is when you’re ready. When you’re ready to change
your life and when you’re tired of living in the tunnels you’re
tired of living like shrimps, you know? Then you’re going
to find something else. And that’s when we give em
a card and like hey when you’re ready, like call us.>>We continued to travel deeper
and deeper into the tunnels passing
out donation after donation. And we came across this site which looked to me
like another eviction. But Robert stated that
it could have been vandalism. That the homeless
get victimized often. So you can see right there that
his bed used to sit right there. Akbar? His bed sat right here.
And somebody evicted him?>> Well there’s also people
that come down here and
vandalize shit just for no
reason. Somebody burned is shit?
And he’s such a nice dude.>> Knock knock.>> What’s his name’s on that
This one goes all the way out to
a basin.>> You want to walk down here
and see
if there’s anybody down here? There’s a camp up there but
there’s never anybody there. The
second one? Yeah. It gets really involved
sometimes, you know? Sometimes I leave here
with a heavy heart, you know? And my my eyes
are watering, you know? Because>>it takes me back to like
when I used to live down there, you know? I never experienced the full
the full tunnel living situation because I was a front dweller. I would go to the front
to stay there for the night get up and go out
and go do my thing for the day.>>But that’s how
how it starts, you know? And then you get invited
back into deeper into the tunnels, you know?
So you lived there?>>I did. I didn’t live
is like I said as deep as in the tunnels
as some of us are have, you
know?>>I just stayed in the front.
>>I didn’t get the camaraderie the lifestyle yet I didn’t get
that false sense of hope of having four four well having two walls
and a roof over my head.>>You know? It really
it’s the truth it’s a false sense
of hope, you know? Because you begin to realize
you can put up curtains you can put up stuff
to make it feel like it’s a house, you know?
It protects you from the heat. It protects you
from the cold, you know? When it’s hot outside,
it’s cooler down there. When it’s cold outside
it’s warmer down there, you
know? And that’s just kind of
how how it is. You know what I mean? And uh>>The thing about it is too
it’s like an invitation only.>>You can’t just go to a tunnel where other people are living
and kind of set up camp. You know what I mean? You’ll get
run off really quick. You have to kind of like in
the same way that we’re building rapport like the other people
that are living on the streets have to build
some sort of rapport to be invited back deeper
into the tunnel to where you get that what>>Robert was talking about
the camaraderie you know what
I mean?
Safety. We were right here. When we heard this pshhh ch ch
ch ch ch and
we didn’t know what it was. And
we were like>>We both kind of looked at
each other and like all right, this is what it is. And it was this little tunnel
right here. I think it was this one
or the next one up. It was
around the bend right >>here. Hear that? That’s the
cars>>Yes. So it was actually wind
pulling leaves in and we
thought it was somebody on a bicycle. Cause that’s what it
sounded like. Really? I’m like aw shit. Good thing it was dry leaves.
The way they were hitting the
ground made it sound like the
I saw that on Expedition Unknown
last night. Yeah. Those are stalactites
because they hang on tight. The ones growing up from
the ground and like you can see em kind of start but there’s too much
foot traffic for them to ever build, they’re
called stalagmites cause they’re
mighty. That’s how you remember it. Mighty grows up, tighty holds
on tight. Stalactites
stalagmites.>>Like this is the life of it,
you know what I mean? You know what I mean? Like cause
the only place you could come
through.>> It’s really wet right here.
Really weird.>>Not. It’s not rocks. It’s
sand. Well whatever it is, it’s
sharp.>>We couldn’t figure out
exactly what it was we were stepping on
whether they were rocks or sand. I just knew whatever it was
it was really sharp. And I couldn’t imagine someone
having to lie there and sleep and make that their bed. Josie Staleno
I came to the tunnels cause I
was robbed. When I met Josie, moved
to Las Vegas from Arizona. She had found herself
in a bad spot but
she was making the best of it.>>I was robbed of all
my belongings purposely and so>>someone was trying
to keep me down for sure. So I’ve stayed down and I’m still down. I’m not
hoeing it out. I’m not stripping
it up. So I’m trying to maintain
some sort of frequency if you will to stay
as sane as possible. People are trying to make sure
you know the worst on you.>>I didn’t know people were
like going to do all this but that’s how I
feel, kind of attacked in a
>> Where are you from? But I’m also a sociopath. but a lot of us
are. Where are you from? I’m from Arizona. Arizona.
What brought you to Las Vegas?>> A lot of things, I think.
>> I didn’t know it was such a big city
so close to where I’m from. Because I’m from AZ
and I ain’t never been to Vegas until like eight months ago
a year ago.>>So like my family
never let me know about Vegas or
anything. So I thought it was kind of
weird being that it’s like one of the major cities.
I’m a conspiracist >>by any means.>>I would definitely say
these are storage units. These are not like homeless
That’s my theory on it. I don’t know like. How long have
you lived in the tunnels?
Or like pyramid squares.>> Like four months.
>>But it’s free. I mean I’m cool with that.>>Washing up is
a bit hard but whatever I’ll get used to
I’m from AZ where there’s like lakes and stuff so
it’s a lot easier to maintain.>>
So how did you find yourself
down in
the tunnels?>> So I’m actually
I’m in recovery. I’m just going to put that out
there you know. I started out
using drugs when I was like
eleven years old. 10 11 years old I stuck
a needle in my arm by the time I was 12 and so I was I was running
and gunning already, you know?>>And so you know
like any addiction people get fed up with you.
You burn your bridges. You’re not allowed
in certain places you can’t do
what you used to do and get away with what you used
to get away with.>>You know?>>And so eventually
I had nowhere to go nowhere to turn nowhere
to do anything and so I started sleeping
on the streets, you know? And during the summer time it’d
get really freakin’ hot like first thing
in the morning you know and I wanted to actually
try to sleep, you know? And so I would I would I found
that there was a cooler place right there like right in the shadows of the tunnels
you know you just go down and start going down
a little deep and probably like 10 15 feet
in, you know? Where you can still see
the light right there, you know?>>And you would I would sleep
and you know? I would wake up in the morning
and feel refreshed and be able to hit the hit
the streets running again.>>You know? The concrete felt
really good on my body. It’s just one of those
things that I feel like a
generator, I always produce
heat.>> And so that’s that’s kind of
like how it started out, you
know? Like I was sharing with you
earlier, I had moved to
Tennessee and reason I moved to Tennessee
to be with family was to try to get away
from the drugs and the alcohol. And as soon as I got there
nothing changed because I wasn’t
really willing to change.>>I just wanted to get away
from the meth amphetamines, you know? And then I ended up
transitioning over to straight drinking
all the time you know. And so that’s why
I played the cat cat and mouse in that time frame and I’d go from being out there
to coming back out here and then going back out
there immediately. Because as soon
as I’d get back here I was right back down
into the streets. Just like
that.>>Like nothing like if nothing
even changed like right back and doing the same thing
same people same places. And through that time
frame, you know? I>> found some depth. You know?
I’m really grateful for those cops you know
that arrested me that day. I was completely
obliviated out of my mind.
And yelling at shadows
walking down the street because I thought it was people
that were chasing me. And it’s like the Jimmy Johns
didn’t think that it was>> they didn’t think that
it was too good that I was running down
the street yelling at people.>>And so I got pulled up on and
they asked me if I had any
warrants and at the time I did
and I told them no. He went back to the car
and I was like actually as a matter of fact I do. Let’s
go. I was over it.>>I was done. I didn’t want
to do this anymore. I didn’t know that at that time and then as soon
as I got into like>>Soon as I got into the cell
I was cussing everybody out. I didn’t want to be there because now I had
restrictions on me. You know?>>Took a little bit of time
to recuperate.>>They actually put me
through a drug court program and that’s that’s where the
journey began in my recovery. I didn’t know
exactly what I wanted. I knew I wanted to change but.>> I just didn’t want to feel
the way I felt anymore. Now, I understand that
and that’s why I try to go and give back to the people
that are out here, you know? Show share my experience
my strengths and my hopes.>>And continue to show up
and tell them the same thing over and over and over again. The longer you continue
to tell them the same story the more believable it is,
you know? When they see the
truth and they they trust you
and they can feel that heart to heart with you, you know?>> Can we get out? >> What? Can we get out
over there?
Yeah.>> It’s super important to at
least be able to relate to them on some degree
especially going down here. Like, majority of people
going down here are in recovery.
Their story is their story.>>It is what it is and that’s
something relatable we can talk to them
from a standpoint of not like we’re above you like we know
where you’ve been. You know what I mean? Like,
we’ve been homeless. We’ve been in jails.
We’ve been in prisons. You know what I mean? We’ve we’ve done what you’ve done.
We’ve stuck needles in our arms like you know
I mean? All this stuff that that has this giant stigma on
it. You known what I mean? It’s like we can go
and level with them like hey you know
what I mean? Like we’re not trying to talk to them
from the point of being higher. We’re you know what I mean?
We’ve been there so we just talk to them
like you know what I mean? We share some of our stories and the more stories we share
the more they realize like these guys
have been where we’ve been and what they know
what we’re talking about. Sunny. I’ve been to California
all my life. My sister just got misplaced in
her home in South Carolina
because of the storm.>>In Atlanta.>>Yeah it’s a home
it’s a homeless place. But you know
it’s our house so>>Meet Tommy. He and his wife
moved to Las Vegas all the way from Hawaii. They are currently in search
and in need of housing.>>I mean look at it. You know what we were just doing was
sweeping. So we sweep. See, but once
you go on that side of the board
or whatever They’re stripping wire and doing
the the other side of
the homelessness thing. We don’t we don’t
do that. I don’t and I know she
don’t. Yeah. No we don’t.
We don’t take anybody’s. We don’t do that bro.>>I’m not saying they’re bad. I’m just not saying
I’m good. I’m just saying
that’s just not what we. I rather. I don’t know,
man. We’re on a list. We’re
waiting for housing. It’s kinda really Yeah.
How long have you been on the
list? How long have
we’ve been waiting? It’s been about six months
maybe. And we’re getting close
on the list. I mean it kind of sucks cause there are some people from here
that got apartments.>>Lost it due to having twelve
people in the apartment, putting holes in the wall, not giving a shit about nothing,
about nothing at all. And then they get kicked out and
they get em another apartment like the next
day. It’s like Wow okay.
So we’re still on the list but this guy got two. You know
what I mean? It’s like the fuck
WoW. And you don’t appreciate
nothing at all. Look bro we’ll fix up a tunnel. What can we do with an
apartment, you know what I’m
saying? It just doesn’t seem, it seems
kinda weird. And then now he’s got kicked out
of his second apartment and then he’s going to try
and get a third one before we even get one. So its
like fuck.>>Where’s the justice? Why is that?
What are the requirements for
housing?>>Well I guess you know
there’s different programs and different funding. He’s in a program called HUD.
And I guess there funding has got a lot
of money right now. So, I mean I think
we’re on the same program. I’m not even sure.
I’m not sure how it works. All I know is there is people
that do you know they do assessments on you and I don’t really know
how you assess homelessness. But, they do.
And uh They said oh we didn’t score
that high so we’re low on the
list. I said score high? What? Wait. I’m trying to understand what
that means.
Like, how do you score low or high in a homelessness
situation? Really I don’t understand it. And I really don’t want
to understand it. I just want the same chance and
help they giving the other people. That’s all. That if given the chance I know we will appreciate it
and not screw up.>>In fact it is what it is.>>You know, just chasing the
dream I guess. Chasing the dream of being rich.
And oh Being rich and not working for
it, I suppose. You know what I
mean? The free ride. I don’t
know. Pull a handle>>or push a button and get the jackpot
for all that money.>>I guess the dream
I suppose. Addiction it’s a real messy ugly thing. It
comes in many forms. Yes there’s drug addiction
there’s gambling addiction there’s food addiction. It’s like the whole your whole
life is just gonna be full of
it. You know the choices
that you make, I guess. I choose to be an addicted
person to everything that’s
bad for me. Why can’t I be addicted
to work? Or addicted to saving
money? I’m addicted to
spending it. As fast as I can
get it as fast as I’ll spend it.
She’s a saver. She fix up. She’s a crafter you
She does crafts. It’s what she
does. This guy knows. They were here
last time, right? That’s what she does.
She writes all this. See that
right there.>> Can you
guys tell me what that is right
there? He is greater than I. He is
greater than I.>> That’s her.
Little house on the prairie, you
know? If you want water to take a
shower, to drink, you gotta go
get it. You wanna use the bathroom, you
have to go use the bathroom. There’s no running water.
There’s no electricity. You want to warm up some food or
cook some food. You have to make
a fire. You know what I mean? It’s like You have to get
the wood. It’s hard work, man. This is Byron. Found himself in
Las Vegas all the way from
Philadelphia. His wife brought him here
to clear his head and he’s been living
in the tunnels ever since.>>
Originally came down… I can’t talk about that very.
It’s hard on me. My children.>>I can’t talk about that.
Okay, where are you from? South Philadelphia. Wow. How did you end up
in Las Vegas? My wife.>>Brought me here to clear my
head up and I ended up meeting some real
people down here so stayed to
help. And that I’ve done so and some.
I’m sorry I didn’t mean to come
back like that. It’s just the reason why I’m
here is because of my children.
I lost my kids so. It’s gotten
better though. It’s kept me alive. Given me
something to live for. And I
know my kids are happy with what
I’m doing so Hey I’m gonna probably continue
it.>>I’m gonna teach em to get
help.>>Is that somebody in the back? Was that somebody yelling in the
back? I don’t know who the hell it is.
I heard em, I just heard em. Oh yeah all the time. 24 hours a
day. Wanna go for a tour? See all this stalactites? These ones are older. When it floods. When it floods down here when it
rains. You’ve got to imagine it. Each
one of these tunnels gets four
or five feet of water Gushing 65 to 80 miles per hour.
Wow. All that debris coming in
and it all crashes down in here. When it comes down to your
foot, You can see how high it
goes when it comes. Scares the shit outta you. At 10 after 6 and 10 after 12 Got it. 10 after 6, 10 after 12.>>A hundred thousand gallons of
water comes through that tube
right there. And it gushes down that wall
and comes right out and that’s
why it’s all right here. It floods out and when it comes
out you can do your laundry,
wash your clothes up by hand. In the gallery, the walls
were covered from top to bottom.>>And paint and graffiti
and artwork. And it was so beautiful
and the work was so amazing and it had to have been done
by flashlight by candle light. However it was created,
it takes a special artist to be able
to create such beauty. In the dark.>>In pitch black . That’s clear water. >> That’s worse.
It really smells. That’s
horrible bro.>>Let’s see what they ph levels
You gonna touch it? Is there anything else you wanna
Never give up.

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