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[gentle guitar music] ♪ – Well, Ashe County
is, in my opinion, the best place in
the world to live. I’ve been in the Navy, I’ve
been in a lot of places. – From hiking,
to backpacking, canoeing, and seeing everything that we
have to offer in Ashe County, it’s one of the most beautiful
places I’ve ever seen. – [Announcer] There is no
place that represents this area and the nice folks
that live here better than the community
of Shatley Springs. – This place gives you
the real experience of the people, the locals,
that work and live here. And you won’t find that
hardly anywhere else. – [Announcer] Shatley
Springs was named after Martin Shatley. On one hot summer day in 1890
as he was passing through, Shatley decided to dip
his hot, blistered hands in the cool spring
water to soothe them. Hours later he claimed the
water miraculously cured him of a skin disease that had
plagued him for many years. – Well, it just is spring fed
and so it’s all gravity fed, it comes from the
mountain, it’s good, just good, clean water. – We talked about
the water yesterday. It was different flavor to it, all the healing
powers that they say. – [Both] Yep. – People come and get
the water all year long. In fact, I keep a light
on all night long, because lots of people
come at nighttime if they’re gonna
get a large supply. – [Announcer] In
1958 Lee MacMillan purchased Shatley Springs. It doesn’t really
matter if you believe in the water’s
healing powers or not, one thing for sure is the
food here is unbelievable. – A great, family
style restaurant with just good old home cooking. – You get family style
and you just sit here and you just eat ’til
you can’t eat no more. And what’s left over,
the ham and biscuits, they let you take it with you. So, you got a ham
biscuit for later. – Well, the country style
breakfast is something we can fix and put on the table
and people serve themselves from the food put on there. That’s one way I look at it. – Breakfast is
definitely the favorite. We always wanna test the
family style for dinner, but we just come for
breakfast every time. That’s what we do, we go
into a food coma after that. – It’s biscuits
and gravy and bacon and sausage and
ham and tenderloin, baked apples, home
fried potatoes, grits, strawberry preserves,
whatever you want to drink. Everything here is
fairly traditional. So, the sausage gravy
is all homemade, the red-eye gravy is something you’ll find almost nowhere else. – [Announcer] And what
exactly is red-eye gravy? – Red-eye gravy, I have
never had it anywhere else except here at Shatley Springs. I had it last time I was here. My understanding is that
it’s made from burnt coffee and ham stock or ground up ham. I don’t see any
ground up ham in here. But, you’re supposed
to put it over biscuits with your gravy and you
put it on anything I guess, but I’d never heard of it or never seen it anywhere
available ’til I came here. So, red-eye gravy. – [Announcer] Once
you’ve finished your meal you can retreat to your cabin
that you’ve rented on site or you can relax in one
of the rocking chairs on the front porch. – Well the rocking
chairs are a big hit. We have more people come here
than we can immediately seat and a lot of them enjoy
sitting out on the porch in the rocking chairs,
listening to the music, and then they like
to sit here sometimes after they’ve eaten,
before they leave. – You can rent
cabins if you want to for one night or a week or
however long you wanna stay. And they’re situated
out along the pond. We have some gift shops. – It’s just really
pleasant to be here. We took time to enjoy
coffee this morning. And carved out time to
have really good food. I don’t know, I think
it’s just really important to take time and enjoy the
things that mean a lot. – I think the thing that
we have that’s different is the fact that we
make people feel like that they are at Grandma’s house and that they’re comfortable
and there’s no pretense and they can come in here,
relax and enjoy themselves. I’d say that’s
probably the thing that makes us most different. [bluegrass music] – Shatley Springs
Inn is located at 407 Shatley Springs Road in
Crumpler, that’s in Ashe County. The restaurant is open
daily from mid-April through the end of November. For more information
give them a call

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  1. Lance Baker says:

    That cream gravy was thick as pudding. Look out arteries, here it comes!

  2. Lance Baker says:

    Their website states there will be no cabin rentals this year.

  3. C A R L E Y_S H A T L E Y says:

    This place is so good! One of my relatives was Martin Shatley and I’m so glad he discovered this wonderful place!

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