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Septinta diena: Crater Lake RV Resort

The first week has passed. Finally, the long weekend is over. It was somewhat hard to find a place to stay
over the weekend. But we found this nice and calm spot Without a sewer connection, but with eletricity
and water. And even the internet works sometimes
when the campers are gone. And everyone has left today because everyone
has to get back to work tomorrow but we stayed here and the campground
is practically empty. We can enjoy the internet. During the past couple of days we spent more
time working than travelling. Finally we can relax and finish our work. A view of the campground. The sun is shinning, the weather is great. The weather has been great for the past three days
since we arrived here. And here is our trailer. And Vejas is kicking. Vejas is chilling. The mood is good. How were the last couple of days for you? Calm?

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