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Secrets of Disney’s Aulani Resort Revealed

September 30, 2019 No Comments

♫ And no one knows ♫ How far it goes ♫ It’s Vlogmas Vlogmas ♫ And it’s time to celebrate ♫ Vlogmas – Good morning everyone. Today we are gonna go on
a little scavenger hunt. They have these iPad
scavenger hunt things here and so we’re gonna go try that out. What do you guys think? – [Kids] Yeah! – But first, coffee. Item one on the scavenger hunt complete. Kona-y. – Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse! I just saw Mickey. I just saw Mickey Mouse. That was unbelievable. He was walking this way but I saw.
– Who was? – Mickey Mouse.
– What? – I just… But it’s just believable. – Jake’s gonna get us started off here. So there’s like a story that tells them some of the history
and culture of the area and then they have to find
something that matches up with it and then something magical happens. So we’ll see what that is. (rattling) What? – [Jake] Do we get to have them? – Do we get to have it? Do we get to have it? – [Chris] I think you do. – A rock. – [Chris] A rock? – I never seen this one. – [Chris] You gotta figure out
where that is, where is that? (jazzy piano music) What? – That was so cool.
– That was. – [Chris] What’s happening? Whoa look at that. – That’s so cool. That was so cool. – [Chris] What’s in there Parker? – Baby turtles. – [Chris] Baby turtles? Whoa, look at all those baby turtles. – [Kids] Cookies. – That’s you guys. (laughing) It took a picture of you guys. (light guitar music) Bailey and I are out to
get lunch for Jessica. – Moana.
– What? – We’re waiting for our food, Bailey wanted to show
you a leaf that she got. – It’s really big. It’s as big as my head. It has these little brown dots right there. There are two right there. – Hey, leaf me alone. (laughing) (light music) Look who just woke up from his nap. Who is it? – Parker. – [Chris] Parker, oh and mommy’s here too. – And tattoo. – [Chris] And your tattoo? – And the tattoo.
– There it is. – [Chris] What are you gonna do right now? – My tattoo’s waking up right now. – [Chris] Oh, your tattoo woke up? – Yep.
– That’s good news. – [Chris] What are we gonna do right now? – Eat shave ice. I love this. – We’re about to go down the slide. I am so excited. (screaming) That was daddy, he just
went down the slide. It’s almost my turn. (screaming) There we go! (splashing) – You want to take a quick photo? – Yeah. – We can pretend we’re paddling our canoe. – Maui? – Maui, he’s probably
shape shifting somewhere or pulling up islands or
maybe battling monsters. You remember when we went to Lalotai and he helped me fight that big crab? So if you see him, tell him
I’m looking for him okay. Do you know what wayfinding is? When you use the stars, the winds and the currents to find where you want to go next. – Where’s… – Hei Hei?
– Hei Hei. – I’ve been looking for him all day. Can you find him for me? – Yeah. – Tell him that Moana’s
looking for him okay. He’s this big. ♫ See the line where the sky
meets the sea it calls me ♫ And no one knows ♫ How far it goes – You have a beautiful voice. – Thank you. – Hug, he likes to give
hugs like my pig, Pua. – I know ’cause he likes to get all… – He loves to give me hugs. (light techno music) – Look at the sky right now. I just climbed up that
thing to get that shot but the sky just keeps
getting better, look at this. So guess what’s happening tonight? Date night. Jessica and I are gonna go on a date. Look at how illuminated we are right here. This is the menu of the place and it’s like good lighting. So we can just hang out
here the whole night. – Shining beacon of food options. – We’ll just shine here. (singing in foreign language) We just sat down and it’s
already the most romantic dinner we’ve had in a very long time. Look at this view. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. That’s unreal. That looks like a photoshopped beach. It’s beautiful. Hey, we’re back in the
good lighting which means that the date is over. We were in the romantic lighting before and you couldn’t see anything. But now you can see all of us. The food was very good,
what did you think? – It was good, yeah. – Did you like it, yeah, it was good. – Look at the Christmas. – [Chris] I’m gonna give you like, that’s my hand compared to these lights. – We want those for our house. – Yeah, anybody know
where we can get lights this big for our house? That is a giant light. Today’s winner is Hailey Jones. Congratulations. If you want to win something, today we’re giving away this necklace that Alani gave me when we got here. So they said aloha,
put this around my neck and you can win it. All you have to do is be
subscribed to our channel and write something in
the comment section. Be sure to leave a social media handle, like a Twitter handle, so that we can contact you, direct message style if
you win the necklace. Aloha. Let’s talk about what we learned today. (guitar chords ringing) We learned the Parker isn’t the only one that woke up from his nap. His tattoo did also. We learned that if you
ever run into a wayfinder, make sure you sing her her favorite song. And finally we learned that Jessica and I spend most of our dates
looking at the menu just because of the good lighting. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see you next time. (kids laughing) (playful music)

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