Secret Spots in NYC | Hidden Restaurants, Bars, Passageways, and More

Welcome to New York City! Hidden gems and
secret places are often the least visited places by tourists but today I’m
going to show you some amazing secret locations in the Big Apple. Let’s go! Here on 37th Street there’s a secret restaurant called El Sabroso, which is actually inside of a loading dock. You can get lunch here, a big plate
for six dollars. It’s Latin American cuisine. It’s freaking delicious and you
get so much food for so cheap which is a rare find in New York. Don’t miss it
especially in this area it’s hard to find a meal this cheap. There are so many secrets in Grand
Central but one of the most interesting is it is actually a hidden tennis court inside of here. I’m going to show you exactly how to get
there. It’s open to the public and most New Yorkers don’t even know it exists so
let’s go check it out. It’s pretty cool, c’mon. Take the elevator inside Grand Central to the fourth floor. It is called Vanderbilt Tennis Club. Let’s go play some tennis! Did you know Grand Central was rebuilt three times? This is exciting new stuff for me too. BAM there you go! This is the tennis court inside Grand Central. It’s huge. You can rent a racket. $10 for two people to rent a racket. To play here for an hour it starts at $75. The view is amazing. This is actually
where they filmed Avengers. So this is the hidden tennis court in Grand Central.
Let’s go check out some more secrets. Come along. In Keen Steakhouse they have a massive
collection of clay pipes that were once held for presidents, writers, and famous
celebrities, like Winston Churchill, Babe Ruth, Albert Einstein, and Herbert Hoover.
There’s over 90,000 here that were reserved for them to use when they would
come here and have delicious steak. It’s a little-known secret and it’s pretty cool. Hidden inside the Times Square subway system
here is a secret entrance of the Knickerbocker Hotel.
You can see it right here. It looks like nothing but if you look up there it actually says Knickerbocker and that’s one of the ways you could secretly get in. Although it’s not open to the public anymore, so – but it’s still cool, right? One of the best secrets of New York is
that we have tons of speakeasies all over the city. A speakeasy is a secret
bar that was created in the 1920s during Prohibition when people still wanted to
drink but it was illegal. There are tons around here most of them are hidden. This
one is my favorite. It’s called Please Don’t Tell. Unlike the name here which is actually a hotdog place. You have to go inside. The
speakeasy is actually right over here now from the outside it doesn’t look
like much because that’s the whole point of a speakeasy. Let’s go inside and
I’ll show you how you can get into my favorite speakeasy Please Don’t Tell.
Let’s go into Criff Dogs. To get into Please Don’t Tell you actually go through this secret little telephone booth. Now they have this telephone on the wall. You dial one and you’ll be connected with the hostess inside. That’s where you can get in
and get your reservation but there’s actually a little trick to getting into
this place because it’s super super popular and hard to get into. It’s
literally impossible to get in if you just show up but what you actually
should do is at 3 p.m. they start accepting reservations. Call at 3 p.m. it
will have a busy tone just keep redialing that number. This number right
here. Ok? When you finally get through tell the hostess your name, your party size,
and what time you want to come and that will guarantee that you have reservation
to Please Don’t Tell. You don’t want to miss it. Ok let’s go check out some other
really cool secret places in New York. Come on. In Union Square there’s this
little building here that has 15 digit numbers on it. A lot of people think is
this countdown to something or is it the national debt but it’s actually a 15
digit clock and if you the seven digits from the left to the
right represent hours of passed since midnight and the seven digits from right
to left are the hours remaining until midnight. The numbers in the middle are
moving so quickly that they look like a blur to the naked eye. It’s pretty cool. That’s a wrap everyone. Those are the amazing secrets of New York. If you
enjoyed this video subscribe, follow me on Instagram at @sarahfunky, and I will
see you next time. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Marcus Perez says:

    Thank You. YOU go girl.

  2. Michael Bobrik says:

    Speak-easy's?!? Just send them to McSorley's. 7th between 2nd and 3rd. Abe Lincoln drank here.

  3. The Great Hawk says:

    I've lived in NYC for 849 quadrillion centuries and I've not wandered beyond this blue circle painted on the ground and I always stare at an ant.

  4. Odacrem says:

    Where’s the DAM ELEVATOR?! Me and my brother wasted 45 minutes because of you, and you GIVE SUCH VAGUE directions. You honestly gave me a headache

  5. Sao Salazar says:

    They not hidden you just not from here is all

  6. Mr. Bagui says:

    Thank you! That's why I want to marry her that's perfectly!

  7. delfina Swinnen says:

    This was so helpfull!!!!!!

  8. John Kane says:

    Did you ever make it to Chumley's before they turned it into condos? Lotsa good memories from that SpeakEasy.

  9. Sabastian Weagley says:

    I wanted to actually see inside the Please Don't Tell😏

  10. Robert Ritchey says:

    The host is very Cute! 😊

  11. Ulises Lira says:

    Sarah Funk. Lo más bonito de una mujer son sus ojos. Saludos. 😉

  12. Joel Weiner says:

    I know about all these places …but good source for those not in the know.

  13. Diamond Jubilee Goldie Shine says:

    Girl please. . Goofy.. nutty… instance big dummy.. stop grinning … stinky Job.. lies..Lies…Leap in A pile of…… yea get dirty as ever. .U sould.

  14. Jay Bee says:

    Better secrets are to go to Barney's or Bergdorfs to spot the rich and or celebs shopping.

  15. oh no says:

    None of them were secret

  16. Joshua Fazeli says:

    Amazing secrets of Manhattan, NOT NY.

  17. Dave Adams says:

    that speak easy looks amazing. loving your videos for research for our upcoming trip to New York.

  18. Atomo says:

    here mouth is crooked

  19. 로미언니VLOG says:

    Question: can we book the tennis court in advance?? Or should we go on the spot and use it?

  20. Melbourne Live Music says:

    I'm going to Please Don't Tell in October for sure !!!

  21. Indescribable Human says:

    Lol I Just Noticed That The Picture Of Grand Central Station Was The Picture Of The Avengers In Their Final Battle In Grand Central Station

  22. HARLEM HEFNER says:

    Living here all my life never knew about the speak easy or the tennis court

  23. bjr816 says:

    A pool in Grand central would be fire!

  24. bartenderzzz says:

    I bartend down the block from El Sabroso. I'm going there tomorrow! Thanks Sarah!

  25. David Monroy says:

    She’s so cute

  26. Joseph De Vito says:

    i think i was trapped in that knickerbocker door lol

  27. Christopher Hollinger says:

    Can we see the food lol

  28. Justin Slawter says:

    Secret tennis club

    Sign that says “ tennis club “ 🤔

  29. Lucía Lucas Sosa says:

    Sarah, I’m traveling to New York in January, and I would love to visit “please don’t tell”. Now, I’m aware I’m 18 years old and I can’t drink, but is there a possibility I make a reservation to just know the place? I know they won’t allow me to drink, but I want to meet the place. Thank you, and I hope you can answer me.

  30. Wendy says:

    I live in NY and never knew about the tennis court! *mind blown

  31. Roger rtewwr says:

    "please don't tell" …… tells

  32. Anthony Calderon says:

    I've heard about the SP's for awhile now but I just had no clue where any of it was but the frickin Tennis Court up there?!?! Wtf! Lol I had no clue there's a tennis court up there yo.. This video is amazing btw…

  33. JMD Productions says:

    There’s gonna be a war for these places between adventurous explorers and introverts who want a place to themselves

  34. Nico Brav says:

    I was expecting something more secret… And not on main streets or places

  35. Zulfiqar Durrani says:

    Excellent information. We will thst when I come to new York city.

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