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Good morning from Seattle! We’re gonna be
taking you around with us this weekend as we explore some of Seattle’s best food. First
things first, brunch! We are Stateside. It’s a southeast Asian fusion brunch spot on Pike
Street. One thing I can tell you from the get-go is that they are very generous with
their portions here. We just finished the duck rolls, which basically and an egg roll
inside a spring roll. Duck spring roll! Mmm good! Duck is super good and then there is
some fresh herbs on the outside of it. Now we have an eggs bao-nededict here. Have you
ever had Maggi before? Because there’s Maggi in the sauce somewhere. Is it “Maggi” or “Maggi”?
We have the crispy potato wedges and they are served with a whipped hollandaise sauce
that actually has sriracha down at the bottom of the bowl. I just love the idea of Southeast
Asian brunch it’s really cool. Highly recommend coming to Stateside for brunch! We’re stopping
in at a bar called “List” in Belltown right now. They have an awesome happy hour where
there’s half off the food list. One thing to note about this place, though, is that
you have to be 21 to eat here. Sorry if you’re under 21, because technically this place is
a bar. We got three small plates including a baked broccoli, a black truffle gnocchi
and a Chilean seabass over a bed of kale and faro. Mmm so buttery and flakey. And the gnocchi.
Truffle! Mmm! If you’re over 21 and looking for a great happy hour and some great small
bites, check out List! We made our way up to Fremont for dinner. We’re now at RockCreek
Seafood & Spirits this place has really fresh seafood and they pride themselves on having
fresh ingredients shipped in daily. We ordered a couple of plates and the first one just
came out this is a small plate, this is the hamachi tiradito. So since this is not a sushi
restaurant, we have forks, but I feel really weird eating raw fish with a fork. Mmm wow
that fish is melt-in-your-mouth. The rest of the food came out. We have a campanile
pasta with mushrooms and somewhere under here we have a black cod. It’s great! Super flakey
and kind of like the hamachi we had it just really melts in your mouth. Mmm! Really creamy
and those mushrooms are delicious. And last but not least, dessert! We ordered s’mores
and the bottom of this is graham cracker and there’s chocolate mousse and then marshmallow!
Mmm! It’s so light and airy and fluffy. Caramel, hazelnut, ugh it’s so good a little bit of
sea salt in this, too. Just finished out meal and everything that we ordered was awesome.
If you can make the trek up to Fremont to go to RockCreek for dinner, highly recommend
it! Now we’re heading to Pike Place Chowder, but we’re not going to the one at Pike Place
Market, we’re going to another location that serves the exact same stuff, but with less
lines and less crowds nearby at Pacific Place. We just got here and there’s no line at all!
It’s amazing and less than a minute later we got our chowders. We got a sampler of four.
The only con about this location is the selection of chowder they have here. The one at the
Pike Place Market has at least 8 chowders you can choose from, but here there’re only
4. We have the original, we have the seafood bisque, we have the Manhattan, and the corn
chowder. Oh my god! So good here! There’s bits of real crab and lobster in here. Just
finished the sampler and yes can confirm that it is just as good as the location at the
market. Our favorite was the New England Clam Chowder, but honestly all the flavors are
good here. Try coming to the location at Pacific Place if you want to skip the line and all
the crowd. Back in Capitol Hill again and we’re at Little Neon Taco. This place is well
known obviously for its tacos, they also have queso here so we might try that. We came in
just to grab a little bite. We got an order of queso and then we also ordered a chorizo
taco and a carnitas taco. We’re gonna go ahead and try them out now. After you get the taco,
the first thing that I noticed is that these corn tortillas are house-made. They’re house-made
corn tortillas! They’re not the ones you buy at the grocery store and then you put them
on the grill. They’re handmade! Mmm! Very tender meat! Tortilla, oh my god amazing!
Just had both of these tacos, they were full of really flavorful meat. And like Micaela
said the tortilla, house-made, delicious. Overall, definitely come check out Little
Neon Taco whether you’re coming in for a little afternoon snack or if you’re coming in for
some late-night eats. Dinnertime now, we’re heading to a Thai restaurant in Capitol Hill
called “Soi.” And we’re gonna be getting one of my favorite Thai dishes. Hey it’s my favorite,
too! Khao Soi! I’m so excited I love Khao Soi. Oh my god! So flavorful with lemongrass
and the herbs and a little bit of coconut and curry. This is definitely the best Khao
Soi I’ve ever had. If you’re not familiar with Khao Soi it’s a northern Thai kind of
coconut curry soup that’s served with egg noodles and it’s just delicious. It’s really,
really herb forward and really creamy and sweet. It’s my favorite by far. You taste
all those herbs, the lemongrass, the turmeric. The fish dish we ordered, it’s called Phad
Per Pla. Mmm! Just fried enough nice hearty spicy sauce on it. Overall, Soi is a great
Thai restaurant. Highly recommend it. Now we’re just go ahead and finish our drinks.
And see you tomorrow for brunch! Happy Monday! We’re Americana for brunch and I ordered a
French toast with strawberry compote. They’re very well known for their French toast. Phil
claims that this is the best French toast that he’s ever ever ever had so we’ll see
if it lives up to the hype. Last time I had this French toast, it definitely was the best
French toast I’ve ever had. Really hope this is still as good as I remember it. Crunchy
on the outside, but it’s soft in the middle. The bread is amazing! And we also ordered
an Americana Benedict, which is a Benedict over potato pancakes that are cooked in a
smoked gouda. I would definitely come back here for the French toast. It was amazing!
Phil was right, I hate to say that, but Phil was right. Best French toast ever? We’re stopping
in for dinner now at Serious Pie, this is in Belltown not too far from Pike Place Market.
We actually were able to come in during their happy hour. We got 4 small pizzas for $21.
Wow! We have a mushroom, prosciutto, a fennel, and a potato pizza and they should be delicious.
We’re gonna try them out. We just tried all 4 of them and they’re so good. They’re made
fresh to order, so everything comes out fresh, crispy on the crust. Serious Pie is awesome,
if you can make it in for Happy Hour, definitely recommend it. This is a great deal. But even
if you don’t make it for Happy Hour, it’s a little more expensive, but still awesome
pizzas. And that’s it for our top favorite foods in Seattle. Hopefully, this video is
informative and maybe you can try some of these places when you go to Seattle. Let us
know in the comments if you end up trying the places out, what you thought of them,
and also if you haven’t already, subscribe for more travel videos and food and drink
recommendations! Bye!


  1. jamel auditore says:

    Cringe level over 9000

  2. Michelle Lagua says:

    Y'all missed: Paseo, Fogon, Kedai Makan, Shiro's/Sushi Kashiba, FOB Poke Bar, Ramen Danbo, & Tacos Chukis. Hope you come back to try them some time. Great choices on all the others. =)

  3. luis diaz says:

    Great work guys! Loved the video!

  4. DSXmachine says:

    The best place to eat in Seattle is at home. The restaurants here are overpriced and not very good.

  5. Sam Pai says:

    Did you guys go to UC Davis? I swear ive seen you guys before!!

  6. Rick P says:

    was in Seattle about a month ago, sought out Kao Soi because of your vid. Amazing recommendation! I loved it. I ended up doubling up on my noodles because it was that good. thanks !

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