Seaside Denied HD Edition

September 29, 2019 54 Comments

Attention, everyone- In three days- I will unleash my ultimate weapon on the world! Think you can stop me, Sonic Heroes? You bet Egg-Head! Nothing can stop the power of Teamwork! Let’s go, guys. We’ve a goal we’re pursuing Knuckles, what in the heck are you doing? I’m gonna- Use you guys as Boxing gloves Wait. What? Woah! Shift! Rock! Yeah! No more blocking pillars left Stop it Knux- Poor Tails is bleeding to death Just a sec- I’ve got one more wall to shove I can’t see the point of this quest We’ll likely meet a grave fate! Oh come on- Shad, don’t be so depressed Worthless!- Consumer models Annihilate! My ears- Propel us through the air Ahh!- Big please don’t stare! Froggy are you in there? Where’s the- rest of us can’t be far Mighty’s in some bar Don’t know where the rest are Heavy, and Bomb- Au revoir! Sonic! Look, there’s whales in the ocean Let’s punch ’em! No! Don’t wanna cause a commotion Sorta brings- back frightening memories too Jump! Makes you jump press the button to jump! What button? I dont see one- Gee, I’m stumped Omochao Will repeat Quiet! You Ammunition- Depleted! Reload initiate! Ahh!- Not the way a- lady should be treated Ammunition present- Annihilate! Finding- crabs makes sense not one bit Don’t ask questions Do it! Make sure they’re hermits Listen all you morons Chocola’s gone someone theived them That fat cat’s holding us back, yo In my opinion we should leave him Look he likes you Isn’t that cute? Fishing time! Don’t hook me Brute! I’ve had enough of this- Chaos Control! Product identified as Swiss Roll What use is that? I’m gonna- Eat it whole! *Om Nom Nom* Okay Fly us over there, Charmy! Boss aren’t we a bit heavy for a bee? Sure are guys- I’ll try, can’t guarantee {You’d think Sonic would finally take some swimming lessons after all these years} {Team Chaotix’s just isn’t what it used to be} {Hmmm…Maybe I should send a Sympathy card to Mighty} {To be completely honest-} {Shadows true power worries me-} {A lot} {Amy Rose on the other hand-} {Is the Cats meow isn’t she?} {Hehehehehehehahahahaha…Yuck} {Yeah…Right} Ehh…You know what? I think this needs a little more- Me! Don’t ‘Cha think? Haha- Much better

54 Replies to “Seaside Denied HD Edition”

  1. lonely the normal human says:

    Honestly I like the whole thing but I like the parts with shadow, rouge, and robot dude

  2. The Visitor says:

    Metropolis Mayhem
    & Knuckles

  3. Harij Kumar says:

    Knuckles sucks

  4. Joseph Hinson says:

    4:00 that is some dancing right there knuckles XD

  5. Shannon Buchanan says:

    Sonics voice in the beginning kinda sounds like balidi

  6. Shannon Buchanan says:


  7. Dream says:

    3 years ago I watched this video

  8. Ismael Garcia says:


  9. Caleb Short says:


  10. Think Twice says:

    Whys knuckles eyes are together

  11. Squirtle Valeria Gacha says:

    0:32 S H I F T R O C K Y E A H !

  12. Antanae Reese says:

    Let's go we got to going pursuing knuckles in the heck are you doing / why would you use them as boxing gloves

  13. Jetpackman 55 says:

    If it’s taking this long for casino catastrophe it’s gonna be great

  14. Trainboy4511 Productions Roblox and more says:


    Me when I see a damaged Amtrak P40

  15. Ella Htoo says:

    This song is cool

  16. Shader The invader says:

    I’m here why?

  17. RGB Studios! says:

    Finish the lyrics in the comics:
    Let’s go guys, we’ve a goal we’re perusing!

  18. Rene And Knuckles says:

    There really needs to be a reanimated project with this.

  19. chill master albert fan says:

    jeez that looks bad look at my skin in roblox

  20. Azouz Azouzi says:


  21. Christine Sadler says:

    Be quiet Knuckles

  22. Irrelevant says:


  23. Davinday Dab says:

    Haha tails died

  24. Marc Morgan says:

    Aw, the Memories…

  25. Hey_ SSBM says:

    feels like so long ago

  26. Key Logger says:

    Uhh sonic why XD oh mode

  27. Nanda Nanda says:

    Sonic is so awesomeβ€πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ—πŸ˜šπŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜—

  28. Kimberley Macfarlane says:

    Why did knuckles do that

  29. milo le gamer says:

    1:25 Sonic look there whales in the ocean

  30. Shamara Gathers says:

    Love it

  31. Sapphire says:

    2019 anyone?

  32. MegaMan ZX151921 says:

    Before Starting to play Sonic Heroes, I wanted to watch this, then start

  33. WolfieTheNobody says:

    bruh this legitimately was my childhood-

  34. Darkdredder says:

    i miss

  35. Darkdredder says:

    this channal

  36. PixelBoy and Friends says:

  37. Zeus Yendor says:

    The song starts at 0:19.

  38. Liam Malde says:

    Sonic:let's go guys we a mission to do
    Tails:Kunkles what in the heck are you doing
    Kunkles:I'm gonna use you guys as boxing gloves
    Sonic:wait what wow
    Tails:wait what wow

  39. ahegao. says:

    2 people looked up under Amy's dress.

    why didn't I know this the first time i watched this

  40. Gabriel Burrell says:

    Pok I have ikelelapp

  41. DucFunky 2019 says:


  42. Mr. Needlemouse says:

    :tails knuckles what in the heck are you doing

  43. VideoGameTyler says:

    i like how they use different styles for each of the teams.

  44. La-Tavia HeiHei says:

    eww i hate Swirl rolls because i love- PIZZA ROLLS PIZZA ROLLS COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES KITTY CAT KITTY CAT Kate and Janet! wait omg shy did i XD

  45. ADT- Pedrovisk says:

    Someone in 2019?

  46. Retro Gamers says:

    When sonic said sorta brings frightening memories too was that when he ran from the whales in sonic adventure

  47. puto el que lo le xd says:

    yea sonic yea

  48. Nightcore Tamachi says:

    who watching in 2019

  49. TheJadeFist says:

    You know it's funny at the end of this, I realize only Shadow was having a good time, well that and knuckles I guess.

  50. Pedro Pena says:

    I love this

  51. Adham Mohamed says:

    2:35 what a fuuuuu** thats a fake shadow is a dark

  52. KHADIJHA SEIDE says:

    Fun 12 The hand You be Mom

  53. אורי Χ˜Χ•Χ•Χ™Χ Χ” says:

    Is this the original version of seside hill music or the generations

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