Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Gets Help From Taffer | Bar Rescue

– It’s an honor to meet
you man, big fan, boy. – Man you (mumbling). – Can I get one Skittles… – Yeah. – And she’ll have the Sidecar. – I gotta tell ya, it’s
a nice looking bar. I like the colors, I think the
black and red is pretty cool. – Hey can I order something? – Look at him, he’s
drinking behind the bar. Is that cool? – I’m from two three, they call me, big two three. – I mean his freestyle was just weird. Not only that, he done put
them dirty ass butt cheeks all on the bar. – Everybody’s gotta hold up their own, everybody’s gotta freakin’
deliver, or as a team, we lose. – Hey you might a been an all
right coach in the league. (laughing) You got me ready to go and bust some (beeping) heads right now. – I wanna go in, let’s
go in and talk to them. – So how many times do you walk by this and not pick up anything? – You ain’t today– – I don’t understand
it, what do you do here? – ‘Cause I’m the only person in here. I’m not a server, I’m a bartender. – You know the more you talk, the more of an idiot you sound like. You walk by it and didn’t– – I didn’t walk by shit. – End of story. – Check me out though (mumbling), the whole point of all this shit, why he telling you what he telling you is, that’s coming out of my pocket. – [Man] Bar Rescue, new
season premiers Sunday March 1 at 10 on Paramount Network.

100 Replies to “Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Gets Help From Taffer | Bar Rescue”

  1. WeeZ Montana says:

    That shit looks so raw 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💯

  2. BLACK shirts says:

    Never hire homeboys or family..

  3. kyle allen says:

    this shit look scripted and corny as a muhfucka

  4. sam hawkz says:

    Luckily its just money coming out lynch pocket. If that was some skittles! Beast mode should whoop dat ass

  5. giovanni Anjilow says:

    The Bartender bout to feel like JAZZ ON FRESH PRINCE 👑 😂

  6. Bryan Jones says:

    This all fake!! Everyone is an actor!

  7. A Rob says:

    Stop taking them chickens out of lynch pockets….

  8. Eric Blake says:

    49er all day 😁🤣

  9. Shawn Quinones says:

    Idk if its just me but for whatever reason i can't properly enjoy the show without some good food a beverage and a blunt before watching the madness unfold.

  10. psamocybin cubensis says:

    Protect yo 🐓
    Translation for whites- establish a well rounded income.

  11. GuttaThugg says:

    Men will respect a certain tone and eye contact.

  12. SAINT 65 says:

    Lynch lays down the law!
    "Must See TV"

  13. Jay dineroo_ says:

    I been here before😂😂

  14. U Tube Surfer says:

    Is this for real? Wow!

  15. ckendall67 says:

    That bartender better hope he's just here so he doesn't get fined….LOL 😉

  16. adam shoe says:

    which bar is this ?

  17. Ran Shechter says:

    I hated Lynch on the field (because he was so unstoppable in his prime) but other than that I've got nothing but respect for the guy.
    What he did with his post game press comments was brilliant. Choosing the right words to make sure everyone pays attention to it, it gets repeated on media, by fans, comments on videos. His reach with those comments was much bigger than if he just said "be smart with your money and your health". If anyone thinks that wasn't completely by design…

  18. TheWopper78 says:

    Love Marshawn Lynch!!!!!!! Respect that man he’s the one and only………… Beast

  19. TheWopper78 says:

    And he’s cool. Hehehehehe

  20. Eli T6i says:

    shiiiit, i can’t miss this 😂😂

  21. Bryan Schneck says:

    Mfer acting all loud til Marshawn shut his ass up lol

  22. WhoThatNigga OnThatNag says:

    Take care of y'all chicken.

  23. Pascal Nazaire says:

    Where can I watch the whole episode lol

  24. HFR83 says:

    You messin up his chicken bruh

  25. jay awesome says:

    When lynch switched up I almost started cleaning my house

  26. ryan says:

    "I'm just here so I don't get fined."

  27. PigRandle McNary says:

    Storytelling in a format all can understand.. When being nice and politely asking takes a back seat.. Shhhhh gets reaL

  28. Kali ‘ says:

    I'm here so I wont get fined..

  29. A Simple Life says:

    I'm watching this one for sure!

  30. John Doe says:

    Can't wait

  31. Darin Brown says:

    Marshawn will always be a GOAT. No matter what endeaver he chooses.

  32. RR Ralph says:

    Shit just got real

  33. Trunk Shoes says:

    Beast Mode > Walker Texas Ranger 😎

  34. Faith Kings says:

    Love Marshawn but after seeing pics of his place I took it off my list to visit

  35. LuckeeManiac says:

    1:02…Beast Mode Activated

  36. Goose Dubby says:

    Lynch like, "bruh, yell in my face like that 1 time."

  37. michael victor says:

    Lesson #1. Don’t take money outta marshawn’s pockets

  38. Sinic says:

    marshawn will always be my favorite player

  39. DragonmanX90 says:

    Thank God; I was afraid the series was cancelled!

  40. SH 95 says:

    M.L looks like hes his own damn body guard. Changed the others attitude quick

  41. Corona light says:

    I must see this

  42. Floating Egg YT says:

    Must watch. On the calendar 💪

  43. Floating Egg YT says:

    He don't play games when it involves his doe. For real he hasn't spent a dime of the money he makes playing only spends endorsement money

  44. Bryant Mention says:

    The look Lynch gave him @ 1:05 is PRICELESS but can be painful lol

  45. Latonya's Bonnet says:

    Dude taking money out of our pockets! Marshawn is bae!

  46. Oteon Bordenave says:

    That boy whole attitude changed! I’m tuning in anything marshawn is on! Realist to do it!

  47. BLACKangel23 2 u says:

    That is why family and friends don’t mix in business. Then they will have the nerve to ask you to hook them up with a job. Nope…you didn’t have one when I met you so, no thanks.

  48. John Otis says:

    Beastmode said more in that minute than he did his whole NFL career.

  49. Danimous says:

    I fucking have to see this

  50. MR. Marz says:

    Marshawn. Homie will devour alot of people in a street fight. Word ☝

  51. VisionShotFilms says:

    Way early promotion

  52. Wade DeVinney says:

    Marshawn Lynch: the wisest idiot to ever grace the Earth

  53. Quay Robinson says:

    Jon taffer plus marshawn for security ? God damn !

  54. Bleacher McAdams says:

    1:04 I really that ML was going to kill that man

  55. funkyflights says:

    Lynch is a good guy to use, he’s intimidating that’s for sure… &)@$ trying to take his chicken ….

  56. T MO says:

    When men stand boys sit down!

  57. Rosalind Hampton says:

    Two tall nice built strong men 😉

  58. 13755md says:

    Yes. It got real when Lynch said its coming out my pocket.. Checkmate!

  59. IRON5 says:

    Marshawn Lynch is this generations Jim Brown a no nonsense individual…

  60. Breakdown God says:

    1:03 dude in back looking like yea bih that Marshawn lynch!! talk that shit now, get em marsh lmaoo

  61. Too Much Sauce says:

    Marshawn got real East Oakland with bruah bruah

  62. Worst1nThaLobby says:

    Dude better be careful, Marshawn 'bout that action boss.

  63. Jeff Wright says:

    Love this. More beast mode!

  64. Tony Tiramasu Ferg says:

    Lol can't wait

  65. June Boys says:

    Marshall Lynch is one person who you should not be messing with he's a great guy

  66. Oct. 13 1917 says:

    C'mon taffer, you in da town boy we dont play that yellin shit
    We get busy

  67. Luiee H says:

    Dam homeboy got checked real quick

  68. steelcity9778 says:

    you messing with my man's chickens

  69. mrgreenshoota says:

    He was my employee wouda fired em on the spot eint got times for no clown messing with my money or business

  70. Andrae X says:

    Dirty ass butt cheeks 😂😂

  71. Cheki Hill says:

    YouTube. Cheki Hill

  72. Mr C says:

    This gonna be dope, used to watch Taffer heavy.

  73. Mr C says:

    Wish most adults were like John Taffer.

  74. Dewayne White says:

    When you are trying to help people and this is the thanks he gets!!!

  75. Sal Martin says:

    88 people passed instead of giving it to beast mode on the 1yd

  76. Omara 13ey says:

    The way dude acting behind the bar is very unprofessional. Drinking on the job, rapping and boasting. Mr.Lynch can do that son, not you, glad you got knocked off your high horse because u was doing to much like a lot of my brothers. Respect that man establishment and treat it like the gold that it is. Mr.Lynch has a lot on his shoulders and no one should take it for granted. I hope the brother still works there and is able to prove himself moral and upright standing. Inshallah.

  77. aedge9 says:

    Will be the Highest rated episode

  78. Team HMOA says:

    This what happens when you try to give your old home boy pookie and them a job from the hood lol

  79. rikkierikkie says:

    No football " don't yell at my sissy son " moms in this bar 😛

  80. Lucky Jackson 2020 says:


  81. Chris Munoz says:

    "that's coming out of my pocket"
    Me: oh shit he done fucked with beasts chicken and he finna eat

  82. Gary Brabbs says:

    March mother fawking first bring it on.

  83. random person says:

    At the very end i cant help but laugh at jons stare from behind Marshall, idk why it just makes me laugh

  84. Erich Weiler says:

    Lynch and Taffer. That's one ass kicking I'd rather not be a part of

  85. Cali G says:

    I knew lynch was about to hulk smash some shit when he said "check this out cuhz"

  86. Something Clever says:

    Everybody praising lynch. He’s just a ignorant black man that got a few fat checks and now he’s doing what they do best, pissing it away

  87. Gerard Williams says:

    If u tryna run a business and about business…mfer woulda been fired on the spot after watching the camera. Period.

  88. VillainNews says:

    Shoot, I haven’t seen bar rescue since 2011.

  89. Jack Dawson says:

    The bartender is my cousin Dante from the Dubs 😂😂😂😂 510

  90. Simon M says:

    Lynch ruined skittles I respect his foot ball career but I hate him for the skittles shit

  91. Sonya Boyd says:

    Anybody know wat episode in season this is

  92. EssDot Betts says:

    At 0:56 the black bartender cuts a 2 second promo as hulk Hogan

  93. Queenz Scott says:

    When does this episode come on?

  94. James Allen says:

    The last thing I would do is take money out of Marshawn Lynch's pocket.

  95. JuniorMint says:

    Who is that guy?

  96. Fire&Ice909 says:

    Where's the dishwasher in these episodes? Mean to say that restaurants don't hire dishwashers anymore?

  97. Sidewayz Gnome says:

    Marshawn Lynch telling John he will be an alright coach in the league, John would won a Superbowl because he would run the ball instead of passing on the goal line

  98. xavier rivera says:

    Ii so what episode is this shit looking awesome

  99. micjakes1 says:

    It all ended right there.

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