Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #8: Imagining Islands

We’ll have a rough idea of the footprint of the island how large we want it to be how high we want it to be the overall shape and idea about this island will be like that there will be a large ridge here or there will be a large cavern you go into or something that’s it we get the terrain and then the major height changes pretty much how we want it to start with and then that gets playtested a little bit but not a massive amount at that stage yeah you want to playtest it for the amount of time it takes to walk from one place to another place or what views you can get from certain angles Thieves’ Haven is a good example of how that initial playtesting can kind of prove that an island can be way too big and so we actually just chopped it in half but obviously once we’ve got the size roughly how we want it we can then start laying on the landscape and the terrain and start blocking out the rock forms which is really important at that stage as well because although we have to think about the top-down silhouette for the map we also have to think about the silhouette from a distance you want it to look cool near a sunset yeah so it plays up on the horizon that’s the moment you’re looking for and then it’s recognisable on the map and recognisable when they’re sailing around on the boat and then once we’re happy with that phase that’s when we start layering on the foliage and all the I’d say mid-level detail so the trees and the bushes and things like that the smaller rocks and then once we’re happy with that we’ll start layering on some of the smaller detail like the pebbles and the ground cover paint and yeah then we’ll add another layer of art on top of that which is the areas of interest which is these little stories that make the world feel a bit more believable and feel a bit more lived-in for instance on Thieves’ Haven there’s been a rockslide so you see all these rocks in the sea below and then obviously sometime after the rockslide someone put a wooden walkway on top so it makes it feel like things have a history behind them I think that’s a good thing with the lore stuff in the islands is that some are more remote and nobody’s probably set foot on them before and then others feel a little bit more as though pirates have been there before they’ve inhabited it they’ve created these walkways things have been built and rebuilt and destroyed in a battle yeah it’s just adding that little bit more finesse to those areas really in everything we do we try to create a fun experience for the player and try to immerse them completely into the world of Sea of Thieves yeah just like the ship battling and the other fun stuff we can do in Sea of Thieves we want to make the islands as memorable exactly

31 Replies to “Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #8: Imagining Islands”

  1. The Crow's Nest says:

    That new footage though! 😀 Thieves Haven looks like the sort of place I'll be spending countless hours exploring every nook and cranny- can't wait!

  2. a says:

    Finally some interesting news again!

  3. Ian L. Lee says:

    my daily dose of yarrrrrr

  4. Sergiodelbetis says:

    Day 273: we still don't have a release date xD

  5. jaque mesrn says:

    Looks great. I've got a great feeling about this game. Please take your time and do your best.

  6. ShintyShinto says:

    I'm as hard as a rock right now. Gimme more. NOW.

    Seriously, I love this game so much.

  7. Chad McCanna says:

    I'm so happy to see that the tableaus are something you're really focusing on as enriching the world. Those subtle details are a hallmark in all Rare's titles, and they definitely make the worlds believable. We found a few in the E3 build, but I'm genuinely excited to try and reverse engineer the story behind each of them.

    It was also fascinating hearing about the increasingly granular passes the artists take for each island, going from MVP into a polished final result. Man, I love this stuff. Can't wait for the next Inn-Side!

  8. Tom Parker says:

    Can't wait to get my hands on this!

  9. bogie170 says:

    Looking forward to this game!!!! Arrrrrrr!!

  10. Seblastian says:

    The points of interest are amazing. I love seeing that you guys are working hard at that. Those are the things to keep playing immersed.

  11. XDLugia says:

    Hell yeah!

  12. kodansha0 says:

    Soldier 76 at 0:08

  13. L.M Beck says:

    i would like to see this game in 3rd person view, so i can make my pirate look awesome, or make ir like skyrim 1 person view and can switch to 3rd person if you'd like.

  14. IDKENG BUTISUPP45 says:

    Ohhh cmon guys release the beast release an alpha.

  15. Angel Azcona says:

    Can make a vídeo of 007GoldenEye?

  16. Incen Kong says:

    with every Video im more abd more hyped! I NEED 2 play this Game

  17. Pedro Henrique Alves says:

    The only concern I might have with this game is that it looks empty. No NPCs, no animals… I'm afraid it might be a boring world to explore. Hope they prove me wrong cause I'm super hyped for this game.

  18. blasphammer says:

    looks beautiful, hope the release isn't too distant!

  19. BLOODNUT87 says:

    cant wait

  20. Papa Squats says:

    I really hope that you and your crew can like claim an Island as their base which they spawned back at every time they die after being on the ghost ship and I think it would also be cool if you could fight against other crews for their Islands.

  21. marcje007 says:

    It looks fun, but it feels more like a interactive chatbox then a real game.

  22. Shroom says:

    Hello Rare Ltd Always bin a huge fan of rare and i just realy need to know this for this game do you need a good computer or not realy if you need beast computer i will still get a beter pc to get this game 🙂

  23. Jessie D says:

    I hope they add fishing to the game at some point.


    Thanks for shaping my childhood, Rare! My favorite game of all time is Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. It has completely changed my life and it wouldn't exist without you guys. I adore your work so much and I'm glad to see another game coming from my all time favorite VideoGame company. Thank you all for leaving a big impact on the lives of me and many others, it means a ton!

  25. SeizedVirus53 says:

    Good work rare

  26. BLU3S 65 says:

    There is a lot you can do with the islands – after watching this my head is exploding with island ideas!  Looking great guys, great job!

  27. pastuh says:

    Give me map editor 🙂 I will create for you map.

  28. VideoJamesNZ says:

    The map looks fantastic! Can't wait to get my grubby mits on this game 😄

  29. CharlieToof says:

    Give that editor to me right now! I'm gonna create tons of island!!

  30. Chad M says:

    Islands are oddly lifeless

  31. Pacboy Gaming says:

    Banjo kazooie

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