Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #15: Phil Spencer in the Tavern!

[Craig] We’re obviously here at Rare [Phil] Yeah [Craig] First time in a while but it’s good to
have you here [Phil] First time in too long [Craig] Played the game earlier [Phil] Yeah [Craig] Just on the game I tried to kill you I think your crew rallied to your [Phil] No no my superior gameplay ability played out [Craig] That’s not the story I remember but I think your crew rallied to save you and get in front to make sure that we can’t have our Head of Xbox being killed by Rare’s Studio Head ‘cos that would [Phil] So what happened [Craig] I jumped onto your ship [Phil] Yeah [Craig] I said where’s Phil [Phil] Yeah [Craig] As I went to find you Dave McCarthy
tried to kill me Mike Chapman tried to kill me [Phil] You’re saying try [Craig] I defeated both of them and then I
defeated Shelley and then I died and I don’t know who killed me but we had fun there were some good stories [Phil] Yeah it was great it was a lot of fun [Craig] So what does it mean to you you’ve played it a number of times now [Phil] Yeah I’m playing in some of the take-home
weekend builds that you push out getting to play here at the studio with the
team is always fantastic the energy that you guys have for the product
that you’re building is infectious and I think this shows not only as I talk
to people and see the passion people are putting into the game but also
how it shows up in the game itself and we see a lot today that people enjoy
playing together and you’re building such a magical experience
for people to go out on the open seas and have a great
time together [Craig] Yep the magic bit that’s always whenever
we have people come and play it’s just they finish playing and then it’s
all hey did you see me do this did you see me jump off the ship did you see
me fight those skeletons it’s just that kind of storytelling moment [Phil] But I do think that it’s our job
ours as a team together is to create something that I can enjoy
playing by myself I can enjoy playing with my friends I can enjoy playing against my friends that sense of minute-to-minute achievement
that I have through successfully thwarting your attack on our ship but also the long-term achievement when I think about the history of Rare and
some of the amazing games that have come out of this place the team
has a really great capability of capturing a unique style and humour and accessibility to the way a game looks and getting the short-term engagement and
the long-term engagement right and I love the fact that we’re taking Rare one of the historic studios in gaming and you guys are trying to do something new
creating a new IP it’s always risky a ton of fun but also a
ton of challenge trying to build a game you’ve never built before [Craig] Absolutely [Phil] In a way that you’ve never built it before and I think that’s what we should be doing
in first-party and I think it’s great growth in Rare
and it’s fun to be part of it [Craig] Yeah and I think for us it’s
building a new IP is hard and building it in a very public way with
our community it is liberating but I think even having your support the support of the Xbox leadership team just on Rare setting out to go build a new IP to go build something that we want to become
a new franchise for first-party I think it’s very bold and it’s something
that needs a lot of smarts and effort and commitment for us to go do [Phil] Yeah, and I get the team coming back with we have a new idea about what we would like
to go build something that’s uniquely Rare uniquely ours I always bet on the passion of the team [Craig] Yeah [Phil] That’s what shows in the end [Craig] I think for us building a game in a new way that appeals to lots of different gamers that people will talk about fondly in years to come in the same way they talk about some of
Rare’s legacy [Phil] I think the team is doing a really
amazing job with the way you’re bringing the community
along the journey I mean things you do like this
your blogs that you post games are one of the few art forms out there where you can bring the community along and
your product gets better yes there’s focus testing for movies and things but the interactivity and the way that as a player I impart myself on the games that I play and
the way that I play them and who I choose to play them with if it’s
a socially based game I love the fact that games themselves can
be so community-driven and we’re sitting here in the same continent
as Mojang with Minecraft which they have to manage and get to manage
with a great community and I think we’re on a journey with Sea of Thieves and the way that Rare has engaged their community
and grown it and I know I get asked hey I didn’t get in
I didn’t get in I want to go play you know the team is managing their technical
capability [Craig] Yep [Phil] Creative roadmap and the community
at the same time and we’re gonna learn [Craig] Yeah [Phil] We’re gonna learn a ton but I think it’s absolutely the right thing
for the team to be doing and I think you’re doing a really good job at it [Craig] Yeah and you’re right it’s all about learning I think what we always talk about as leaders
but I think what’s super-important to our players is to know that our intentions are always to do the best thing for them [Phil] Yeah [Craig] And we’re always trying to scale up we invite a ton more people in like if we
have issues we’re testing things out so we can fix them so we can make sure we have a great play experience so everything we add every feature
every aspect of the game is all trying to make Sea of Thieves the best
game it can be [Phil] And you and I have spent a lot of time
even during this trip thinking about how can we let more people in
in a structured way [Craig] Yep [Phil] That makes sense given what we have
but also what we need to manage and where we need to get in terms of delivering
a full AAA game experience [Craig] Yeah [Phil] That’s a balance [Craig] Yeah and I think that’s why you talk
about doing something new it was our intention from day one I remember the first pitch you and Kudo in the room [Phil] Dang Kudo [Craig] We should share that video one day [Phil] He’s a bad dude [Craig] That first that was the quote [Phil] Was it [Craig] That first pitch was we want to let
players in early and I think we all kind of looked at each
other in the room and didn’t really know what that meant [Phil] No [Craig] We were just like okay to build this game
in the way that we want to build it we can’t just do it based on our own vision
and building it and then hope players will like it we’ve got to
bring players in along the way [Phil] And that’s coming up on three years ago right [Craig] Yeah end of 2014 [Phil] Yeah so you think about the investment
that we’ve made with a studio the size of Rare over this amount of time
to go build a real great first-party new franchise but yet also saying I want to
engage our player base our community Rare fans Xbox fans
gamers in a new way and even during that time you’ve seen growth
in what it means to build a game that way we’ve seen games like Ark and Astroneer and
the Game Preview programme on Xbox and obviously PC doing really engaging communities
in a different way and I love seeing Rare as part of the
learning that gaming is going through [Craig] Yeah and even adding to that watchable
content and you’ve got all these fantastic content creators [Phil] Yeah [Craig] That will build content for their own communities
and they have their own almost ecosystems around them of people that
watch their content and are interested in the games they play and
we’ve been lucky to have some come into Rare that are interested in Sea of Thieves and
give us some great feedback [Phil] It’s a beautiful game to watch and
the being on the ocean landing on an island and also I don’t know what you call it
I call it the asymmetric co-op of players coming together and doing different things also means that as a viewer there might be
certain parts of what someone does that’s the thing I’m really interested in
which I think opens up a ton of cool experiences I know the team has been spending a lot of
time with the Beam team [Craig] Yeah yeah absolutely I was just going to say that [Phil] Thinking about unique evolutions and
innovations in the space of people who want to watch in
a different way than maybe you do today [Craig] Yeah [Phil] And I think that interaction between
our platform and our service and our first-party studios usually leads
to some pretty cool things happening and I’m really encouraged by what I hear in
the early ideas [Craig] Yeah and I just love that notion of
just how easy we’re making that as well so just that notion of streaming straight
from the dashboard as soon as you’re playing the game [Phil] Yeah [Craig] Like is super cool now I know we can’t do that right now ‘cos
we’re under NDA and I think even the note you sent me the
other day is like hey the sunsets look beautiful can I tweet
a picture of this [Phil] And you say no [Craig] And I say no and it’s really because we’re still adding
things to the game we’re still not probably quite at the point yet
where we think there’s enough stuff [Phil] The most protective are always the creators [Craig] Yeah that’s it and until we feel that
the experience is like the experience is great but we want it to
be amazing [Phil] Yeah [Craig] And then when people start sharing
and talking about it [Phil] But I also think this is a multi-year
journey for us [Craig] Yeah [Phil] And while it has been multi-year to
get to this point and I’m encouraged by what we’ll see this year the thinking about this as a long-term growth
for the franchise for Rare and frankly our service and platform
you have to go into it that way [Craig] Yeah [Phil] And frankly you have to build your opportunity and ability to invest through that lens it’s not how do we get to launch
it was a decade ago [Craig] Yeah [Phil] You know it’s different now [Craig] Different world now [Phil] So when we think about this game and
you and I go through the roadmap this is a game that lives for multiple years
in front of us and you have to have that approach and we’re
going to grow it we’re gonna learn there’ll be things that
we don’t do as well as we wish and there’ll be areas that emerge that we
had no idea people would be interested in and we’ll go chase on those things [Craig] Yep [Phil] And I think that’s all part of what
we’re trying to do here [Craig] Yeah and you know we’ve built a great
foundational capability we’ve been releasing weekly [Phil] Yeah [Craig] We’ve been bringing players in we’ve
built a platform to make sure that as we add players in they get a great
experience and it’s performant [Phil] Well and sometimes it’s not [Craig] Yeah [Phil] Right we’ve had matchmaking issues [Craig] And then we fix them and we move on [Phil] That’s right and that’s part of it and
thanks to the community for being along that journey with us we want to make sure those kinds of issues are out of the system as much as we can see [Craig] Yeah absolutely [Phil] And this community-driven is as much about probably not as much about Rare building its social and service capability
as it is about the creative and those things working hand-in-hand and the technical stuff ‘cos the work you guys are doing around our new platforms and the stuff I see you’ve got a lot of balls in the air [Craig] Yeah [Phil] But it’s good [Craig] Wouldn’t have it any other way but
really great to have you and the team here obviously we spent a lot of time talking about
the future opportunities for Sea of Thieves which I’m super-excited about which we shouldn’t
talk about here ‘cos we’re being filmed [Phil] Oh is that what these cameras are [Craig] But you know really excited about
the roadmap and like I say it’s great to have the support of you and
the leadership team and just challenging us and challenging us
to be better but also you know buying into the journey and the vision we
have for Sea of Thieves [Phil] Well thanks I’ve worked with Rare since
they became part of Microsoft I was one of the early people to get on the
boat and come over here with the Stampers I think the first game I shipped with Rare
was Star Fox on the GameCube funny enough [Craig] Wow [Phil] And then being with the studio as we
went through Grabbed by the Ghoulies and the launch games on 360
what studio does two launch games that’s crazy but they did it with
Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo the Viva Pinata years and I just think it’s
been great to see Rare grow this opportunity for me to work with
Gregg Mayles yourself the talented team here people who have a long history in gaming
a long history at Rare to try and go do something new is absolutely
the kind of risks that we should be taking [Craig] Yep [Phil] And I love what we see ‘cos I think
the payoff is going to delight millions of people and it’s gonna be fun getting from where we
are to the final finish line [Craig] Yeah [Jon] Hey thanks for watching if you enjoyed what you just saw then please
like and subscribe to our channel and check out some more of our weekly videos and if you’re interested in the game’s development
then click the link down here and join our Insider Programme for a chance
to play the game early don’t worry I’ll just wait here

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