Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #13: The Voyage System

There’s a combination of different elements
that we use to tie the voyages together so there’s both audio and visual
so the visual stuff we’re pulling in basically the voyage name and then
the player names as well we specifically wanted to call out each player that was on the voyage at the start of the game to showcase that they’re the stars of the show and then It also puts you all up there together as a crew so you feel like right this is my crew Yeah it’s a cool moment when you
see your name pop up And the music playing over that really sets the tone and then each time you progress along that journey you get more audiovisual cues that
take you along that journey and help define the mood of it being an adventure So when we first started putting quests
into Sea of Thieves they were very much just singular maps that led to a singular island and that was it And that was really fun doing the quests
was really fun but we wanted to put a more fulfilling
feeling of adventure in there so players felt like they’d start at the
start of an adventure and it would progress and move on
and then they would finish it so that’s where the voyage system came in and layered on top of the quests that we’d created I mean the voyage system allows us to create
many different types of voyage but we found that when we were first testing it out hopping between islands and having a
nice balance between staying in the ship and then jumping off and adventuring on the islands was a good balance and that’s where we started Yeah the system is really powerful
it allows us to basically create any length of voyage we can make a voyage that’s a singular map that
goes to one island that’s very near to where you start
and then that’s it or we can create a voyage that if we wanted to visit every island in the entire world It was built in a very modular system
wasn’t it so that we could have this flexibility to listen to
community feedback and perhaps shorten or lengthen voyages or add certain voyages in at certain times
for if we want to react to what people are liking and
what they’re not liking Obviously longer-term different voyages
may well offer different incentives for players
different rewards for players so players are going to be able to progress
through voyages themselves and also have some choice over what
types of voyages they want to go on Yeah and one of the cool things is that the
more things that we add to the sandbox the more fulfilling the voyage system gets
and vice versa so they both kind of work off each other if we add new features here then
it serves it over here Yeah if we add a new quest type then
that just slots into our voyage system and suddenly players will be able to go on voyages that include those types of quests so although the voyage system is this
basis that gives players a goal if they want it to go on
while they’re in Sea of Thieves all the things that we’re adding into the world
enrich that voyage that you’re going on going on these adventures with your crew bonding together and sharing these
stories along the way Yeah and I think the structure behind the
voyage and the presentation as well help really reinforce that sense of adventure

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  1. Skadfled says:

    First like yay 😀

  2. OMWDA says:

    Second comment

  3. TheUselessPotato DE says:

    I want to play this super awesome Game😂

  4. jephrenman says:

    Excellent insight. Also, I dig the new video thumbnails!

  5. jalbaugh24 says:

    When can we expect to hear a release date?

  6. Jack Newstead says:

    This game looks like it could be game of the year 2017

  7. Kenny Roy says:

    ohhhhh GREAT, ANOTHER GREAT ANTICIPATING VIDEO TO GRIND THE GEARS LONGER TILL RELEASE! My poor depleting soul needs on board already.

  8. João Pedro says:

    You guys should try to release this close to the Pirates of The Caribbean movie. I really see this game being the next big hit in game industry. Gotta make a lot big Youtubers play it to. This game has a huge potential for content creation just like Minecraft.

  9. GuikiNerdi says:

    this great!
    thx for the game guys! ❤

  10. RuTube says:

    Wow that was close. I saw a Sea of Thieves announcement and think that it's being cancelled. Glad this is still alive.

  11. Shroom says:


  12. Chopy360 says:

    Pleseeee send me a invitation for Alpha, this weekend. I'm in Insiders program since months ago.

  13. K. K. says:

    it looks like GTA but at sea and pirate-ish

  14. Dopekillagamer7 says:

    I hope they add ship upgrades

  15. Sir Jo Jo IIVII says:

    Take a shot everytime the say voyage

  16. Brandon Rutledge says:

    I just want to get into the alpha Arrrrrghhh so excited non-the-less!

  17. Benjie Leshansky says:

    This actually looks like "No Mans Sky" except not terrible.

  18. Rubens Mateus F. de Oliveira says:

    1:17 OMG! WHAT IS THIS! I NEED THIS GAME NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! I hope have a good story (=

  19. DramaLlama says:

    I didn't realize until now that both of these senior designers were husband and wife.

  20. It's high noon says:

    Music is awesome

  21. Chef Buck says:

    So hype about the technical alpha tomorrow. So hype i got picked

  22. ShintyShinto says:

    Will there be thunderstorms/rain? I think dynamic weather would go down well.

    Please make everything feel dynamic and 'alive'. Have the plants and vegetation dance to the wind – and the palm trees sway in the breeze – flapping faster as the wind grows stronger. Having grass and shrubs react to player characters who brush past them would make it feel more alive too.

    Birds on the horizon, parrots and other typical pirate wildlife is a must for immersion btw. It'd be cool if a player could speak into their microphone to a parrot and have it repeat what they just said, lol, just for fun.

  23. T0mThompson says:

    What can i do with the Ingame Gold? Build my Char, Ship, Crew, clothes?

  24. Steve Mayne says:

    I really love this. If I'm understanding this correctly the idea is that I'll start at one point in the adventure and have to go somewhere to retrieve something, a map, a key, a ships log, the top of the staff of Ra, and then use that to move to a second point to get a further clue in the chain, and so forth to the final point in the adventure is really fascinating to me. It gives a real sense of adventure and excitement.
    I also love, love, love the title cards. Even the brief one that popped up for Shipwreck Cove gave a sense of danger, excitement, and progress. I can see that the chapter headings themselves are almost a reward for moving forward.
    I do wonder though, you talk about different incentives for longer voyages, so far all we've seen is gold as a reward. Will there ever be other things offered or findable? Ship upgrades, costume pieces, mystic weapons, and, if so, will they be purely cosmetic (which is fine) or will they have some in game effect?

  25. MuscledRMH says:

    We still know so little about this game… I still don't even know what type of game it is!

  26. RadActiveLobster says:

    I hope the voyage name, player names, location names, etc… don't take of the screen too often. We don't want the same issue as No Man's Sky where "Milestone" UI elements take over your game for 10 seconds and annoy the hell out of you.

  27. Kostas Kostas says:

    When is this comming out for pc. How much will it cost and will there be an open beta so i can test it before i buy it?

  28. Kostas Kostas says:

    Would be awesome to start with a small ship and buy new bigger ones once you sell treasures for gold. Variety of ships would be awesome. Its lame when all the ships look the same. And what about buying pets for your crew.. Like a monkey or a parrot that walks around the ship. And we could name the pets too. The ideas i give… you guys should give me a free copy for that lol. This game looks promising

  29. gameterminal says:

    this game looks insane, especially the water.  love it!

  30. Smiley Police says:

    I hope to see quest for stuff like legendary weapons and apparel

  31. Quintro Gaming says:

    aye be excited for this here game yarr

  32. AK- 47 says:

    can i play from pc?pls send me

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    See Blackwake… SOT rip off? Already out setting the pace in the pirate genre

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  35. Neville Robertson says:

    This game going to be 720p as usual on the budget gpu media box?

    But at least cable TV TV TV and Kinect features are full 1080p right

  36. Muikelo says:

    Cant wait! Im so gonna roleplay Strawhat pirates :3 Captaain Usopp!!

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    NOOO looks like WOW graphic. I'm so done with cartoonish graphic for a while

  38. Ian L. Lee says:

    are the cannons now shooting straight?

  39. Caleb Khoshnoodi says:

    i think sea of thieves will be a extremely awesome game!

  40. Robert Cortinas says:

    does anybody know any youtubers who play the early release and upload sea of thieves content recently.

  41. Spike Hunter says:

    I really wanna sign up for the insider program but my xbox account is messed up so it wont let me

  42. rebel 010 says:

    When is this game coming out i am really greedy😂

  43. TheChaotiCake says:

    This is the first game I'll preorder in my life, so hyped! It reminds me so much of RuneScape, which was basically my life as a child. The songs remind me of Port Sarim. <3

  44. Kaprima says:

    Haha nice Try David Guetta! 😀 "Senior Designer"

  45. RetroShock! says:

    David Guetta become a developer.

  46. Tom Allabarton says:

    will this game ever come to PS4 I need it

  47. Meme Machine says:

    Hmm, looks like its only 4 player teams :/

  48. KKmaddafakka says:

    I didn't know David Guetta had started making video games. Cool.

  49. Yon Sire Liege says:

    The devs just keeping eye contact with each other the whole time, trying not to even face the camera once, just makes me feel like I'm totally spying in these guys through me peep hole

  50. Dream Rayz says:

    The voyage system mixed with the cartoony design makes it feel like you and your friends are in a cartoon series. I love it.

  51. Papa PowPow says:

    im very excited to play this game. The big question is… prisoners.. arrgh hargh.. we be needin to take hostages n bargaining for release. If there is walkin the plank best be there prisoners too.

  52. toddi1971 says:

    He got the same haircut like she. 🙂

  53. Marine 4gaming says:

    Is the kraken being added in the game ?

  54. Elliott Savva says:

    Are they related, married, or are their last names coincidental.

  55. Hif Games says:

    You've gotta appreciate the developers kinda look like pirates themselves. Is it just me? Picture them in pirate costumes. It fits so well.

  56. Jerome Van Vynckt says:

    I have the alpha but i don't know how to start a voyage. after you buy chapter one i don't know how to acces it

  57. Spencerinspace says:

    Is this part of the golden banana quest?

  58. rico311 says:

    anyone else get here because of banana quest? lol

  59. Fred Beebe says:


  60. Mark T. says:

    Banana quest term: "a voyage" ? FIts the riddle

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  63. Napoleon says:

    This doesn't help with #5

  64. Splat says:

    Watching for Lucky Thirteen… nothing stands out to me in this video though. Gonna keep digging…

  65. Cole Aton says:

    I think it’s “a voyage”

  66. BlasainLounge says:

    Golden Bananas

  67. Jake Bates says:


  68. Adam McManus says:

    i think its something in the comments because of the "where side stories be told"

  69. Brick Master says:

    How does voyage fit in, "Be mindful o' the scurvy if you have _________, but……." "Be mindful o' the scurvy if you have voyage, but…." That doesn't make sense

  70. Michael S. says:

    Hmmm…I even got creative and tried turning captions on to see if something stuck out there, not really. "Beware of scurvy if you have a voyage", I mean, grammatically it works, but it doesn't really make sense in context. hmm….

  71. Viv Dream says:

    Lucky 13 where you at!!!

  72. Shotgun582 says:

    A sense of adventures what you seek for ye voyage is not complete

  73. Xbox Onizam says:

    I've been re-watching the video observing every possible thing I can. Honestly thinking that the clue answer is "The Voyage" however this only makes partial sense. I'm hoping since it'll read "Be Mindful o' the scurvy if you have THE VOYAGE, but ——-" we need clue 6 to determine if it indeed makes sense or not…..unless someone has something completely different

  74. Jorge alonso says:

    anyone here because of clue 5?

  75. Kirk Wenzel says:

    Ily Ceez

  76. Raphael Loh says:

    I would enjoy the voyages more if I had more access to customisation… on my first day I got to a rank 10 merchant sailor and around 7,000gc, if I sold an animal outside of a quest I'd only get like 23gc! I can't personalize my ship because it costs at least 70,000gc, I can't even change her color as far as I know…

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