Santiago de Cuba [JONANG FILMS] Episode (5)

In this episode we are going to be visiting Santiago de Cuba. At the entrance to the bay of Santiago stands the imposing castle of Castillo del Morro. The fortress was built in 1638 before becoming a prison in 1775 and then again a fortress in 1898. Today it houses a naval and piracy museum. The lookouts on the upper part of the castle were used by guards to keep watch. Tourists can now appreciate this setting and take in the stunning views. We got back on board our bus and set off for the Plaza de la Revolution. The square is dominated by a huge
monument created in the 1990’s. Depicting General Maceo on horseback surrounded by 23 stylised machetes. The cemetery of De Santa Ifigenia is a fascinating look at some of Cuba’s leading figures over two centuries. Including the now resting place
of Fidel Castro. Originally built in the shape of a cross and divided into courtyards places were then reserved for people of a higher social standing. We next headed to the site of the Moncada Barracks, scene of Fidel Castros attack on July 26th 1953. Today the building retains the gun fire scars in which 8 died during the attack 55 were taken prisoner some were tortured and executed. The capture of this important strategic building failed, but was successful in increasing public awareness of the young revolutionaries. Coming up next time on our Cuban Adventure! It’s Angie’s birthday so we enjoy a day at the Paradisus spa. SURPRISE! A special sunset meal awaits
the birthday girl.

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  1. 31i55a R3n33 says:

    watching from canada ♥

  2. LifeAnimatedChannel says:

    Love this video because I have been in Cuba before, I just subscribed to you guys 🙂

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