Sah Inn Paradise 2017: Having fun!

The beach Are you going to film in the water? I did it! Don’t do that Is it dead? It’s a dead wasp Yes, it’s dead, can’t save it anymore We are going to ride a bit on a quad, about half an hour something fun to try out so let’s have a look at how it goes Walk behind that lady Hamzah… Is this really sand or is it earth? It’s a bit sandy Open up the throttle a litte bit… You like it hamzah? YES! It’s fun! YES! Wave! Swimming Do you want to swim in the small pool first? It’s cold! But now it’s better, right? Are you still cold? Yes it is! Show me how you can spin around It really is cold I’m not cold anymore, Hamzah Come, let’s swim Well done papa! You have to be able to put your face in the water Do you want to swim in the large pool? No, it isn’t warm in the large pool

4 Replies to “Sah Inn Paradise 2017: Having fun!”

  1. Umut minecraftta says:


  2. YAK GAMER says:

    Hatta bu sene 1 eylül de oradayım bu arada bu benim yan kanal benim normal kanalda 109.000 civar abone var

  3. Duygu Bilgiii says:

    Ik stond op de achtergrond 😂😂

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