99 Replies to “Rust’s Motel of Junkies”

  1. ChubberJ says:

    Virtual drug addiction and nightclub shootings. Only on General Sam.

  2. Ryan Jones says:

    For some reason toothy had me laughing my ass off

  3. Night Hawk says:

    Subtitles are legendary 10/10

  4. Keltron says:

    We had Aurora, then we had Pulse Nightclub, now we have Aurora Nightclub.

  5. James Cunningham says:

    Ffs love that l4d reference my dude

  6. Lounge God says:

    I died at the end

    I'm a ghost of a victim of the shooting

  7. julio estrada says:

    was that videogamedunkey?

  8. Viaears says:

    Toothy is a savage, I want that guy on my team

  9. bob king says:

    the shooting in the end got me. 😂

  10. Scooby Doo says:

    Smacked watching general Sam… only way to enjoy a Monday

  11. Braden Routh says:


  12. Logan Flowers says:

    Is this what happens when deprived humans slowly lose their sanity on a remote island in butt-fuck nowhere?

  13. savvy 0_0 says:


  14. Jay BaBa says:

    Did not like the joke at the end

  15. RedRaven26_91 says:

    3:54 That is actually terrifying.

  16. Eric Kumbhani says:

    what was that sweet jam at the beginning of the video

  17. cracked man says:

    Motel work looks hard

  18. cracked man says:

    Vertic is getting some flash backs

  19. shark teeth says:

    General Sam is like fat Idubbz but his cancerous energy is released into videogames

  20. Scythe Ren says:

    Three words money. Hungry. Jews.

  21. Nytdiir The Reader says:

    Sam you're so nice.
    Thank you for making so many awesome videos over the years.
    I've followed you for many many years, and no other youtuber has ever caught my attention like you.

    You're awesome man, keep doing you!

  22. that_one_sad_james says:

    The ending lmfao

  23. MG1154 says:

    Ive never heard a child scream "help me" at fucking sam in such a desperate way.

    yeah that was pretty fucking gay.

  24. Daniel Hall says:

    i fucking lost control and started laughing at around 3:00

  25. JiGgSaW KaTo says:

    epic ending

  26. Donovan Mendez says:

    If the music isn't kelpy g I'm not watching the vid

  27. TheGekoGamer says:

    0:00 to 0:09 WHAT ZE FUCK IS THAT

  28. Slothy says:

    That Slothy guy took my name

  29. Dan Mollus says:


  30. Captain Autismo says:

    toothy is a legend

  31. Blaze says:

    Laughed way too hard when toothy came outta no where and threw the rock at those people trying to lure black people in

  32. Spen Cer says:

    The ending 🤭

  33. Дpyr says:

    The Hotel Communist

  34. Aldof Hitler says:

    God damn Jewish Goldstein production

  35. Max says:

    Fake and gay

  36. Nyth Ios says:

    Hah hah HELP ME

  37. Ralsie Dreemurr says:


  38. Your real dad says:

    4:43 had me dying

  39. Dennis Okunyade says:

    The joke at the end I was laughing so hard

  40. Grinch 75R says:

    Take of tour clothes. Now call me papi

  41. dirty brother killer says:

    Meme thief

  42. Spoony Ofsalty says:

    General Sam using an intro made by Sam Hyde. Of course the Jew would steal.

  43. Dr. Ozzy says:

    Not a bad idea

  44. The User says:

    You had the perfect chance to say "execute order 66" at the end there.

  45. Chobane says:

    that ending

  46. SobeCrunkMonster says:

    The characters in that game are so damn ugly

  47. - S I L V A - says:

    Toothy’s scream XD

  48. Booty Consumer says:

    11:40 Jaeger?

  49. poopie man says:


  50. Joshua Clulee says:

    Ending card, das rite

  51. Chandler Isbell says:

    3:21 is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

  52. Reverse John Wick says:

    You put them down. You put them down good, Sam.

  53. Logan Larrabee says:

    what is up with the cc lol

  54. You only Die when you get killed says:

    This turned dark really fast lol

  55. Sorce Rants says:

    Your experience in Rust is like mine irl. "Everyone we met was a fucking degenerate."

  56. HowTo Do says:

    10:43 wtaf

  57. Username- unknown says:

    mmmmm pappy

  58. a_e.00s says:

    nice nod to MDE at the start hahaha

  59. Michael Henderson says:

    "Yo Brian its the aurora nightclub." BANG BANG BANG

  60. Trevor Roberts says:

    Only an Islamic extremist would fall into the pits of virtual drug addiction, work place sexual violence, and the massacre of a room full of people. I salute you good sir, may you never touch bottem and may you only stretch the sides out.

  61. Dragon Loli says:

    can we get a buster brown skin compilation?

  62. Capital Thunder says:

    Figured id watch this before it disappeared….

  63. Augen K says:

    I know this video's old but, does anyone know where I could find that intro music?

  64. AshenBlunts88 says:

    @10:17 if you have closed captions on it will say kawaii instead of why

  65. Serper says:

    3:39 y laught so hard idkw

  66. Dylan Pyon says:

    2:38 clem, GRAKATA GRAKATA

  67. Rohan Sorensen says:

    This is what got me to sub

  68. Edgychumpexe says:

    Is that tucson az

  69. Ben Black says:

    Hey guys… I've been looking around for the past month for General Sam's 500k sub special. It's one of my favorite videos of his, and it seems to have been taken down either by him or by Youtube. Did any of you happen to have it downloaded?

  70. Matt Carlson says:

    fuck there isnt even a nightclub in aurora, just a lot of house parties and meth

  71. sdivine13 says:

    Why do you have to fuck with the CIA?

  72. FutaKet says:

    "toothy is fucking gay"
    "wanted is a bully"

  73. Fränk Lehtla says:

    The first General Sam video i've ever watched, this video is blessed 🙌🙌

  74. toothybubble _ says:

    My name on Xbox is toothybubble4

  75. Abe Dekok says:

    Now this the sort of tribal autism I've been looking for

  76. J b says:

    My drug dealer was late because he got attacked on rust

  77. Michael Sedgley says:

    Has a female ever been seen on rust? Doubt it haha

  78. JiGgSaW KaTo says:


  79. MyNameDanny says:

    3:55 im dying

  80. Lex Delaney says:

    12:07 "Remember… no Russian."

  81. aaron glass says:



  82. Magicw1zrd says:


  83. Jordan Vink says:

    I haven't laughed this hard in a while

  84. Fidelity says:

    Thanks Sam, stealing elements of this vid for the plot of my new screenplay.

  85. Das Whitewulf says:

    id ask for a job application duh

  86. Mc Chaotic Neutral & Rusty Shackleford & Company says:

    Was that MC Chris singing Soulja Boy?

  87. Asbestos says:

    A small business owner defends his livelihood from the crack dealers of the wastes.

  88. Asian retardation says:

    Lil spicy at the end there

  89. Axiom Exodus says:

    the end was the best part haha

  90. Anthony Tonelli says:

    The ending was so dark

  91. Gamers JuG says:

    Telling a naked person to take thier clothes off

  92. Adonis Jenkins says:

    2:50 they’re selling crack behind your hoteeel

  93. Etchedinstone 1 says:

    I have cancer , I’m bald that’s how I know , and my biggest dream is to play with you , make my dream come true .

  94. Richard Hunter says:

    Oh my fucking god that ending was so fucked and so hilarious

  95. JiGgSaW KaTo says:

    personal vav rust

  96. - HAWK - says:

    Waits in line for like 5 mins

    "Hello would you like to rent a room?"

    "Nah I'm good"

  97. Nick C says:

    Oh shit! At 1:52 that's the legendary racist, CHUD, from "Chud's Twain Facts and Mowar"! "Train facts and skin masks." You know the place. It's the only "black-friendly" 'train-facts-and-more' store with the elegant painting of the Nazi Express inside the front window!
    Guys, that's CHUD.
    At 1:52

    Did you know Stalin killed 30 million people?

  98. Ren4issance - says:

    That’s not a hotel. That’s a fucking concentration camp.

  99. Brett Dourrieu says:

    Nice MDE intro

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