98 Replies to “ROOFTOP BAR with 1 EUR BEER in PRAGUE 🔥(Honest Guide)”

  1. bagrmann says:

    Doporučuji navštívit restauraci Ve Mlýně. Trochu zalezlá, s příjemným personálem a úžasnou atmosférou!

  2. Fede M says:

    Janek rapping was so cool! And I would love to know more about popular songs and artists in your country…  please, think about a music tour of Prague! Lots of love from Italy guys!

  3. Jiří Reich says:

    Oproti Praze to je, totálně jiný.

  4. JR M says:

    Coming to Prague for first time in 3 weeks – cannot wait. Your videos are great.

  5. Michael Archangelski says:

    Hey! You’ve asked if you should go deep into suburbs, and I think it’s great idea. Btw do you know the place in Chodov called Free Solo? It’s built into rock climbing school, and they have a rooftop as well, it’s nice place to mention)

  6. Stuart Rhodes says:

    Hi guys, would love to know which metro line, how long from the city centre?

  7. Stuart Rhodes says:

    Hi, I am coming to Prague as a base and touring Europe from there for 2 months from November.

  8. Filip Hornák says:

    Apartment buildings.. Aky vzneseny nazov pre panelaky 😂😂😂😂

  9. Jan Sanik says:

    Prosím více Jizaku!

  10. raul suazo says:

    Very honest. Loved it

  11. Alperen Erol says:

    This video makes me want to play Deus ex again

  12. Oliver Hanzelka says:

    Go to noví svět

  13. kriiistofel says:

    Show us more suburbs! 🙂 And what can we do there while travelling.

  14. Ms Raja says:

    I love Czech Republic 💖 🇨🇿 🇨🇿 so much that I want to go and settle down there. I have been following your channel for over 2 years. Plzz do a video on obtaining Czech citizenship. Who can become Czech citizenships.

  15. Pea Green Boat says:

    Hello Janek. Tomorrow I will leave for Prag, and I have studied your great vlog properly. Give me an advice please. I can not find Dům U Francouzské koruny/188 (former Johann Kepler museum). In google map I see this address somewhere in the backyards between Karlova and Anenska streets. Is there any passage from Karlova to this house? How can i find it in reality? From what street? Thank you very much in advance.

  16. Pea Green Boat says:

    Hello Janek. Tomorrow I will leave for Prag, and I have studied your great vlog properly. Give me an advice please. I can not find Dům U Francouzské koruny/188 (former Johann Kepler museum). In google map I see this address somewhere in the backyards between Karlova and Anenska streets. Is there any passage from Karlova to this house? How can i find it in reality? From what street? Thank you very much in advance.

  17. Matyáš Mokrý says:

    Kdo je z Jižňáku?❤️

  18. Justin Berry says:

    @janekrubes absolutley love the latest video on Kupa 22.patro.
    Just added it to my itinerary for November.  Going  to do my research but can you recommend any other local bars on that area.
    @realHonestGuide please can we have the video of your local areas before November?

  19. Srinivas Iyer says:

    Honest guide its been an year since I visited Prague and did the whole city tour based on your recommendation. We loved it. What made me remind commenting now is that i still follow you guys. Very good channel and please if ever you come to mumbai please connect with me for honest guide👍👍👍

  20. Nigel Brodt-Savage says:

    Heh I was in Prague when this was posted, flew in on the saturday and returned to the UK yesterday. I didnt get this far out , mostly stayed in Prague 1 (minus a trip to the zoo, which I liked and Kelby museum). Thanks for the tip re: Euronet ATM machines! I went with a charge card that I could fill up via my phone with CZKs for most of my spending with notes from a unibank where i couldnt.

  21. Yazied Hafith says:

    Where people lives looks like Soviet buildings!

  22. evancortez2 says:

    can't say much for the architecture in this part of town, everything is pretty much just boxes with windows, just no style whatsoever – were these built during the communist years?

  23. Felipe Teixeira Rodrigues da Silva says:

    yes! Show us more places like this! Please!

  24. Ashish halgekar says:

    Did you miss the bridge?

  25. Ahmad Kader Aga says:

    To už Vám musí hodně docházet nápady, Jižní město snad ne-é, už dojeďte do Olomouce! Pokud nevíte co podniknout Vy párci, dejte mi vědět.

  26. Бхану Аршавин says:

    Have you been next to I p Pavlova?

  27. Vax Wolf says:

    Hi watching from the usa!

  28. Alena Scerbata says:

    give us moooore !!!!

  29. kylie knox says:


  30. EtheR says:

    prague is nice city but there is nothing

  31. skabelpunk says:

    I would love to know some spots outside of the centre! I think you covered the centre pretty good! When I was in Prague I ended up in a drag club near the big TV tower with the lights. We saw an act and it was such a good time! No idea what is was called though. You entered via a little stairs down into a basement.

  32. Hoshang Hamad Amin says:

    You desurve Moore fallowers!! Come on!! Help this amazing dude !! 👌👍👏

  33. sedmo says:

    kupa means ''poop'' in polish lol

  34. thefrankonion says:

    "Prague is a dear little mother with claws."
    – Franz Kafka

  35. Debus005 says:

    Great Video man! I was visiting my best friend last month who lives in that part of prague and absolutly loved it! Was really curious what those twin towers were about 😀 Love Prague!

  36. SHADOW BANNED says:

    I Know the Government worldwide has a Agenda Burning high rise buildings so not a good place if a fire started London was a inside Job / WARNING

  37. MBSTv says:

    Watching from Pakistan …
    Thanks alot for such a informative videos regarding prague … I would love to visit prague at once …

  38. Máté Felnagy says:

    When I was my first trip in Prague. My accomodation is in this district ( hotel opatov? i hope I remember right)

  39. δημος δημοσθενους says:

    I accidentally watched one of your videos about Prague and now I want to watch them all, I visited beautiful Prague 3 times with my wife all ready 2004/2015/2018(always Winter time) and I want to visit it again now (but in spring) just because of your videos! Oh also visit Pardubice.

  40. Raul Castellanos says:

    Do you have kronor bwcuse of historia of Sweden ?

  41. dida dida says:

    This is one of the best episodes. Showing us the real Prague, the type of areas where 2/3 of Prague people live. I like to go to areas like Cerny Most, Kobylisy, Palmovka, Krc or Luziny and discover restaurants, breweries, brutalist architecture or old communist (street) art. There's something special everywhere.

  42. Mauricio says:

    yessss we wanna know more

  43. José Senna says:

    Sad Soviet era statue I hate space stuff it mocks life. But hey have fun in your untouched twin tower I may take nobody there on a date one day.
    Maybe now I can really appreciate why you love being a guide.
    Please Vánek just show me my City
    & anything on the outskirts

  44. Ray Gaming 27890 says:

    Yes more like these places

  45. Darren Chia says:

    Absolutely! I wanna see the suburb of Prague!

  46. Paco says:

    Shit..beer is more expensive in my country and taste like shit xd

  47. Cemal Pence says:

    I am pretty sure this guy is the Czech public agent. Prove me wrong

  48. Luke Van Geuns says:

    100,000 people and there was No one walking around at all , So weird

  49. NP VlogZ says:

    1:16 someone wrote "tvoje mama" witch translates to your mum

  50. M K says:

    ahhhh Christmas is coming and I wanna go to Prague again

  51. WindowsXP Gamer says:

    Prost ( cheers ) 😀 🍻

  52. Martin Menendez says:

    more suburbbssss

  53. Topman 33 says:

    I'm coming to Prague in 2 weeks.
    Can you tell me the best restaurant for a Schnitzel? I've heard they do huge schnitzel's in Prague

  54. Mario C says:

    Omg i was here with my class in senior year, best times ever

  55. Slide Maniac says:

    Jéžišmarja! Já tam bydlel! Eeeeej

  56. Dream_ Team says:

    Ty si z Česka?

  57. Federson says:

    I have read that 2.6 million people (out of 10.5 million) live in prefabricated houses in the Czech Republic.

  58. John Lechner Art says:

    Love how this drops you right into the old Soviet architecture. A great place to visit and explore. Thanks more of these types of places please

  59. IshiAza Ishev says:

    Does Kupa means heart ? like Ace of hearts (kupa)

  60. 18billions says:

    I appreciate his videos so much. When I’m at n Prague next year I don’t have to worry about anything.

  61. Bolo says:

    3:37 nice try but background 🙂

  62. R M says:

    i love your videos because you show the real prague. not the same videos over and over

  63. Taylor Hensson says:

    YES we want more videos about places like this! I'm currently on Erasmus in prague and happen to live in Jižní Město, so it'd be wonderful to know a bit more about its history and places to go! 🙂 Prague is more than Charles Bridge and old town, after all!

  64. ThePablyko says:

    Please do, a believe a lot of people are interested in this futuristic cities of huge soviet buildings! Urban culture too

  65. Kai Whipple says:

    Im an American that was born in Prague and lived for a few years in Dejvice. I’d love to see a video there!

  66. 22ndCenturyBasterd says:

    I'm at the bar now as I write. The waiter is a bit grumpy but service is quick.

  67. Raul B says:

    Thank you for you videos on the 13th of December is my 3rd time going to Prague🥰

  68. Μαρινα καιτ says:

    Yes, please!!!!!!!

  69. Garg710 says:

    Looks so similar to some towns in Poland.

  70. Garg710 says:

    Restaurant Kupa? You know Kupa means poo??

  71. Steve558 _CZ says:

    0:48 i think Jotaro will be sad.

  72. Edik Meliksetyan says:

    Your videos are pretty cool but please do something about that beard.

  73. Richard Bonde says:

    This is my favourite episode of Honest Guide! ❤️

  74. אריאל מצקין says:

    Commieblocks 🤩

  75. Daisy de Miami says:

    YEESSS, sí por favor

  76. boo2oob says:

    A bit overwrought, but I get it, I share your Jizni Mesto nostalgia.

  77. SpotLegends says:

    3:15 Greetings from poland!

  78. Humberto Maldonado says:


  79. Yippie says:

    Modern architecture is ugly. No one likes it. Why do it?

  80. alexandru gradinaru says:

    Visit dump bar ,žižkov:)

  81. TheBlue Gamer says:

    Anyone getting anxiety from the open windows?

  82. Sara Ra says:

    mam rada tvoje videa, bohuzel nesouhlasím s porovnavanim cen. Kazdy bar ma jiny najem, naklady etc. pokud nekde stoji pivo 1 euro tj. 26kc a nekde 35 kc tj. 1,3e coz neni takovy rozdil a je to presne 30 centu….a je treba respektovat i ruzne ceny na trhu…..trh je otevreny, kazdy ma pravo na svoji cenu a sluzbu. Bojovali jsme tu za svobudu tak si ji udrzme a nerikejme lidem at snizi cenu na ukor nakladu.
    Vem si taky, ze cisteni trubek atd neco stoji a jelikoz jsem v CR pracovala x let tak vim, ze levna cena casto znamena i spinave trubky ( ano jsou vyjimky) ci kapace a ruzna sizeni…..atd…..mysli na to! 😉

  83. Tana Burrows says:

    Thank you so much for posting your videos. We are flying to Prague in June to visit our families in Dresden. Prior to viewing your videos, we were not going to stay in Prague but a few hours. Now I have the confidence to venture around the city & we've extended our visit to Prague to a few days. We would also have taken a taxi and now we will use public transport. Thank you from America!

  84. Bottlehunter Explorer says:

    Thanks for a great video. Looking forward to see more from Prague neighborhoods.
    We've found your dolphins statue from 0:48 It is now on the playground, on the corner of Kropáčkova and Mendelova streets.

  85. Kraabs says:

    In czech = Panelák in hungarian = Panelház

    Not much difference, good video!!!

  86. Rassul Fazelat says:

    I love your videos, you really should cover Pocernicky Pivovar
    in Dolni Pocernice
    Narodnich hrdinu 3, Dolni Pocernice 190 12, Czech Republic

    It's next two a small park and Cerny Most Golf Course is on the edge of the Park. Quite possibly the BEST Hovezi Tatarak in all of Praha.

  87. Andy Vokurka says:

    go deepeerrrrrr

  88. Kluran says:

    I’ll be in Prague this summer with my homies, thanks bro for showing this place. We’ll totally visit it!
    Cheers from Poland, Łódź

  89. Markus Duesseldorf says:

    I wonder why the guy at 5:15 at the bottom on the right has an umbrella as it's not raining.

  90. CZECH SLAV says:

    Ahh those high apartments, Im czech and when I go to school I see an apartment block like this that looks like it is gonna fall every second, also the bus is filled with drunk idiots, someone pissed on the floor in the bus stop, I see gopniks drink beer and vodka everyday, Ahh the typical corner of prague…

  91. hintofinsanity says:

    Yes this was a fun video and I would love to learn more about what the non city center parts of Prague are like.

  92. Peter SNXB says:

    Fuj odporný ty betónový džungle bleee

  93. Adéla Sopuchová says:

    I love this, my grandma also used to live in Jižák and as a kid I was also always fascinated by that "skyscraper" with the little bridge and a clock on top! It's a shame they ruined the facade with those ugly colours, back in the day it was just raw grey. Definitely need to check out the rooftop bar next time I'm in the area 😀 and also in winter we used to sleigh down the hills in Central park. Childhood memories!

  94. Martin Kuřil says:

    Tu černou plechovou fasádu co je na dvojčatech jsem programoval já (na CNC) 😀

  95. Mi Christina says:

    Periferia 🧡

  96. PolishSaitama93 says:

    Restaurant Kupa.
    In Polish "kupa" = poop. 😂
    There are many similiar words in Czech and Polish but some have totally different meaning.

  97. Jachym Hernych says:

    Dvojčata Prahy? 2. 11. září očekávám v Praze

  98. O: Lotnictwie says:

    Same like in Poland hah

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