Revenge of the Mummy The Ride – Science of Universal Orlando Resort™

[music] [people screaming] [people screaming] [people screaming]>>I’m Jennifer Avery, I’m Director of
Consumer Insights at Universal Orlando Resort. Consumer Insights is sort of just
a fancy term or a buzzword for market research. So we are the sort of voice of
the guests and the potential guests. We measure people’s thoughts, beliefs,
perceptions about our current park experience. I love this job, it’s just a great joy to come in and do research about such a fun topic. So a ride environment like Revenge of the Mummy it’s dark, it’s scary,
there’s mummies, there’s beetles, there’s fire, and then everyone comes to the
table with different perspectives. As you go through the queue you pay attention
to various objects, or artifacts, lighting, tone. You pick up on what is the
storyline, what is the meaning. What you observe going through that ride.
Going through the line and certainly on the vehicle itself, is what makes the
ride meaningful to you. I have a PhD in Cultural Anthropology
which is somewhat unusual for this field but not totally out of left field. A lot
of people who do Market Research Consumer Insights, our social scientists
or have a social science background of some variety. So anthropology is one
of the Social Sciences specifically anthropology is the study of human
behavior. So it consists of doing a lot of observation with human groups and
trying to really figure out why people are the way they are. Why they organize
this way, how they interact with each other this way. Why do they think what
they think. Observation is one of the vital
building blocks of the scientific method. If an observation is something that not
just me as researcher of whatever subject matter, but multiple other
researchers can develop an experiment. Or design a procedure where we observe the
same phenomenon in the same way, and we can independently verify that we’re all
seeing the same things occur over and over again. Designers of rides at
Universal then to understand as if we place objects in certain ways and allow you to
gather all of the facts and data points you need to really understand what that
experience is supposed to be.>>My name is Martha Gutierrez. I’m a Show Set Designer here at Universal Creative at Universal Orlando Resort. I grew up in
Mexico and back home that really isn’t a big presence of theme parks, like there
is here. Having the opportunity to come to Orlando and experience at theme parks
here, I was really drawn to the storytelling aspect of it. I was
fascinated by how the attractions could tell a story in such like detailed
manner. So I went to school for interior design and then I was very fortunate to
get this job at Universal Creative and it’s really everything that I dreamed of.
My job is to create the drawings that are gonna bring our ideas to life. So
what I do is a lot of research, a lot of observation, a lot of looking into why
we’ll make our story be true to itself and to the theme that we’re trying to represent. When it comes to art and science, they really blend as we collaborate because we need to bring architects, engineers, artists of different types to be able to create experiences like this. So here we are in the queue for Revenge of the Mummy. This represents an ancient Egyptian tomb as you can see everything here supports
that story. The paintings, the hieroglyphics, the props, and the walls
are distressed like they were very old and they were just uncovered from being
years and years underground. Because this is a queue, as a design team we try
to create a nice environment for you to wait in. But there’s also fun elements
that you can play with. You can see this here is an interactive element. If you
touch it, it gives you a bubble area in a different section of the queue, making it
really fun for people that are waiting with you. I think the ultimate dream for
any Theme Park Designer is to see the guest experience with what we design and
just coming out of it with such joy and having had a great time.

48 Replies to “Revenge of the Mummy The Ride – Science of Universal Orlando Resort™”

  1. WillyM79 says:

    Very cool

  2. Andrew Fontanez says:

    I love Revenge of the Mummy

  3. suz hobart says:

    I love this ride, but every time I ride the que is almost pitch black and I can’t even see to walk through it. My husband has to hold my hand and lead me through.

  4. Jay Starr says:

    One of the best attractions at the park.

  5. Corgi Beanz says:

    What makes the revenge of the mummy really scary is that it’s dark.

  6. Jane Shammas says:

    Revenge of The Mummy is in my top 3 for sure! Such an awesome ride. Universal needs more thrilling rides like this one.

  7. Vobe S says:

    HEY AVERY WHY DOES THE PARK SMELL LIKE PEE AND ALL THE EMPLOYEES ARE SO DEAD INSIDE? make more rides like the mummy that's the best attraction. also please clean the dinosaurs in that dino museum attraction we were the first ones there for the day and they smell like sweat and are sticky.

  8. Juan Paez says:

    did she say masterbation 1:45

  9. Tetroy 64 says:

    She must be losing her touch because just copying and pasting Fast and Furious from Universal Hollywood to Orlando was not a good idea!

  10. The 239 Life says:


  11. b says:

    They better never get rid of this ride

  12. Megatron G1 says:


  13. HamQM says:

    I think a career in an industry like this would be pretty cool

  14. Sam Paul says:

    The Mexico is a backwards Third World Country..and thank god for USA aspect of this promotional video is rather interesting. Because you could say that for most of the USA.

  15. TheIronZebra 23 says:

    I hated that ride we didn’t know that it went backwards and I was only 8…..

  16. Kevin Howard says:

    Revenge of the Mummy has received a Golden Ticket for the Best Indoor Coaster every year since 2007. its the best coaster experience.

  17. Jeremías S says:

    Rip ride rocket, mummy, simpsons, harry potter, are the only reasons i like going to universal now

  18. MG • 6 months ago says:

    Cool but still hate the ride

  19. Cooper G says:

    I've been there and I love it there

  20. William Couselo, Jr. says:

    The correct term is not "beetles", it's "scarabs". #JustSaying

  21. starstruck Stables 10 says:

    Revenge of the mummy is my FAVORITE ride at Universal studios I was only 8 when I rode it BUT it is truly awesome! I love it and when I go back this summer I'm definitely gonna ride is like every time I go past it! And that's coming from an 11 year old.

  22. Dominic B says:

    I still don't understand how the quality of Universal's rides went from this to Fast and Furious

  23. Keira David says:

    This ride is my TOP ride it’s soooo fun I just went today!

  24. rapid k7 says:

    How dare she say beetles

  25. john Baldock says:

    we've been going to Orlando from England since 1988 and this is The best Ride Ever!!

  26. georgia123 says:

    This ride is awesome!!!!! It’s so much fun!

  27. TheatreofSymphony says:

    Start investing well for God’s sake. These are the type of rides we’d like more on the park. Not the stupid simulations.

  28. Joseph Gill says:

    Best ride

  29. ColonialDagger says:

    2:20 Is that the first public image of the interior track with lights on?

  30. a hecking walnut says:

    The one in orlando is so much better than hollywood's. Sadly I live in california so I'll never be able to go to this one

  31. Chiss X3 says:

    How did Universal go from Escape From Gringotts to Fast and Furious cuz Fast and Furious sucks

  32. sharon rodas says:

    My favorite ride !

  33. Ryan F says:

    I would do this ride if I wasn't 46lbs over weight limit n only skinny people can go on this ride

  34. Chester Copperpot says:

    Masterbation is one of the vital building blocks of the scientific method.

  35. The Reverend Jim Jones says:

    Masturbation??? 😂

  36. Mystical Hippo says:

    They need more roller coaster rides with a ton of theming and less 3D screens

  37. ThaMango says:

    Head of research must be doing a bad job if they keep adding more screen rides

  38. Luis Bauth says:

    Já fuuuuii e iria de novo

  39. KidBehindAComputer Screen says:

    I’ve been there! TWICE

  40. Magmorix says:

    Less than a minute and thirty seconds of this video actually has anything to do with the ride, excluding the playing of footage during unrelated lines

  41. StarFace says:

    This will always be my favorite ride.

  42. Simon Kawasaki says:

    I wasn’t a fan of rollercoasters when I went to Orlando a few years ago, but I’ve learned to love them.

    When I went on this ride the fact seemed never to occur to me that this was a rollercoaster; I thought it was a dark ride like Spiderman.

  43. Dave Angel says:

    Can't believe they stopped the fire near the start where the skeletons pop up that was so cool

  44. jay terra says:

    Can I go to Orlando
    Hollywood sucks

  45. martianleader1 says:

    I always wanted to ride this when I first heard of it.

  46. Matt561 says:

    100% best ride in the park

  47. Gum Beefs says:

    This and rockit are the best rides I’ve ever been on

  48. R C says:

    Love & hate this ride, my dad and I thought this would be a simple motion simulation ride we were surprised haha.

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