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Brother, how long has it been since we’ve come.. Why arent you taking any order? please come fast.. Bhayya(Brother in hindi) Janu, You’re in a restaurant.. Please take care of your language(mindvoice) Excuse me.. Yes, Mam Yeah..Can you take the order please ? Restaurant Vs Dhaba Mam, Menu Mam.. Ok.. Oh my god, The prices are too high (mindvoice) Every Dish costs more than 400.. I have to order carefully.. I dont even know how to pronounce these names properly.. Let me ask him (mindvoice) Qo ge wuxiang shuijing jiaozi okay.. Get me that okay mam Brother, What all do you have? Among rotis we have Roomali, Tandoori, Phulka, Nan and Butter Nan Among Veg we have Palak paneer, butter paneer masala, dal, malai kofta mushroom curry Among Non veg items we have Chicken fry, Chicken Roast, chicken curry Okay, Give two Butter Nan Give one chicken fry Give one dal.. Do you have Dal makhani ? Yes Madam, We have Dal Makhani Give Dal fry and….. Mushroom curry That’s it Now, What is this ? Let me just observe and follow.. (struggles to eat) God, so annoying… (mindvoice) Is anyone looking at me? If only I was in a dhaba at this moment… So tasty, no ? Yummm Excuse me.. Yes Mam Do you have Salad? We have different types of salads mam.. Mixed Green salad, spinach salad, etc Ahem… So they have prices for the salads too here… (mindvoice) No, thank you.. I dunno where they get all these weird names for Salads…(mindvoice) Anna(Brother in telugu)… Please give some Salad, no Thank you !! Oye… There’s a lot left in here.. Have some more.. No, I dont want.. It costs 400 natasha and 200 is still there sitting in that bowl… No.. I am full Have little.. try what should we do now.. (mindvoice) All the food is gonna be waste.. shall we ask him to parcel ? Yeah… Ask him and check It wouldn’t seem nice I guess Yeah..even I was thinking the same If only we were eating in a dhaba There is still some left in here.. We will get it packed.. yeah…we will take it Excuse me.. Can you get the bill please ? Mam… Your Check.. Would you like to have any desserts mam ? Ice Cream I will buy you one family pack outside.. She doesn’t have little common sense (mindvoice) Service Tax, Service Charge, Vat, Swacch bharat Tax… Why did he leave out Education cess? It’s pretty cheap.. Thank You.. Next time I will remember to come when I have money saved Do you need icecream or anything? No.. I am done.. Ok.. I will ask for the bill then Can you get the bill ? Anna, take the bill.. How much tip should I give him? I think 10rs is very cheap..Let me give him another 10rs Let me give another 10rs for this whole ambiance… I think he might be expecting more.. It’s better I dont tip hi at all.. Keep the change, Anna I ate full-fledgedly man.. Please Subscribe 🙂 Cheerss !!

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  1. sjaya Jayalakshmi says:

    Who are watching this video again still in October 2019

  2. Ch Vanisri says:

    Want 3.0

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  4. Positive Energy Peace soul says:

    Hey nice, and natural.relatives intikivaste kashtalu.plz make video on types of relatives

  5. Rama Hamsika says:

    Who like akka videos please like

  6. Pallavi Geetha says:

    Today Wednesday akka missing your video

  7. Challa Sekar says:

    Idon't like Restaurants

  8. Keerthana Chaudary says:

    Y there r dislikes???

  9. turaga murthy says:

    who all r watching this more than 1 time 😅😅😅

  10. Siddha Smaran Jannu says:

    akka i saw this video like 1000 times but still it seems not boring

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