Restaurant Owner and Operator Goals

September 28, 2019 10 Comments

Hey everybody! In today’s video. I’m going to talk to you about goals. Restaurant, owner and operator goals. If, you’ve not subscribed to my channel, go ahead. And click on the restaurant boss logo in
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comments below. Ask me a question. Tell me, what you think about this video. I’d love to have that conversation with you. Coming up right now, goals. Its end of the year, Merry Christmas! Let’s talk about goals. Hey everybody! Ryan Gromfin here. Author, speaker, chef, restaurateur. And the founder of the, “”. As well as, “”. And that’s right, goals. Big on
goals. This is the time of year for goals. Goals, goals, goals, right in soccer. It’s
goaaaaalllll! Anyways, whatever I know. I’m weird. Let’s talk about goals really quick. So, the first thing that you need to know about goals is, you’ve got to create a
massive action plan. This video is not going to be about setting goals. This video is gonna be more about following through and finishing your goals. You have to create a map, or what, Tony Robbins calls a massive action plan. Not just a plan, not just a little plan, not just a big plan. What is your massive action plan? Let’s think about an airplane for a second. When an airplane takes off do you know that, they burn about 40% of their fuel. Before, they even
get to cruising altitude. So, a flight from LA to New York. An airplane will burn about 40% of its fuel, in the first 10 or 15 minutes, of that flight. Because, once it gets up to altitude. Flying is easy. Once you’ve finished your goal. It’s easy to keep going with it. But you need, a massive action plan to get that goal started. Oh! I see this all the time. I see people who tell me what they want. They say it out loud; they’re very clear on their goal, and then they do one little
thing next week. And then a week later, their goal’s done. What is your massive action plan for your goal? Number two: ideas are 40%, execution is the other 80. You’ve heard me say it. Ideas are 40%, execution is the other 80%. Yes! That’s 120%. Because that’s what it takes, to achieve
a goal is 120%, of your effort. But, in order to achieve it. We actually have to finish it. We have to execute on it. So, some of you have great ideas, right now. Some of you are coming up with great ideas. Some of you have great ideas. Some of you are living your great idea. But if, we don’t execute on those ideas, over and
over, and over, and over, and over, again. We’re not gonna reach our goals. So, focus on execution. Number three: I want you to stay committed; stay committed to that goal. Don’t be like a feather blowing in the wind. Be like a rock that doesn’t move, be like a rifle a bullet that’s on track to a target. Right! Don’t just be a feather that’s floating in the wind with your goal. Stay committed! When you decide on a goal. You create a massive action plan. You need to stay committed to that. If, you change your goal, three weeks later. We’re never gonna get to the end. We’re never gonna finish anything. So, stay committed. And then the last thing. I want to talk about here; is learning. Learn and grow. You know, I try to read about 10 to 12 business books an year, or personal development books. I try to attend one to two seminars, that will help me either in my industry, or with
personal development a year. I’m always focusing on learning. I’m always focusing on growing. And when I say, attending seminars. For you, I don’t mean going to the National Restaurant Show, and walking around and tasting a
bunch of food. Talking to some equipment manufacturers and maybe attending a 45-minutes breakout session. I’m talking about like a course. Like, a three to four day, business mastery course, or a course on marketing, or a course on restaurant operations. Like deep work, getting into it and doing some work. That’s gonna spark your goals. That’s gonna spark your ideas. That’s gonna spark your execution. It’s gonna help you create a massive action plan. But, you’ve gotta always be learning and growing. The last thing I say about learning and growing is, I have a coach and a mentor. Why don’t you? All great athletes have coaches. All great musicians have coaches. All great actors have coaches. All great business minds have had
coaches at some point, or maybe have a coach. They probably call them, a mentor. So, again. Go out and seek someone to help you achieve your goals. it’s hard to do it alone. But, that’s exactly what a coach or a mentor is therefore. If, you want to reach out to me. I’d love to talk to you. If, you want to reach out to someone else, that’s great. But, I want you to crush it in 2019. All my videos this month have been about, you crushing it in 2019. Nothing is gonna be more important, than you setting goals. Putting together a massive action plan. Staying committed and continually investing in yourself. Have a wonderful day, have a wonderful year. I hope 2018 was everything you wanted it to be, and if it was, awesome! Make 2019 even greater. If, it wasn’t. Let’s get to work, and make 2019 a year you want it to be. Have a wonderful day, have a wonderful year. I look forward to, seeing you soon in, 2019. I want to thank you for watching that video. If, you can do me three really quick favors, right now, very quick! The first is if, you haven’t already. Will you subscribe to this channel? In a moment, some things are gonna pop up on your screen. Some buttons and one of those buttons, is gonna be subscribe. So, whether you’re watching this on my
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10 Replies to “Restaurant Owner and Operator Goals”

  1. Ruben Alvarado says:

    Hey I’m going to own the family restaurant!!!!
    Need help for marketing!!!

  2. Lynus Jacob says:

    Thanks my coach I will walk on it nice lesson

  3. Jose Vargas says:

    Thanks for all the help provided through the year Boss !! Hope to work with you on the future ! Happy New Year from Costa Rica !

  4. Davion Mitchell says:

    Hi can you do a video on hiring interns?

  5. Mike Albanna says:

    Thank you for great video. Do you have any advice for try to merge two business systems into one system. While making everyone be completely onboard. Thank you for your great channel.

  6. Brandon Bennett says:

    I clicked over to the 'New Subscriber' video playlist and I think you mistakenly have an extra video in there.

    It's titled "12 X 16 Southern Comfort Pergola Attached On Shingles".

  7. Stephen Austin says:

    Thanks so much Chef. I'm new to your channel but already you've been a wealth of info. Been a chef for 20 years on the Las Vegas Strip and have set a goal to go off on my own this year with a smaller restaurant concept. You're helping me change mindsets from a chef to a chef owner. I do need a coach to help me to navigate the pitfalls. I'm glad I found you. Happy New Year.

  8. Dean Petroff says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I just found your videos and they are hugely informational and helpful.
    I am a GM in the QSR industry. Do you have any videos specially focused on QSR restaurants?

  9. Skullface Patriot Black says:

    I'm getting ready to open a burger shack next to a Go-cart track , memorial day to labor day. Ran by my wife and kids, using Blackstone griddles. Trying to gain as much as wisdom as possible. Any advice? Thank you.


    Can u please mentor me on this my new venture into the restaurant business

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