Restaurant Lady Has Cats As Bodyguards? | Kritter Klub

At your everyday restaurant lie two cats That follow the lady Quickly Yet keep a distance Staff: They follow her They don’t follow anyone else Only her… They even wait outside for her Not the Korean sausage Not pig’s feet They only eat her handmade food And run the night shift as bodyguards They’re watching to see where I’m going Last August when it was very hot The cat had a hard time giving birth For the cat who was suffering from dehydration while giving birth The stray cat was suffering by herself She took compassion on the cat And helped with her delivery And looked after the cat and kitten Ever since then The kitten The cat And their godmother She’s been raising both cats for six months now And plays with them during breaks shift over!! They follow her home protecting her at night It’s nice having them around They keep watch over her house as well Good morning! Follows her back to work Whether it’s snowy, rainy, cold or hot They wait for me outside The lady has a heart of gold Just like the color of the cats

100 Replies to “Restaurant Lady Has Cats As Bodyguards? | Kritter Klub”

  1. Willian Nomiyama says:

    Aqueles tipos de vídeos que vc quer ver mais e mais, que nem seriado 😅

  2. The black wyvern Narugacuga says:

    those two Cats thinks she's their mother maybe because their biological mother died giving birth

  3. Rosh Lepz says:

    They get coLd

  4. Rosh Lepz says:

    Why dont she adopt them?

  5. Jyothi Swaroop7254452 says:

    Secret cat service

  6. Lahi Lahi says:

    القطط بس اكل 😂

  7. Alexander Santoso says:

    the most difficult thing is that the grandmother died

  8. Muhammad Rizal says:

    Kucing oren kucing bar bar 😄😆

  9. Vallekana Vallekas says:

    Pobrecito el gatito qué falleció😿

  10. the human within says:

    Even a cat knows the meaning of gratitude . When will learn it ?

  11. Carlos Gòmez says:


  12. Kun- Chil3 says:

    이것은 내가 본 가장 아름다운 것입니다. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  13. วารีวรรณ นิลศิริ says:


  14. Adrianto Shinomori says:

    I am glad there are still many humanized humans in this cruel world

  15. Astrit Gaming says:

    hI tHeRe!1!

  16. China Roses says:


  17. seckin ustaer says:

    şu hayvancağızlara nankör diyen en büyük nankördür! allah herkese kedi sevgisini nasip etsin çok acaip kendine has yaratıklar çok seviyorum ! insanlarda olduğu gibi onlarında iyisi kötüsü duygusalı var kedi candır can

  18. Инга Садреева says:

    Какая Вы добрая и милая! Я бы с Вами подружилась!

  19. Ron More says:

    Que hermosa historia

  20. Zimmer Frei says:

    Podiam fazer pelo menos duas casinhas uma próximo o serviço da senhora e outro próximo à casa, pra protege – los da chuva e do frio.
    Eles são fiéis e gratos.
    Amo esses anjos!!

  21. Cepy A666 says:

    Bodyguard from beijing
    What's up Yulin festival

  22. jdogsful says:

    i think she is their bodyguard. She should let them in her home already.

  23. Zoey Lee says:

    I feel so sad the two cats slept outside not into the house

  24. The Gamer says:

    No money in the world can buy that kind of bodyguard protection….

  25. Monkey D. Ruffy says:


  26. Eymen Elli says:

    Sevgi, hayat, kedi, mutluluk, iyilik, insan💐💞🐈🐈

  27. Zack Donovan says:

    Tan lindos. 😢💕

  28. Lihardo sitio says:


  29. Bhisma Refandi says:


  30. R 7 says:

    1:18 _ 1:35 ❤🎵

  31. miftah mahax says:

    Sangat terharu dan indah melihat persahabatan manusia dan kucing 🐈

  32. Richard Richard says:

    Hay que tener huevos para ser un animal cerca de un restaurant chino

  33. Denis Coata says:

    Q historia linda

  34. Elisa mamani jihuallanca says:

    Que hermosoʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ linda señoraʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤( ˘ ³˘)♥( ˘ ³˘)♥

  35. Elisa mamani jihuallanca says:

    Korea del sur es beautiful ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  36. Frederick Hawkins says:

    If í were a cat í would not trust living close to an asian restaurant

  37. brahim Ouarghi says:

    Protect the présidente

  38. Mãi Mãi says:

    mãi mãi là phan của kênh này

  39. キィちゃん says:


  40. Hector Elorza says:

    bonito como el mio que se murio

  41. Hector Elorza says:

    son hermosos y muy serviciales

  42. Lilian Marlene Salcedo franco says:

    Un gran corazón 😍😍😍😍😍

  43. GALIA GALVEZ says:


  44. Tomás tu Dios says:

    Como los animales aveces son más fieles y agradecidos que muchas personas

  45. Fox says:

    Personas como ella merecen una vida de larga y hermosa

  46. Luis Sang says:

    This is amazing. I dont think the cats are doing it for the food

  47. Cramped Stamp says:

    The woman that saved the cat: *got robbed by a man
    The cats: Tactical nuke incoming!!!!

  48. arab man says:

    Cats are so beautiful, they are a gift from god

  49. jorge luis 147 says:


  50. Jessica Romo says:

    She should at least get them a cathouse. One for each place so they have shelter while waiting for her and somewhere safe to sleep at night.

  51. Ana Lucila Aguirre says:

    tuvo 2 gatitos la gata pero solo hay 1

  52. павел никифоров says:


  53. Very polite cat says:

    if anything ever happens to her, ask the cats

  54. Aidil Kun says:

    😅 my cat only know me at home .. but in public my cat look me someone else ..

  55. nadia putri alfairuz says:

    Give them house.. Or place.. Please

  56. Mafalda Helena says:


  57. Damoiselle Cadillac Du Carladez says:

    PAR AMOUR, c'est fou ce qu'un animal peut être dévoué
    Mon chat aussi me suis partout dehors jusqu'au centre ville.
    A la poste, a la boulangerie, Au tabac, A la Banque … Partout !

  58. Thanhtung Tran says:

    nhìn thấy cảnh này sao thích thế khg biết

  59. ballboi777 says:

    i love your dog…catdog!!! lol

  60. S Schiavo says:

    Adorable creatures

  61. Magenta Producciones says:

    estos videos emocionan mucho!!

  62. Bobbie Chinn says:

    So sweet to see this love.

  63. Raquelsarai Cruzmendez says:

    Porque no los adopta ellos se merecen un techo y amor alguien que los cuide

  64. space._.bunnies says:

    The animation is so cute, I’d read it as a book

  65. E Lithuania says:

    I wanna be like her when i get old. With my grandchildren, kittens, and puppies

  66. MasTri Birdy says:


  67. Rosalyne Pallay says:

    My heart broke when I saw the Story animation of the cat

  68. Mariam Kerolos says:

    في منتهي الوفاء والأمانة ربنا يحفظهم

  69. Alicia Ordorica says:

    So Cute!
    👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

  70. Bruno Cst says:

    Poi si dice che il gatto si affeziona alla casa , ma non alle persone….

  71. Clausia Saravia says:

    Yo creo que igual nesesitan un hogar porque ella se compadese pero no los adopta cuando uno los adopta como hijos les de un lugar en su casa y los cobija y los tiene dentro de su casa y no durmiendo en la calle

  72. Sonia Bairros says:

    Q triste pq ela não cuida eles dentro d casa …ficam na chuva no sol 🐒😤😪

  73. Puji Ributtrirahayu says:

    Kritter klub..Slu sy melihatnya..karna sy belajar mencintai dn menyayangi binatang..

  74. Aurore et Squat says:

    C.est vraiment adorable.

  75. Tri Prayoga says:

    God bless you ahjuma, for your all kindness. They will be great guardian for you,

  76. Loafio Lolokido says:

    What did the man voice say at the beginning of the video?

  77. Putri, TS says:

    Wih bodyguard-nya kocheng oren!! Jangan berani macem2 lu pada🤣

  78. gurjit singh says:

    God bless you🐈🌹💕🌷💗

  79. Halina Jasion says:

    Za granicą np.w Grecji jedzą ptaki koty i psy…a my dbamy.o nie…

  80. Lynette La Roche-Cervantes says:

    Awww….So sweet! I wonder why she doesn’t bring them into her home???

  81. Soul Chealla says:

    The sad part is the woman DIDN'T even put a cat home outside her house for them to sleep nor do i see any bowl of water for them to drink from.

  82. Mosella says:

    let them inside your apartment!!!!!

  83. John Smith says:

    Она их хозяйка.Коты по другому не могут,им негде охотиться.

  84. bienestar says:

    Огромное спасибо вашему каналу и людям, которые поддерживают животных!

  85. Dulce Avilez says:

    Cuál corazón de oro? Solo es una persona que se enternece con ellos… Pero si de verdad tuviera el corazón de oro los adoptaria, y no los tendría como los tiene…los deja Sue vivan en la calle, expuestos a los peligros de la calle y al clima feo

  86. Maricar Badar says:

    This cats is amazing I love this cats and cats is also a man or woman best friend

  87. ????? says:

    The lady is sooo lucky to have a cats as her guard😍

  88. Freedom Seeker says:

    I actually have a problem with my cat, he always want to run away from home and always fighting if he see another cat. I want to train her but I don't know how😔

  89. Melsinha The Sims says:


  90. Mr Cat says:


  91. Chaos says:

    probably thinks she's family who came from when the mother cat was gave birth.

  92. uncle suman cut says:

    its so beautifull life…

  93. Mini Cupcake says:

    Now i am your new kitty fan!!!!!!

  94. Alma yesenia D.a says:

    Que hermoso 😍😍😍

  95. who knows ? says:

    The cats are like a swat team XD they're like "MOVE MOVE MOVE!"

  96. Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi says:

    She rich in cat treats soo CAT BODYGUARDS LOL

  97. Urvashi Dubey says:


  98. Jack Roblox says:

    uuuuh what
    there we're 2 kittens on the animated version but What happen to the other 1

  99. CaraDE nepe7 says:

    Normal People : oooooh nice uwu


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